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21 Favorite Lord in the Fire Emblem series?

Mine would be Ike, Lucina and Lyndis all the way.

22 Which older Nintendo game should get a 3D/HD remaster in the future?

My picks would be Star Fox Adventures, F-Zero GX and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Heck, I wished they would release GameCube games on the Wii U Virtual Console.

23 Favorite Metroid fangame?
24 Favorite Metroid game?

The Metroid Prime Trilogy. Also Fusion.

25 Metroid or Zelda?
26 If there was an official Undertale/Earthbound crossover game, would you play it?

Yes. That would be awesome!

27 Favorite Nintendo-lite indie game?
28 What is your opinion on Fox McCloud?

He is a great hero and my top favorite Nintendo character.

29 Star Fox or Fire Emblem?

I like both but I'm a huge Star Fox fan, so I will go with Star Fox if I were to pick only one.

30 Your favorite Nintendo heroes?
31 Slippy Toad: Annoying or very helpful in your opinion?
32 What is your opinion on Krystal from Star Fox?

Good character but horrible furry fandom. I wish she would get more development and screen time though, but at least she may still have a chance to be a future game. (According to one of the developers of Star Fox Zero; they would love to put her in a sequel, if one is made that is)

33 Metroid or Kid Icarus?

I like both so it is pretty tricky to choose.

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