Top 10 Random Things to Yell Before You Slap Someone

A list of random things to yell right before you slap some random person.
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1 This is for Larry!

I told this to my sister and slapped her foot but I said Why did you eat Larry? @

What was? You haven't slapped him/her yet.

Damn Larry. He always gets his way.

And this is for Lenny! (slaps back)

2 I like pie!

I died. This is an awesome list

And I also like pie! (slaps)

I like pie! (Slaps someone)

And I also like pie.

3 This is the sound of one hand clapping!
4 Mom loves me more!

I hate my lil sis. Wish I could slap her while saying that, although it's not true.

5 How could you!

Haha this list is amazing! To walk -no, sorry - STRIDE up to some random person, scream "How COULD you? " right before the mother of all slaps, would be hilarious! I'd like to do this to an unsuspecting girl's boyfriend! Haha! And maybe follow it up up with "What's to become of me and the baby?! "

I love saying this for no reason.

6 In your face!

My baseball bat on your face! Let's go Lucille!

This list is hilarious! You made my day!

I love saying this.

7 Give me back my baby!

Enter King Solomon to settle the dispute.

Imagine if a three year old does that...

Your baby? Weren't you v...?

8 Get a job!

SpongeBob should have done this to Squidward in that one episode.

This makes me thinking about that Offspring song.

No! I'll sell my dirty socks and make a living!

Go get a job right now! (Slaps person)

9 He/She's mine!

Depends on your gender

10 This is Sparta!

No, this is Patrick!

No, this is Earth.

The Contenders
11 Firmly grasp it!

Yes, grasp it, and then slap it.

12 Allahu Akbar!
13 There's more where that came from!
14 It's not my penguin!

Nor does this penguin belongs to Larry. So once again, this is for Larry!

My penguin is fluffier than yours and you damn well know it!

15 Falcon Slap!

This list is priceless!

16 Because I'm Batman

This one got me laughing.

17 Experience the ghetto!

I will do this to everybody I know!

Hah... I'm going to do that some time.

Beat me up sis

18 Buy me a sparkly unicorn!
19 Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as pickle fish lips!
20 Shut up when I'm talking to you!
21 Get out of the class
22 I like slaps.
23 And my name is John Cena!
24 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Ha! This one is hilarious!

25 Bye Felicia!
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