Top 10 Razorback Football Coaches

The Top Ten
1 Houston Nutt

He had some pretty good Razorback teams in his tenure at Arkansas, and I actually remember meeting him.

2 Hugo Bezdek

Coach Bezdek is the one who gave the University of Arkansas he Razorback nickname.

3 Frank Broyles

Coach Broyles led the UNDEFEATED Arkansas Razorbacks to a National Champion in the 1963-64 season.

4 Sam Pittman

every year we have one head coaching hire everyone thought was stupid but turned out to be really good. In 2018 it was Herm Edwards at Arizona State and in 2019 it was Mack Brown at North Carolina. This year it will be Sam Pittman.

He coached at Arkansas before under Bielema, and actually wants to be here, so I'm excited. Not really into football that much anymore, but I still love the Razorbacks.

5 Lou Holtz

Pretty much a legend, but not as good as Nutt, Broyles or Bezdek.

6 Brett Bielema

He might not have been one of the best, but he was the coach when we got to place Texas in the Texas Bowl, so that was awesome! At least he was better morally than Pitreno.

7 John Futrall

He was the first coach, so he definitely deserves to be on this list!

8 John L. Smith

Sure, he had a terrible season at Arkansas, but at least he was a better person than Petrino.

9 Sam Morris

Sure, he had two terrible seasons at Arkansas, but at least he was a better person than Petrino.

10 Bobby Petrino

Not a good person at all, he even screwed over several schools/teams the same way he did to Arkansas.

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