Disney Channel Has Bad Shows


Their shows are completely horrible now. If Walt Disney saw them he'd cry. Everything revolves around love and sick humor. Last time I checked, Disney was supposed to teach kids morals. NOT that all popular and wealthy people are evil/mean, children are allowed to do stupid and dangerous things, and 13-year-olds would be able to maintain a relationship (I know that Romeo & Juliet were only 13 and 14, but let's face it: Could these Disney brats ever live a day in their shoes? ). Disney Channel should be completely wiped.

One of the main reasons Disney has bad shows is the same problem with Nickelodeon, the live action shows have the most pathetic humor of all. Cause they always try to talk in slang and "how the cool kids talk". Whenever I see commercials for the live action shows (especially for Haunted Hathaways) I hear them try to talk in slang and I just want to shoot myself cause I'm like "just talk normal already". I think that's one of the main reasons Nick and Disney ave terrible shows now.

Like someone else said, there's always the dumb character in each show.

Good Luck Charlie: PJ
Shake It Up: CeCe
Dog With a Blog: Tyler
Austin and Ally: Dez
Suite Life: Zack

Then there's always the smart ones, too.

Good Luck Charlie: Teddy
Shake it Up: Rocky
Dog With a Blog: Avery
Austin and Ally: Ally
Suite Life: Cody

SERIOUSLY DISNEY, the repetitive character stereotypes made me hate the channel (except Gravity Falls).

Gravity Falls... Eh, that... Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse (2013), and Wander Over Yonder? They're pretty much the only good things on Disney Channel now. Other than that, the other shows on Disney Channel, especially Phineas and Ferb and Fish Hooks, they are nothing but crap. Disney's actually kind of improving with their programming. I mean, I can't wait for the new "Star and the Forces of Evil" show, and I actually liked Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. YOU CAN HATE ME ALL YOU WANT! I Like those shows.

Disney Channels.. Disney land... Their characters are all boring and ridiculous... The programs are very silly... I use to watch Disney when it was solid now it is a billion dollar junk... People are so veneer and go to Disney land and support all Disney things for their children... But you can live very well with out Disney anything... My kids do I stopped them from watching Disney Channels and nick toons and they are alive

I say Disney Channel sucks because back when I was a little there was nice shows I missed such as that's so Raven and The proud Family and other kids shows and since its 2015 they stopped passing those shows long time ago and they changed Disney Channel signature it used say kids Disney Channel and stuff and the little Disney sign on the left corner of the T.V. screen when your watching a T.V. show or a movie and when there commerical they say "We are now back on Disney Channel". Now they don't say it no more because now Disney sucks I really missed the old shows like sonny with a chance they usaully past that's so raven on abc kids and that T.V. channel stopped to so therefore it sucks.

I know, Nickelodeon is much better! If only there was a Mickey Duck, a Minnie Duck, a Goofy the Mouse, a Pluto the Mouse, a Donald Mouse, & even a Daisy Mouse as species reversals. Lest we forget, Mickey mouse should be with Daisy Duck. I'll bet Minnie Mouse hates Donald Duck due to his aggressive temper & bossiness. If only Donald Duck was voiced by Ray William Johnson & Mickey Mouse had the same voice as Freddy Purples from Freddy Purples' Halloween & James of Team Rocket from Poke Fables!

I love Disney (the classic movies) but the Disney Channel is ridiculous. It used to be okay, but now it is completely and utterly appalling. It gives Disney a bad name. If Walt Disney knew about it he'd be turning in his grave.

I wish they could put proud family, lilo and stitch, recess, and all those other good old shows back. But as time goes by Disney people get dumber and dumber and put the dumbest shows on T.V. like shake it up, ant farm, jessie, and many more. I want the old Disney back!

The only good Disney Channel shows are/were Gravity Falls and Kim Possible. Unlike Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, Disney Channel was never very good, not even in it's early years.

Gravity Falls, eh that... Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse (2013), and Wander Over Yonder? They're pretty much the only good shows on Disney Channel now. Disney's actually kind of improving with their programming. I mean, I can't wait for the new Star and the Forces of Evil show, and... I actually liked Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. YOU CAN HATE ME ALL YOU WANT! I like those shows.

I like Disney movies, but I loathe Disney Channel. Good Luck Charlie is the worst show ever made.

I'm 15 and the shows now are terrible I remember all the good old shows, the good animation, I feel really bad for the children of this generation because the shows are full of crap... When I have kids they are going to watch the old shows that I grew up on... The Emperor New School I LOOVED THAT SHOW ;_; Anyway the shows today are terrible, I don't even watch T.V. anymore, yeah most of the shows and channels on T.V. are terrible, also the only good show on Disney is Gravity Falls O-O

Agreed. I watch one of their shows, which is Star Wars rebels, but even that they turned into a horrible mess. The only reason I watch it is because I'd like to say I am a loyal Star Wars fan. But from what I've seen of other shows, they are cheesy, stupid, childish, with little plot, and shallow teenage characters, of which are not even enjoyable as a guilty pleasure.

Disney has DIED when Roy Disney had to retire. No one seems to be smart enough to do cutting edge cool like Walt. What is wrong with these greedy jacks that are now in charge? I have always gone to Disney since I was 2 and have taken my kids every 6 months to at least once a year. Now I can honestly say I will probably NEVER do Disney again because it is GONE and BAD!

disney channel shows are terrible with those unfunny people making dumb jokes, jungle cubs should returned on air making new episodes

I hate the shows on Disney Channel. They're all annoying and not close to funny. As soon as one of the shows comes on I quickly turn it off because I've never seen such a pointless show. They should really rethink what they put on here

All these new Disney Channel shows do not even compare to the old ones that we used to watch like that's so Raven, Kim Possible etc

I agree with the guy who said they always have to make a dumb one... It's only funny if done right, like in Malcolm in the Middle, for example. Reese is dumb, but he's not the kind like '2+2=5' kind of dumb. In disney, though, that's what it is. Just about every single show..

I've watched Disney Channel all my life.. It's alright, but it's kind of getting stupid. But anyways, my favorite Disney show is "Wizards of waverly place and Good luck charlie"

The old stuff was good, but now Disney Channel smells like rotten eggs. Someone wrote that they always have one dumb character. WHY, DISNEY? Being insanely stupid will only cause a laugh or two at most.

The shows repeat the same storylines. There is nothing new, there is some conflict, the conflict is resolved, and the kid goes riding in the sunset, and everyone lives happily ever after. And it's worse with the Disney movies.

I honestly don't like Disney Channel. I love Disney movie from like before 2005 I would say. Like LILO and Stitch, the Lion King, Jungle Book, etc

What happened to the good shows? I hate how now the parents are dumb and the kids are bratty. It doesn't teach anything like the older shows that you can watch over and over again.

All of the comedy in everything that they touch is the same dead horse they keep beating. I'm pretty sure they only have one comedian that writes all the jokes for every show and movie. Every character acts overly immature and things work out for every Character that acts that way. They are teaching kids that it's ok to be stupid, because it's funny and will be better for you in the end.