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201 Every child actor turned into a horrific mess as an adult
202 Their Original Movies

Well the ones that come on early in the morning all have bad settings and bad filming.

203 There Is Always a Girl As the Main Character V 1 Comment
204 Same actors and actresses in every show

Literally high school musical had one person who was already on disney, the rest were all new people. AND IT DID AMAZING! JUST STOP PUTTING your ACTORS AND ACTRESSES IN DIFFERENT SHOWS AND MOVIES ON THE SAME CHANNEL

205 The Bad Guy Always Has to Die

Let the bad guy live at least live one time!

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206 The CEO is Cartoonishly Evil V 1 Comment
207 Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

I hate this show, thank of god that isn't overrated as phineas and ferb

Randy Cunningham is pretty good - starssugar

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208 The existence of "Tangled" V 1 Comment
209 Girl Meets World Girl Meets World Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.

Come on, I Hate Everything! Please make a video called I Hate Girl Meets World! I'll sub you for that!

This show is boring and sappy and makes no sense. They also said bad things about Asperger's.

This show is boring, sappy, and it makes no sense. They also said bad things about Asperger's.

Idc what people say girl meets world is the same as all the other shows in the comedy area, their "dramatic" storylines really can be solved in one day and are blown way out of proportion. Maya is whiny and annoying, we get it your dad left but there's way worse that could be happening to you. She thinks she deserves everything, even has the audacity to try and intimidate a college student in one episode because she has a measly crush on him, like girl he's grown get over it. Rucas is a discount cory and topanga that was rushed almost as soon as the show started instead of developing riley like they did cory. Cory had crushes and he dated but his whole world didn't revolve around girls, he had other things going for him but all riley has is lucas who she 0 chemistry with. Lucas is as stale as the coco puffs on the top of my fridge and farkle is a bogus fletcher from ant farm only worse. This whole show started off okay but I stopped watching mid season one, it's ridiculous ...more

210 Their dumb commercials about other people's lives that we don't care about
211 Always a dance number
212 That Godawful Moral All Their Songs Teach

In every live-action movie I watched, the songs all focused (and wasted their perfectly fine melodies) on one moral: "Believe in yourself".

This moral has been chewed by 20 cows, then run over by a steam roller, then peeled off the street and chewed by a dog, then thrown in a bonfire. I am sick of it.

I mean, it is a nice moral for kids to learn and maybe one or two songs in one movie would help teach it. BUT EVERY OTHER SONG IN EVERY LIVE ACTION MOVIE? Isn't that at least a LITTLE much? - GraphiteTail

213 The Took Away the Cartoons

Wait Wait Wait. Wasn't Disney all about the cartoons at first. What happened. Its like The CN Real of Disney, Only they succeeded.

Sad moments of Disney were: Cancellation of Toon Disney and Jetix, Cancellation of Kim Possible, Jake Long, The Proud Family, The Replacements and other gems, Closedown of Toontown. - starssugar

We just need one cartoon. Oh and screw Cartoon Network there cartoons all almost suck. They cancelled all the good ones like teen titans, Kim possible, the spactacular spider man if that was even on CN. Oh and Steven universe, that is upright lesbian right there. And I can't watch that.

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214 They're Not Funny

Jeez bad jokes
Especially Good Luck Charlie

Their shows are the furthest thing from funny!

215 The A.G.L.E.T Song

Ya I remember unfortunately
Don't Remind me Phineas

Hey I loved this song! ):-

216 Long Season Breaks

I only liked disney because of gravity falls and then on my birthday I watched the season one finale and then I wait for weeks and weeks and I just don't care anymore and then they move gravity falls to disney and I'm like what the heck

There is only 1 show I like on Disney, and That's Gravity Falls. Unfortunately we're all waiting for Season 2. EVER SINCE AUGUST 2013!

Suck it up and put on yo big girl panties and think about people who like sherlock how do you think they feel

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217 Bad Combinations of Shows

Good Luck Jessie.
Austin and Ally and Jessie
Whats Next! Shake it up Jessie!
Nope wait that's Shake it up Charlie

That's so suite life Hanna Montana is awesome get a life

218 Love Stories

Love stories are good in shows just don't make people shake there heads and say: what the fudge did I just watch?

Hanna Montana and Jake Ryan is my love I love them

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219 They Make Adults Look Like Buffoons

Yes! I am a teenager but I hate it that Disney teaches kids that parents are always stupid and that it's okay to disrespect them because they won't notice.

I agree. They don't make any adult character look clever and mature and teens always disrespect them, in my opinion not a very good lesson...

It was the first thing I noticed

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220 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder more.

Stupid dumb annoying show on disney

Seriously? This show is made by LAUREN FAUST: The creator of Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony. All of her show is ' awesome.

- Its Not Bad I like it it was one of there BETTER shows.

It's pretty good show - starssugar

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