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61 Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

This film is just way too horrible. This film is just a disgrace to Disney Enterprises. I'd rather watch the Hannah Montana movie rather than this crap.

This movie must have repeated on the same channel like a million times... And this movie is really irritating

How come the Mario franchise doesn't have a movie of its own this is 75 - 120 minutes long a feature film?

Okay, the movies are starting to get ridiculous

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62 Walt Disney Was a Bad Person

If Walt Disney was still alive I doubt he would of hired Miley Cyrus, the lesbian couple episode of good luck Charlie would of aired, and the stupid Disney Channel shows would of existed. All in all, I think Walt was a good person.

He was racist, sexist, and against gay marriage.

He wasn't bad but he started all this crap

So unture created one of the biggest companies in the world from nothing brings out the king in everyone if you hate him who are you where have you been your life if his is anything he is a inspration and you are the bad person he made diseny all from a mouse he drew on a train. I would like to see you do that - lbelle0527

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63 They Want to Buy Maker Studios for $500 Million

Yeah pewdiepie do not sell your channel to this stupid company of Disney. They are greedy and power hungry people that has no regards for no body.

I wonder how many subliminal messages Pewdiepie videos would have if Disney had his channel.. - tent2

Message to Maker Studios (Don't read if you work at Disney! ): If you want to ever be heard from again, don't sell yourself to Disney. They already captured Star Wars, but remember, YOU are the Resistance.

Wait, now their buying PEWDIEPIE now? I'm not a Pewdiepie fan, but that is just ridiculous. - Pony

If his channel is full of singing we facked. - AlphaQ

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64 They Cancelled the Animated TV Show Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Its Prime

The T.V. series was even winning awards and getting more and more popular, then they decide to suddenly axe it.

Yeah, destroy it Disney, so you

Star Wars the clone wars used to be on Cartoon Network not Disney

Wasn't This A Cartoon Network Show? - VideoGamefan5

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65 I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It

This show sucks so bad they do the same thing over and over again they go out and do something stupid then get busted.

This show is so cliche and retarded it so annoying it's the worst show on disney.

Same thing do something stupid and tells the story

Surprise, surpriseā€¦ they always say, "I DIDN'T DO IT! "


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66 Only 4 good shows and they're all cartoons on Disney XD: Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, Penn zero, and Star VS the forces of evil

I like Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder. Too bad one of them were cancelled.

Agree, I like some Disney and Disney Channel cartoons - starssugar

I honestly think they are ALL worth watching.

One reason is that they all have main characters who are both male and female. Unlike most Disney shows where on disn channel its always about the girls and on Dxd its always about the guys.

Girlfriend has a male and a female lead, WoY has a male and female lead, PZ has two male leads and one female lead, and SvTFOE has a female and male lead.

What I think these four shows DESERVE is a crossover between all of them. It would be PERFECT, but I KNOW they won't make it happen but if they did theyd just add Phineas and Ferb, WHICH SUCKS!

Speaking of which its like Phineas and Ferb is the only cartoon they care about. They gave it two crossovers which STANK and you know they gave all the crossovers to the sitcoms and paf.

Sure they have weird humor sometimes but I wish Disney would realize what's good these days.
Tell me what you think.

Star vs the forces of evil has plot and
a big bad and some interesting episodes!

Gravity Falls is awesome and funny
and has a great plot and plus it's got
a big bad just like SVTFOE and the
series finale was insane!

Wander over yonder has a plot now and it's episodes are so unexpected
to me and the series finale is two
episodes away!

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67 Terrible Actors and Actresses

I agree these 12 yr old actors are terrible they have no idea what acting is the only true acting iv seen are the dogs in they're movies

68 They bought 20th Century Fox

If they turn into a trade monopoly then they have to be sued to break them up just like ma bell because trade monopolies are illegal!

In 2030: Disney owns everything - TeamRocket747

69 New Phineas and Ferbs

I used to LOVE this show. But I stopped watching it after what I had to think was the worst T.V. show episode EVER: Remains of the Playtapus, another words, the new Phineas and Ferb episodes suck as much as much as the new SpongeBob ones

YES! This used to be my FAVORITE show, but after the movie, it went downhill. And NOW they make STUPID crossovers with things like Star Wars. Disney. PHINEAS AND FERB IS NOT GOOD ANYMORE! - Minecraftcrazy530

Probably the old phineas and ferb are something good, but since the movie, god please, kill me

It's gets annoying as SpongeBob and FoP - starssugar

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70 They Make Theme Park Tickets Unaffordable

The are a trillion dollars rich... They are greedy greedy... You can live with out Disney and making them richer... They are junk... All they have turned to is magic and the devil is behind magic.. That's why so many people go. The devil calls they go... They learn nothing at all kids are brats... If not they turn into sarcastic brats.. Disney does not give a brake with tickets or restaurants... Everything is so expensive it hurts... Can you live with out Disney anything... Yes you can

That's actually a very bad reason. Disney puts a lot of money into things like:
1. The rides
2. The Shows
3. Special effects
5. Restaurants and stands
6. The actors
7. The happy and kind workers
8. Safety and Security
9. The trains
10. Keeping them clean

Um, have you ever BEEN TO Disney LAND? 1. It's HUGE 2. They have so many special effects! Although millions of people come a day, you'd think they'd have better special effects on their T.V. Shows.

Plus they are a company and they need money. So they have you pay so you canenjoy - lbelle0527

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71 They Got Rid of All the Fun, Decent Games

They removed Toontown, Pixie Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean ( Pirates of the Carribean) and now all we have left is Club Penguin! It used to be fun, but now you have to PAY for everything! I tried playing it, but it hurt even looking at it! What have you done Disney!

I agree about the club penguin what happened to Free gAmes

Disney if your reading this then go away you suck

Disney, if you are reading this PLEASE bring back Pixie Hollow! - mayamanga

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72 Inappropriate Content

Disney used to be about Donald Duck and Bunnytown. Disney is a show for kids but there is too much love and kissing. Sure, a small crush wouldn't hurt, but they go to extremes.

Not to mention Disney adds lots of subliminal messages in their movies and shows. Some involving illuminati. - aarond9010

If you have the Lion King movie, watch the cover, Lion King's nose is a semi-naked woman. - tent2

Just go to YouTube and search: subliminal messages, and you see it in the suggestions.

Donald duck is a Nazi! How embarrassing is that!?

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73 Inappropriate Shows

It's all right if there are small crushes, like something cute. (Eg, when Cody in Zack and Cody dresses like a girl to meet that other girl. ) but this is serious. I mean there is too much kissing and things. Disney is a kids shows. Why can't there be things for kids to watch?

From an old comment of mine:

"Ikr. I was watching Good Luck Charlie, it's Christmas. There's a scene that goes like this:

Teddy's mom: I promise you, we have not been abducted by aliens!

Elderly woman: That big appetite, on top of an upset stomach? Either you ave been abducted by aliens, or you're pregnant!

(Teddy and her mom look at each other)

Teddy's Mom:...surprise...


Seriously Disney, you know when a channel is its best? WHEN IT DOESN'T TRY TO LEARN FROM MODERN Nickelodeon! - GraphiteTail

Stupid boyfriends and girlfriends! Farting! Kissing! How is this Disney?

All the teenager shows have the following:
Girls who try to steal the main girl's crush and take him to,"The dark side." - mayamanga

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74 Jessie

I don't think kids should watch this it's very sexist, racist, and offensive by the way the kids r too spoiled!

I hate this show. It's corny and annoying as hell, sappy as hell, and did you know they made fun of Celiac Disease?

This show is just complete utter trash!

It is pretty stereotypical but the only stereotypical show I like on the channel. - emmaricciuto

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75 Too Many of Their Movies Today Are Computer-animated

I Know It Is so Dumb

How is that bad?

Not to mention the singing part.

76 Crash & Bernstein Crash & Bernstein Crash & Bernstein was an American live action television comedy series with puppetry which premiered on October 8, 2012 and ended on August 11, 2014 on Disney XD. Created by Eric Friedman, the series centered on a boy with three sisters who wishes to have a brother. His wishes come true when a puppet more.

Eh, I really enjoyed this show. Me and my brother agree it was one of the more decent ones. - GraphiteTail

This show isn't that bad compared to most of Disney's reality shows. - nintendofan126

Ew just ew - mayamanga

77 Bought the Muppets

I mean my little sister loved it not lives it oops

The muppet movies ate really good though with the cheesy villain my little sister lived it and they put the muppet song in it and my dad who is older loved it ge said "it reminded me of my child hood"

78 Lemonade Mouth is the only good Disney Channel movie

Good story, good plotline, very original, and great music.

It's not good disney is the worst channel and I like baby shows better and by the way teen beach movie stinks it's horrible

Actually this movie sucks badly!


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79 The Music Today Sucks!

Disney grabs some actors and or singers, rolls them into a band, writes crappy music for them, and makes money.

I HATE R5 with such a burning passion I wouldn't put the man who murdered my family and everyone I know and love in front of that music. It's such insane torture that NOBODY deserves to be out through.

I don't mind the pop and hip-hop on Disney Channel, but when it comes to movies, only "Frozen" and "The Princess and The Frog" had any good music in the last 10 years!
What happened to the fantastic writers, singers, and composers of the 80's and 90's. Starting in 1989, Disney went on a 5-movie streak of winning Oscars for the music. "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Pocahontas" each won the Oscars for best original score, and best original song.

Tangled was pretty good too

Better than saying two words for a song - lbelle0527

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80 Cancelling Shows When the Show Has 100 Episodes

Really, Disney? You think this is a good reason? Hell no! That so pathetic!

Teen titans go has more that 100 episodes and they didn't cancel it - mayamanga

Yep. When the cancelled Kim possible and etc, that's when the world ended.

One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Fairy Tail had over 100 episodes and they didn't cancel at all (DBZ ended in 1996 and came to U.S.A. But at least we still have Dragon Ball Super)

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