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81 Subliminal Messages

I hate disney! Every where (and I TOTALLY! AGREE! ) are subliminal messages! Whats the bloody point? EVERY ONE VOTE FOR THIS... DISNEY IS TERRIBLE! Its sopposed to be a channel for kids but all they do is SPOIL IT! Why can't they just be like Nickelodeon?

Almost all of the Disney movies, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and The Lion King, are filled with sexual, perverted, subliminal messages. If you don't believe me, look up "Disney Subliminal Messages" or related searches on

EVERYWHERE! Subliminal messages are hidden EVERYWHERE! In disney!

Well I Do Hate Subliminal Messages - VideoGamefan5

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82 They made fun of vocaloid in A.N.T. farm

My friend watches the Disney Channel, and she saw an ad for an ant farm episode. She knows I LOVE vocaloid, so she decided to tell me about it. I watched the part of the episode. They were just singing random Japanese words. Oh, and how she was dressed up? She had a Miku wig, horribly painted on anime eyes, and a blow-off of her entire outfit.

SCREW YOU Disney! You made fun of Hatsune Miku! - mayamanga

Nickelodeon would do that too, or at least I think so.

SO many damn weeaboos

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83 Disney Junior Disney Junior Disney Junior is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

This is even worse than Disney Channel and Disney

Sucks because of The Lion Guard, this channel's worst show ever.

This channel ruined Mickey Mouse! And all the shows suck

Playhouse Disney and Jetix Play were better - starssugar

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84 The cancellation of Wizards Of Waverly Place

They cancelled it because Selena was ready to date Justin Bieber and because they aired more episodes than they originally planned.

I hate this show, it's corny and annoying and sappy as hell.

Stupid Justin Bieber had done that to cancel WOWP


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85 They Can't Decide What They Want To Do With Miramax

So don't buy companies, Disney! How hard is it to leave companies alone?! :( - The Ultimate Daredevil

86 Disney Princesses

What's so bad about this one I love Pocahontas

I hate Disney princess movies they always have dresses and WAY too girly for my taste.

Good Disney things for girls were Disney Fairies, Kim Possible, W.I.T.C.H, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven - starssugar

I hate Disney Princesses, they're for little girls anyway.

87 They Killed Lemmings by Throwing Them Off a Cliff for White Wilderness

In 1958, Walt Disney Production released White Wilderness, a nature documentary that is a part of their "True-Life Adventure" series. The documentary included a scene where lemmings migrating jumped of a cliff. White Wilderness states that this behavior is normal for lemmings. The behavior shown isn't normal behavior; it was staged to add more drama. While lemmings do migrate sometimes, they don't do it unless there is a surplus in the population. In addition, they don't normally fall off cliffs; it only happens by accident due to the lemming's ignorance of the migrated territory.

Yes, they did. Another reason to hate Walt, but I do wish he were still alive (because he can't support Hitler like he did and the lemming stuff is over) because there would be no HORRIBLE Disney Channel! I hate Walt Disney though.

Thanks for making a false rumor, Disney! - Pony

Only good thing that happened to lemmings was the classic game. - DapperPickle

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88 Disney Ruined Studio Ghibli

They DID dub it, and they hired the crappy voice actors. But some are good.

Studio Ghibli is great but Disney had to ruin it - mayamanga


Ok, come on, they never 'ruined' anything, they just dubbed it. I hate Disney, I hate the fact they bought SG, but they NEVER ruined Studio Ghibli?

89 They Messed Up Star Wars

There making a new star wars movie and so far what I have seen is just changes BAD changes they changed the storm trooper helmet and probably more... And also star wars dose not need another movie. I personaly think its cool to have another but not made by Disney that just pisses me of.

Disney is cancer. I hate them with a passion, and the fact that they just gave the finger to the whole expanded universe is not only arrogant, but insulting to so many people.

Rogue one was a horrible movie - VideoGamefan5


90 They Ruined the Lion King and Replaced It With the Stupid Lion Guard!

From King to Guard. More like demotion of rank.

Why Disney why? - NoOreoForU

Hell, the Lion King was my movie back then. But this... No, just no

I agree with this one!

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91 Their Overrated CGI Flicks

Unlike Dreamworks and Pixar, Disney ALONE has the most overrated, horrible CGI flicks I'm sence of animation and storyline like Chicken Little, The Wild, Meet The Robinsons, Bolt, Tangled and Wreck it Ralph without any senses or creation made. Their arrogance and their horrible style of producing it sets them apart from top notch companies

"Frozen is the Best Disney Movie since The Lion King". No it's NOT.

I hate "Chicken Little" and "Call of the Wild" but I can make an exception with "Planes" "Tangled""Frozen" and anything from Pixar.

The cgi flicks are not overrated. God damn people, just because it's disney doesn't mean it's overrated.

92 Stealing Songs From Other People and Having the Disney Stars Sing Them

Teddy Duncan singing guys and dolls? What!? This made me so mad!

They think their untouchable. But they'll get their comeuppance! You just don't steal a song, not matter how small the band your stealing from is (ex. Infinite).

They steal songs all the time, and it's SO annoying.


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93 Making Bad Spin-offs of Good Shows

Cory in the House sucks!

Cancel girl meets world. Rerun boy meets world. Period.

Girl meets world serious it a 3 under show boy meets world is better and boys are better then girls being honest

But cory in the house was a greater anime then its original show.

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94 Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

She is absolutely one of the most annoying characters ever!

I'd rather watch Annoying Orange 5 hours straight than watch one minute clip with Isabella in it. - ethanmeinster

She needs to go die in a fire

"No no no I hope this site gets banned!

I hope u get arrested and die!


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95 Bad New Programming

Honestly, the new Disney Channel programming is horrible. They took away all of the good old original Disney Channel shows just to come along and replace it with this new rubbish crap. All of these new shows are just spin offs of the original shows just with new characters and the shows name. Most of the people on today's Disney Channel programming can't even act.

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96 Importing French Shows

It's like Cartoon Network that imports canadian shows. WHY would Disney import French shows?! WHY?!

It's usually the shows from France 3 that suck ass!

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97 There's Always a Dumb Character

Plus they're always Blondes! Typical Disney

Ed from The Lion King is the dumbest character in all of Disney.

True plus Shake it Up=Deuce and Cece

Phineas and ferb: Doofenshmirtz
Fish Hooks: Milo
Gravity Falls: Mabel
Wander Over Yander: Wander
Randy Cunningham 9th ninja grade: Howard
Lab Rats: Adam

And if been bad, they are the best characters.

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98 They Cancelled the Good Shows

They cancelled the good shows so I had to watch Nickelodeon instead

That's so Raven, Cory in the house, Lizzie McGuire, and all of the old shows need to air again.

They should've kept Good Luck Charlie running and showing Charlie's life.

Last good sitcoms were Sonny with a Chance, Good Luck Charlie, Lab Rats. - starssugar

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99 Disney's One Saturday Morning switched their name to ABC Kids

This is actually why I don't think Disney's One Saturday Morning would be a great idea. I know a lot of people like it. DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION OKAY?!

100 The Majority of Their Movies Are Sad
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