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121 The Bad Guy Always Has to Die

Let the bad guy live at least live one time!

At least let him win for a few episodes. Like in teen titans when trigon won. He had victory for 2 and a half episodes. at least do that.

I love ❤️ it when a Disney Villain dies because I absolutely hate the Disney Villains so much.

122 Donald Duck Admired Adolf Hitler

Does he know ho is he end whad did he done?!
Is this me or Donalt duck is evil end their toys try to kill me when I sleep?!?

123 They're Greedy Hypocrites

All they want Is money, For God Sakes, They're F*cking idiots.

124 They're ruining Ghost in the Shell

For some reason, it is official that Disney is not making ghost in the Shell. War Horse is the DreamWorks movie that Disney also made. It is too late for Disney to buy DreamWorks. - The Ultimate Daredevil, a Studio Ghibli fan

Disney did NOT make the Ghost in the Shell movie, and they didn't even buy Ghost in the Shell. It was PARAMOUNT who made Ghost in the Shell, the live-action movie; not Disney. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The Mouse bought Marvel, killed Lucasarts, cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and now... THIIISSS!

125 They never made Treasure Planet 2
126 They bought Pixar
127 Jane from Tarzan Didn't Become a Disney Princess
128 They Ruined Gravity Falls
129 Mickey Mouse Is Annoying

I'll say that Mickey Mouse is very annoying. I'm tired of him getting all the credit and him trying to put down Non Disney Characters like Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros, Walter Lantz, Terry Toons and other Cartoon Companies. It's like Mickey is saying to them that all Famous Female Celebrities (Especially Girl Singing Groups) likes Disney and Disney only and that they don't want to have any cartoon characters that are not from Disney.

To me that's bullying. It's like putting a lot of people down saying that we're so popular and you're not. I love Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons and I stopped liking Disney at age 15 because I honestly think that Disney is starting to become a real total jerk. It's like they're saying to me that I'm a loser because I watch cartoons that's not from Disney and that they think that they're so popular that they'll easily have a lot of gorgeous girls by their side.

I hope that Famous Female Celebrities of today (Especially Girl Singing ...more

Well I like mickey mouse I only like gravity falls wander over yonder and mickey house but I like Disney Better than normal Disney

I grew up hating Mickey Mouse. He was annoying, but my friends couldn't understand why I didn't like him. I wasn't really a normal girl either. When I was four I played with Legos instead of princesses, and watched Star Wars instead of Disney. But I guess they took Star Wars away too.

2 words. Um Duh! - LittleLovelies

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130 Disney Over-markets the Cars Series
131 Disney Channel Hates Commercials

It's always Disney relatated commercials or safety tips. News flash: WE don't CARE. - Passwordfarts

132 They Make Adults Look Like Buffoons

Yes! I am a teenager but I hate it that Disney teaches kids that parents are always stupid and that it's okay to disrespect them because they won't notice.

I agree. They don't make any adult character look clever and mature and teens always disrespect them, in my opinion not a very good lesson...

It was the first thing I noticed

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133 They Try to Be Influential

They go on rant and seek revenge whenever someone says or does something they don't like, then the Disney fans do the same, and their attitudes are awful! They'll say terribly rude things and kids repeat them to each other.
Disney is probably not aware of what this does to kids.

Like on shake it up they protested on uniforms because it was not fashionable and just because you to Catholic school like me does not mean your mean and spoiled

134 They Steal Songs

Teddy Duncan singing Guys and Dolls? NO!

China Ann McClain stole dynamite, and I'm sure she got in big trouble for it. - OhioStateBuckeyes

They always make their TERRIBLE actors steal songs that aren't made by them!

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135 They Hide Inappropriate Jokes In Their Shows

Too much dirty jokes text like sex sex sex penis

Gravity falls... That's all I have to say.

Not to mention that erection thing in the little mermaid...

This is a kid show ARE you StUpId OR WHAT

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136 Hitler Admirer

Now that would be a good reason, if any!

How would you know do you work for Disney

Walt Disney supported Hitler. Another reason to hate him!

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137 They Ruin Every Fresh Talented Kid They Get

They always make cheesy jokes, have sexual innuedos and stereotypes in every episode. And all the kids, suprise, suprise, end up messed up in some way. I never thought you could ruin a good voice, but somehow they managed with Miley. I thanks god that I am not a Disney kid and that I don't have disney channel. I mean "Dog with a blog"? Don't worry, they will crash soon, they obviously ran out of ideas...

138 Lack of Classics

Shows end and kids hate classics all they care about is twitter and instagram so

All disney shows are not that funny because they suck like hell

What happened to KP (kim possible)

I want classical animations back really bad. I'm so sick of GCI 3D.

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139 Disney XD is just as stupid as Disney Channel, except it's the guy version

Disney Channel is all about a girl, a dumb kid, and a smart kid where the girl always has a crush on a guy, the dumb kid if they are a woman is all over fashion and money, but the guy version is pizza and football all day long. The smart kid is almost always poor, and talks non-stop about the same subject, we get it, you wanna be the good guy, but talk about something else once in a while.

Disney on the other hand, whenever the horrible show is on they always have a million, you're watching disney, then the doucebag voice says things like "Sweet! " or "Alright! " The shows are almost the same formula, except the main is a guy and they think that since its guys, they would just want action, but we don't, so they're being sexist bastards.


Disney was the major downfall of Disney, and that wasn't the beginning. The real beginning of Disney's Downfall was the overrated 2007 television series called Phineas And Ferb. Jetix was awesome. It was the main reason why my sister watched Disney Channel. I'm sorry, Disney, but With Disney, you've lost your taste in Televison. Sure, Yin Yang Yo had a lot of stupidity, but that is why I liked it. Worst Channel I've seen to date. - Gamecubesarecool193

And Disney needs to stop showing those stupid animated shows they are all the same

The glorious years from 00s of Disney were 2000-2008.
Great shows were Kim Possible, Jake Long, SRMTHFG!, Pucca, Oban: Star Racers, W.I.T.C.H and others. - starssugar

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140 Not Very Creative Plots

The plots are awful! Talking dogs? Traveling in time? Going invisible! Oh please.

Well, nowadays, yes. Bring back good shows like Kim Impossible!

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