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141 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Is a Disgrace to Mickey Mouse

Do realize that's for toddlers and you are probably older seriously get a life Mickey mouse is amazing

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142 The New Shows Have Terrible Humor

They try so hard and it's not funny. Disney is poor now because of Disney Channel

Their shows are never funny. They play laugh tracks for things that aren't funny.

Yeah this is right new shows in India like best of luck nikki, oye jassie, suite life of karan and kabir, shake it up all these sucks.
They have terrible comedy
They do overacting
They are actually boring
They repeat all time... can't they show new episodes ever?

143 The Took Away the Cartoons

Wait Wait Wait. Wasn't Disney all about the cartoons at first. What happened. Its like The CN Real of Disney, Only they succeeded.

Sad moments of Disney were: Cancellation of Toon Disney and Jetix, Cancellation of Kim Possible, Jake Long, The Proud Family, The Replacements and other gems, Closedown of Toontown. - starssugar

It would've been much better if Disney Channel bought the rights to the Modifyers pilot, so that it could have potential to save Disney Channel. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

We just need one cartoon. Oh and screw Cartoon Network there cartoons all almost suck. They cancelled all the good ones like teen titans, Kim possible, the spactacular spider man if that was even on CN. Oh and Steven universe, that is upright lesbian right there. And I can't watch that.

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144 They're Not Funny

Jeez bad jokes
Especially Good Luck Charlie

Their shows are the furthest thing from funny!

145 The A.G.L.E.T Song

Ya I remember unfortunately
Don't Remind me Phineas

Hey I loved this song! ):-

146 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder more.

Stupid dumb annoying show on disney

Seriously? This show is made by LAUREN FAUST: The creator of Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony. All of her show is ' awesome.

- Its Not Bad I like it it was one of there BETTER shows.

It's pretty good show - starssugar

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147 Bad Mom Characters

Amy, Linda
Those are just 2 examples of bad characters

Some other bad Disney moms are: Ellen Jennings from dog with a blog, and Goergia Jones from shake it up.

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148 Long Season Breaks

I only liked disney because of gravity falls and then on my birthday I watched the season one finale and then I wait for weeks and weeks and I just don't care anymore and then they move gravity falls to disney and I'm like what the heck

There is only 1 show I like on Disney, and That's Gravity Falls. Unfortunately we're all waiting for Season 2. EVER SINCE AUGUST 2013!

Suck it up and put on yo big girl panties and think about people who like sherlock how do you think they feel

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149 Bad Combinations of Shows

Good Luck Jessie.
Austin and Ally and Jessie
Whats Next! Shake it up Jessie!
Nope wait that's Shake it up Charlie

That's so suite life Hanna Montana is awesome get a life

150 Love Stories

Love stories are good in shows just don't make people shake there heads and say: what the fudge did I just watch?

Hanna Montana and Jake Ryan is my love I love them

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151 Liv and Maddie Liv and Maddie Liv and Maddie is a live-action Disney Channel sitcom that started in 2013, and ended on March 24, 2017. It is about two identical twin sisters named Olivia "Liv" Rooney and Madison "Maddie" Rooney (both portrayed by actress Dove Olivia Cameron; born in January 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman) who reunite more.

As if we didn't need another stupid, pointless show. I've seen so many episodes, and not one of them made me laugh.

The only thing that made me laugh about this show is parker he should have his own show

Liv and maddie! That is stupid! We do not need a stupid brainless show! AND PLUS you GUYS WERE THE ONES THAT STOPPED THE SHOW! You HAVE TO GIVE THEM GOOD REVIEWS 4 THE SHOW TO GO ON!

Get Roasted Disney1994! - VideoGamefan5

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152 Disney Dropped Support for Boy Scouts V 2 Comments
153 Pixar seems to be making all of their films nowadays

Why is pixar doing all the work? Disney needs to get off their lazy asses and start making their own movies again. Hey as long as they aren't as bad as Disney Channel we're all good here.

I love the original Disney better than this new Disney. I think Disney is going down hill nowadays. I'm not so sure if they realize it though.

This is typical for disney. They buy a company, let them make them the movies, and roll in the dough for themselves.

154 They Stopped the "Masterpiece" Collection

The films were at their BEST with this collection, why don't they just put it on DVD? The only film (not from Pixar) that is worthy of being in the masterpiece collection is "Frozen."

They need to put Big Hero 6 in the Masterpiece Collection - YouShallEatPoopy

Put Zootopia there. It's a good film. And please direct films that are more "grown up". - AlphaQ

155 Not a Lot of Their Stuff Without Pixar Is Original

Toy Story gets 9/10 stars.

A Bug's Life gets 7/10 stars.

Toy Story 2 gets 9/10 stars.

Monsters Inc gets 7/10 stars.

Finding Nemo gets 8/10 stars.

The Incredibles gets 7/10 stars.

Cars gets 9/10 stars.

Ratatouille gets 7/10 stars.

WALL-E gets 8/10 stars.

Up gets 8/10 stars.

Toy Story 3 gets 9/10 stars.

Cars 2 gets 9/10 stars. This film has TOO MUCH HATRED!

Brave gets 6/10 stars.

Wreck-It Ralph gets 10/10. The beginning of the Game Central Station scene was bad, though.

Monsters University gets 7/10 stars.

Planes gets 8/10 stars. Even this show gets a negative opinion from most of the population. :(

Planes: Fire & Rescue gets 6/10 stars.

I am more of a Nintendo fan than a Disney fan, and my top 1 favorite video game of all time is Super Mario 64 for the N64, mainly due to its gameplay. graphics, music and high nostalgia level.

Only "Frozen," "Lemonade Mouth," and "Gravity Falls" are original.

Lemonade mouth sucks though and Disney is amazing

156 The New Mickey Mouse Is Horrible

Talk about bad character design. :( - IsaiahWill22

157 Cancellation of Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and stitch is awesome why did they cancel this?

Disney Channel is so obssed with dumb reality shows with bad actors, fake laughing, and more



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158 Disney Is a Rip-Off In Every Way

I was on an expensive Disney cruise - no activities for my 3 year old. I was in Disneyland - 1 trillion people and everybody was in front of me in line. Disney bought every kid movie character and company in the world (Now Winnie the Pooh is Disney?! ). Now there is no more competition and their movies are super expensive (and no good anyway). There are a million more reasons to hate Disney

The Lion King is a ripoff of Kimba

Whinnie the pooh has always had Disney and maybe you were just to lazy cause I went with a two year old who lived it whinnie the pooh would have gone now where without Disney

159 Not Enough Modern Animated Musicals
160 They Don't Make Donald Duck War Cartoons Anymore

World war 1 and 2 is over

Hopefully, world war 3 happens.

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