Top Ten Reasons to Hate Tomboys

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1 They act like a boy

Yeah, so? I used to be heavily tomboyish and my best friend is tomboyish and she doesn't hate my girly side. My best friend is very beautiful, tomboyish or not. I'm slightly tomboyish and I don't hate pink but I slightly dislike it but I still own some pink dresses. My best friend is literally the nicest person I've ever met, she doesn't think that people should be hated which I slightly disagree with.

How do you "act like a boy" I didn't know there were certain ways to act based on your gender. - PeachyBlast

Um, yeah, actually there is. Girls and boys are different. There's a fine line there.

And what is wrong with that? I hate girly and feminine things, and my friends say I act boyish too. Nothing wrong with it.

To all of you bitches who whined on here about this list, SUCK IT UP! It isn't for you. So don't come on here and bitch at those who hate tomboys. Just get the hell off!

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2 They hate girly-girls

Hypocritical much? Though I am sick of people hating on girly girls. There's nothing wrong with girls being feminine!

I am a tomboy and I don't hate girly girls, in fact, some of my friends are girly girls, I really don't care who I hang out with, just as long as they respect me.

Says the one making a list of reasons to hate tomboys. - 3DG20

Get a damn life, 3DG20.

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3 They hate pink because "it's too girly" which is a stupid reason to hate pink

I actually do like pink even though I'm a boy - Neonco31

I'm part tomboy and I kinda like pink. Take this off of this list. There is no reason to hate tomboys nor girly girls.

I like pink, it looks nice with other colors. - PeachyBlast

Just like how not liking pink is a stupid reason to hate tomboys. - 3DG20

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4 They think boys are better than girls

And there goes gender inequality - Neonco31

No! I never think that - Sugarcubecorner

No. Not even. - CloudInvasion

5 They are trying to be cool

Tell me about it. For all people's information, coolness is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone who fails to see that is blind in the head.

Some people try to be tomboy just to be "cool" or "hip." I gotta agree. It's really annoying to see a poser who knows NOTHING about said topic/object yet tries to act like it/them. It's just really cringy and annoying to people.

It's so stupid how they're unaware about how they act, trying to be cool and act tough. They think they're tough and say "I'm tougher than you think! I play with boys! ", and yet they won't even dare touch a worm.

No, those are just the "shallow popular kids." - CloudInvasion

6 The want to be a boy

Seems like it. However, whoever put "They" in "The want to be a boy" should have typed it as "They want to be boys."

No, they just involve themselves in activities and traditions that are commonly associated with boys. - CloudInvasion

You, sherklover, make no sense.

I AM A BOY! BUT ONLY SOME TOMBOYS ARE COOL, LIKE THE ONES I HANG WITH! BUT NOT THE NON DRESSING UP BOSSY HATES HAPPY THINGS BEING A GIRL AND HATES BENING A GIRL, TRYING TO COPY THE BOYS AND HANGING WITH AThEM AND they WISH WERE BOYS! that's stupid, girly girls are more, but tombyos normally they are. I am gonna be a popualr boy in high school, so I can kick tomboys, I am in 6th grade and I am popualr and people call me the tomboy killer, and they also called me, sherklover, sherky, sherk, sherk person and orge the most. bye byemost tomboys you guys are never gonna be underratted! - sherklover456

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7 They are sometimes lesbians

But generally the whole humanity can't accept this. Although the law may accept this, natural don't. Have you ever seen other animals being gay/les? I haven't. Also, religion don't accept this. If you are gay/les, many people will look at you strangely on the street without doubt. You may think it's biased but the world is that biased. But I don't agree that all tomboys are lesbians as they can fall in love with girly boy. In conclusion, the world hate tomboys and girly boys and the reasons must not be they are les/gay.

I hate this one even there is a stereotype about this

Yeah, sometimes... - 3DG20


8 They are violent

You're a hypocrite, FireWasp2004. So shut up.

No doubt that. And if they take that part of them too far,they could get their asses handed to them.

Actually, many tomboys I know are against violence, so this is once again, a stupid reason. - 3DG20


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9 They look weird

So what if they look weird? they just want to express themselves in a unique way.

Then screw off, RoseCandyMusic!

I don't care - RoseCandyMusic

At least we don’t look like Barbie dolls. - 3DG20

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10 They try way too hard to be different from everyone else to impress guys further aside from how they pretend to act like them

Is there anyway to delete this from existence? I'm a tomboy and this is all either fake or an opinion, "hates pink"? COME ON! I rate this a negative 100 out of ten! Whats your name I'm gonna add you to the list of people I HATE!

Dude some girls just like to dress that way

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11 They are arrogant

Damn right.

A few arrogant people isn’t a reason to hate an entire group, especially since I could say the exact same thing about girly girls because there are arrogant girly girls as well, but you’d probably get butt hurt so I’m not going to. - 3DG20

12 They act like they're different from other girls (A.K.A special snowflake syndrome)

The truth is they are common - RoseCandyMusic

True! - Glitterellie

Not all of them, but some are showing off their tomboy side and it’s hella cringe. Just like some lgbt people are showing off they're gay and are prentending to have a better life than straight people because they dyed their hair and love my little pony.

They are so annoying like ya ain’t special bitch

13 They always use the excuse "I hang out with boys because it's less drama".

This is what I hate about SOME tomboys - RoseCandyMusic

But it is in most cases. - 3DG20

It's still offensive to real girls like me, you don't get it since you're not a real girl - BVDixE1fan

Yes, one reason to dislike SOME 'tomboys'

14 Some look like boys

So what? You got a problem with how people dress?

I do not hate most tomboys, but I now a mean tomboy that looks like a boy she is scary.

yodel does

15 They are mean

Oh I bet. But the truly mean ones are those ' feminazis. And so, they make me pleased to have no girlfriend and wife.

Meanwhile you’re making a list on reasons to hate them. - 3DG20

Yeah, you say that now until someone does the same thing to girly girls. - 3DG20

16 They have anger issues

I don't - Sugarcubecorner

yodel does

yodel does

Yep because girly girls can’t have anger issues, right? - 3DG20

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17 They have no manners

I'm a tomboy and I say please and thank you, I never burp, and I try not to be rude unlike this website.

What the hell...? - Sugarcubecorner

Burping much?

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