Reasons Kids Have It Worse Than Adults

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1 Kids don't have as much freedom

Did You Really Have To Put An Image Of A Kid In A Cage To Show This, Plus, Children DO Have A Lot Of Freedom.

Get That Image Off Of This Website To, Just Think About It

Have You Ever Stuffed You In A Cage Like That?


Adults Are The Actual Ones With No Freedom, When Your My Age, You Have To Worry About Bills And Taxes, And It Feels Like Your Giving Away A Bar Of Gold

This tears kids like me up, bad. I just want to control some parts of my life but unfortunately I cannot. We are forced until we leave the house to do what they say, which is reasonable. But somewhat often, their parents control every aspect of their life, sometimes down to stuff like clothes and music. Adults don't have to do that. Of course no one is really free, but with kids it's much worse.

Whatever, you will have a more tough life when you grow up.
You will miss simple times of just playing around and the only toughest thing was school.

I mean, adults don't have that much freedom either. Where's your freedom when you have to file your taxes, pay off your bills, and get a job?

2 Kids are less emotionally stable

Especially teenagers who have a lot of the feels going on that can really mess with you. And kids aren't often used to stressful situations so they take them a lot worse.

This. This a thousand times. - TwilightKitsune

I have depression

When you put yourself through emotional pain and turmoil enough times, you kinda get used to it, like me rn - styLIShT

3 Kids aren't as trusted as adults

Wether or not they deserve trust is up for debate but even some of the smartest, most good kids don't get any due respect or trust sometimes.

Usually they underestimate how smart you actually are and their just like oh you're just a kid you could never be that responsible!

Their brains haven't fully developed yet.

Not true unless you're teen people probably won't trust you

4 Kids have little privacy

Actually kids have privacy from parents by law - Unnamed Google User Remade

I'm an adult with overprotective parents so I still get no privacy

Teens have a lot of privacy because they just stay in their bedrooms the whole day. - Luckys

It's probably because the parents want to make sure that they are doing bad stuff like watching porn, or another adult show like South Park or Family Guy or Robot Chicken. - Drawbox

Yeah, but that sucks. I like people not watching everything I do also.

5 Kids have a lot of peer pressure

As a kid people want you to fit in and be with the "cool kids," as an adult, usually a lot less people give a crab it seems. Peer pressure is a big stress on kids that can lead to some traumatic stuff in one way or another.

6 Adults can be hypocritical

Wait till you are an adult and in the real world.. you are like freedom, no more school.
You might miss being a kid.

So can kids, just saying. - Archived

I agree on this. - Drawbox


7 Kids aren't taken seriously

Personally, I think this is the only legitimate item on the list. There are reasons for it, obviously---children have less life experience and generally are less knowledgeable about the world than adults. However, a perspective untainted by years of running in the same groove can be valuable, and more people should pay attention when kids speak. - PetSounds

When I was in online school, no one understood me, because no one my age was there. Everyone in the school were just a bunch of names on a list - SpectralOwl

Another thing like the freedom one - TwilightKitsune

Some of these items are why. - 3DG20

8 Kids get supervision when they don't need it

Kids are unpredictable, and terrible things do have a chance to come out of even the safest of situations.

It gets annoying how some kids need supervision to go in their own fenced off yard in the middle of the day. So many annoying situations can come out of this. Ughhh!

My mom is so overprotective of me that I'm STILL NOT ALLOWED to go to a store that's across the street from my house unsupervised, AND I'M 26 YEARS OLD! >:(

@TheAwesomeDude54-she won’t let me do that, either! >:(

9 Kids are shorter than adults

Kids have to deal with height requirements at rides, can't reach some stuff at home, and other pesky things caused by height.

And I meant this one about more for actually like 10-and-under kids.

In my family most of the kids are actually TALLER than the adults!

I don't care about height.

10 Kids are told to work but get nothing in return

You are getting something in return, it's just not material. You are being prepared for life. Your learning discipline, responsibility, and work ethics. These three things will go a long way in your adult life. As for not even being thanked, yeah it kinda sucks but get use to it. As adults, your boss will probably rarely give thanks to you for the work/job that you do. Anyways how often do you kids thank your parents for the things they do for you? My guess is probably not as much as you should. - THC13

I think it is fine to not get paid to go to school but they do need to reward you at least every once in a while

I should get paid to go to school

In some cases they are asked to do chores but get nothing from it, the guardians don't even thank them ;w;

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11 Kids can’t watch adult cartoons

Toddler: oH bOy moMMy cAN wE watCh sOmE riCk aNd morTy?

Would you want your kid watching Family guy and talking about sex all the time? How about Robot Chicken? Archer? South Park? Rick and Morty?

I mean older kids for this, like teenagers and stuff. Nobody wants their kids talking about sex all the time.

There's that too. Sometimes I like stuff like that.

Who ever put this down has a nasty mind.

12 Kids can't be in a relationship with whoever they want. Adults can.

They can in secret - Unnamed Google User Remade

I added this here.

Edit:Number 10? I thought this item would get controversial. And I thought I'd get suspended for it. Well I guess someone can relate to me.

13 Kids can't buy rated M/R games and movies

Not trying to be rude, but I think it's because the movies and games are aimed for adults. Also, they CAN buy it, but they need adult supervision. And most R-rated movies suck anyway. - Drawbox

Their's a point. And by " can't buy" I meant they can't buy it without permission and supervision. But where I am the employees won't let me buy it, my parents have to buy it themselves then give it to me.

No Call of Duty = no life for some people, so this can be a problem, or at least a pesky thing a lot of times.

14 They have to deal with a lot more ignorant people that adults

Having experienced childhood and adulthood, I can assure you this isn't true. Sorry kids but your going to be dealing with ignorant people, pretty much on a daily basis, for your entire lives. Get use to it. - THC13

It's a bit more common for some less intelligent, or more annoying people to be around when you're a kid. You know what I mean probably.

Nope. Sorry but you’re going to have ignorant people in your lives forever. - 3DG20

15 Kids can't take time off from school to go on vacations, but adults can take time off from work to do so
16 Kids don’t get to play with adult toys/sex toys
17 Kids often make the dumbest decisions in life
18 Kids have more acne than adults do
19 Kids are Treated Like Slaves
20 Kids have homework
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