Reasons the List Most Overrated Users On TheTopTens Did Not Deserve to Get Removed


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1 It wasn't supposed to target the users

How come they didn't remove the Most Hated Countries list? Though off topic, that list was way worse.

The list of Most Hated Countries does not violate the terms of use. There is no valid argument to take that down.

Some of us users asked for it to be removed and that's one of the reasons its gone. - cosmo

@cosmo: The reason why they wanted it removed is because they're hypersensitive. - EpicJake

Epic jake,if your against this,then why did you send a death threat to the person who added you on that list,and why did you remix Bluediamondfromnowheres list about that list should be removed(it shouldn't be removed)-nateawesomeness

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2 Overrated doesn't mean bad

But most of the people ignored that fact and voted for users they considered as bad not overrated. So that list had to be removed sooner or later. - Kiteretsunu

Last I checked, it said Most Overrated Users On TheTopTens, not Worst Users On TheTopTens, in fact, there are users like Britgirl who are overrated, but seem really sweet.

Some users that appear in the top doesn't mean it's bad, actually the most users in the list are good, even they deserve the rate that they got


3 The haters made it popular
4 It was actually pretty accurate
5 It wasn't giving disrespect to the users
6 It wasn't as bad as the Worst Users on TheTopTens list

And yet that list hasn't been deleted. Or has it? Seriously I don't know. - IronSabbathPriest

People don't know the difference between overrated and bad... - Therandom

There was a worst users list? Who was on it? - TwilightKitsune

7 People are afraid of criticism

They just don't want people to share their true feelings about them. Suck it up and learn that you're not going to be like by everyone in life. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 It made JaysTop10List cancel his Controversial TopTenners series

I will miss them - EpicJake

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