Top Ten Ways the List "Top Ten Sexiest Body Parts Ever" Is the Creepiest List Ever

I found it and will never be the same. By the way read my blog post "my apologies"

The Top Ten

1 A Lot of It Is Private Parts

I guess that's what you should expect but it is still very strange, I mean I've seen boobs before (my own) and butts before (my own) but that doesn't mean I'd like to hear about them. - ToptenPizza

2 Sexual Fantasies

Too much of it is talking about tickling girls - ToptenPizza

3 Weird Item Submissions

Feet? Eye lashes? Stomachs? This guy must get boners all the time! - ToptenPizza

4 Description On Butts

It's so weird. I hope this dude doesn't live near me. - ToptenPizza

5 Description On Boobs

He describes it in the most perverted way possible. I mean, big and soft? Are they pillows to you? Guess what! Boobs were made so babies could drink milk out of them. Not so men can suck on them! - ToptenPizza

6 The List Is All About Women

I think he assumed men would read it and men only... - ToptenPizza

7 The List Is Mainly Sex

I guess the title gives it away but just WHY? - ToptenPizza

8 Perverts In the Comments
9 Random Body Parts Are Called Sexy
10 "Brain" is on the list

What? Why'd the camera pan over to ME all of a sudden? What the hell's THAT supposed to mean? - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 "Feet" is #1
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