Top Ten Reasons to Lose Faith In Disney


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1 It is going downhill

NO! - NickXH

Obviously, Disney sucks now - EpicJake

2 Lots of good shows got canceled

Old Mickey Mouse Club, House of Mouse, Lizzie McGuire, M Babysitter's a Vampire, Doraemon (English dub), Disney is messed up.

Yeah! 😢 - Anonymousxcxc

3 Jessie lives on

No, it was a good show, I am sad it ended - NickXH

Why are they continuing all these bad shows like Jessie, Austin and Ally, Hannah Montana, etc? - EpicJake

It's a good thing it now ended

4 It has been making bad movies lately

Suck as Teen Beach 2, Zapped, etc - EpicJake

5 Classics aren't being made anymore

Yet Gravity Falls was our last Disney classic, and it's over, we're done for.

Yes. - Anonymousxcxc


6 Movies like Frozen are overrated

Frozen is annoying

Yep. Too overrated. - Fandom_Lover

Who put this on the list? It's amazing

7 Teen Beach 2 just came out

I would rather watch the utterly bland movie known as Sleeping Beauty 10,000 times than ever watch five minutes of either Teen Beach Movie. - Anonymousxcxc

They made a second Teen Beach Movie? NOOO! - RiverClanRocks

8 It can be annoying

It IS annoying you dumbass

9 Hannah Montana lives on

It ended after 4 seasons, but Miley took a dark step towards stupidity.

10 Disney is about magic, not about teenagers starring in shows

Yeah! Not about bitchy teenagers starring in shows!

The Contenders

11 Disney Channel is horrible now

That's true, some good shows ended after their full run, but others got cancelled before they could complete, and now, since Gravity Falls has run it's course, Disney is horrible now, we've lost hope.

They show crappy stuff like Yokai Watch - TwilightKitsune

12 They put an end to Dog With a Blog

Actually, that was good of them, because that show was horrible and unoriginal.

This is a good thing actually - EpicJake


They should made Dog With a Blog animated, not Live-Action! - kcianciulli

13 No more good shows

Back when Disney used to have good shows about our beloved characters, and some of the teen shows were good too, but then, since Phineas and Ferb(which thankfully ended in 2015), Disney Channel has been going downhill, then Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, Dog with a Blog, etc aired, and they were the worst shows on Disney Channel, of course do we need a reason for Miley Cyrus's infamy?
However, few good shows took place at those times, Doraemon, and Gravity Falls, however, those shows moved to Toon Disney's failed replacement, and worse, Doraemon got replaced with Yo-Kai Watch, and even later, Gravity Falls, our beloved show and the channel's last hope, ended on February 15, 2016, though it had a good finale, but now that that show's over, now we don't have anymore good shows on Disney, NO MORE GOOD SHOWS! Disney Channel fell down the drain.

Whoever decided a Yo Kai Watch show was a good idea needs to die slowly and painfully

No, Yo-kai Watch is a good show. It saved Disney.

Austin & Ally was such a beautiful show and I still cry when I think about when it ended. EVER SINCE DOG WITH A BLOG DISNEY HAS BEEN MAKING ANGER INDUCING BULLCRAP.

14 Gravity Falls ended

Gravity Falls was the best show on Disney Channel, but it ended too soon, Alex Hirsch chose to make it short, and it's done for, R.I.P. Gravity Falls.

SEASON 3! I NEED SEASON 3! - PeeledBanana

15 Austin & Ally is over

Austin & Ally was the last good Disney show. The following Disney shows are garbage: Girl Meets World, Liv & Maddie, KC Undercover, Best Friends Whenever, Dog with a blog, I didn't do it and worst of all (*SHUDDERS CRINGES AND VOMITS*) BIZAARDVARK. Now that Austin & Ally is over, I just avoid Disney like a horrible disease because if they are taking meth and crack and putting out all the stupid, why should I bother?

16 They endorse Nickelodeon
17 They're closing good rides and attractions
18 Disney's Hercules the Animated Series and House of Mouse got cancelled

Those were my 2 most favorite Disney T.V. series when I was in elementary school! :(

19 They are greedy

They are going to take over the universe at this rate. They charge so much at the parks, bought other T.V. companies, and got rid of good stuff. What if they start buying Six Flags? They’ll downgrade the parks and get rid of all the good coasters. What if they start to buy the casinos in Vegas? They’ll Disneyfy everything from turning the pirate ship in front of the Treasure Island into the Sailing Ship Columbia to giving the Excalibur a complete makeover. And what if Disney buys NBC Studios? The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be renamed “Disney’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”.


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