Top 10 Reasons to Not Commit Suicide

There have been countless numbers of suicides going on in the past few years so I've decided to share my thoughts on why you should not kill yourself. Don't even try to kill yourself. It really is not worth it. Trust me.

Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.

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1 Suicide does not take away the pain, it gives it to someone else

What is the use in trying to live a life of nothing but pain. Everyday I get made fun of and abused. I'm done with everyone.

To all of your friends and family - DrayTopTens

If no one cares about you, how would the pain be given to someone else, this is just dumb

Good it will give the one who made you do it pain

2 You only have one life

Reincarnation is technically possible - Crizz

When you convert to Buddhism before you commit suicide, so you will be reincarnated.
Cha Cha Real Smooth. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

All organisms' purpose in life is to reproduce and die. We are supposed to fight for our lives because only the strongest make it. That goes for the birds, fish, dogs, cats, humans, and every other organism on the planet. Except humans are so ignorant that they care about love and friendship. When in reality our friends and family wont be there for us after we die. Our superior intelligence has blinded us to the truth about life. The animals know quite well about what they need to do, but they are not caught up in the prison of love and emotions. Have a nice day! - benstewart1805

What if we had endless lifes? - Userguy44

3 People will think you deserved to die because you killed yourself

I don't care what people think

Your enemies will celebrate of your death

Do you think that I care?

So what you're saying right here is: I did lots of bad things and made lots and mistakes in my life and my life's totally worthless, and then it's only after I ended the chance of that ever happening ever again is when people will think that I deserve to die.

4 You will go to hell

Okay, can we keep religion out of this?

I certainly agree, Heaven and Hell don't have anything to do with suicide (which is a very real and serious issue in today's society).

You scared that God doesn't exist?

But I wanted to turn into a ghost. Boo Hoo

I'm very sorry, but this is true!

5 You'll miss out on all the great, positive things about life.

You'll never see another sunset so why would you?

Writing is what keeps me sane, in all honesty. - Cyri

When you want to kill yourself, you don't see those things anymore

Umm what positive things are in life anyway? The only things I'm looking foward to doing is becoming famous. (Which will never happen.)

6 It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

You right though

But my problem is permanent.

This is a Jackseptieye quote! - XxembermasterxX

Some problems may NOT be temporary. You may be dying anyway and all your family is dead

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7 Somebody might need you

Even if you don't know it, you could be making someone's life a whole lot better, brightening their day just by being there.
And even if it's not happening now, it may happen later in life.
But only if you stick around too see it happen. - RoseWeasley

Just look at It's a Wonderful Life - egnomac

What if you have someone that's going through something, like depression or autism or something that changes their life dramatically, and then all of a sudden the person they care about most dies? - RosalinaX

My heart is breaking. On this list and on the "Top 10 best ways to commit suicide" people announced they're going to kill themselves. Please. Don't.

8 You're never going to get to do what you've always wanted to do

What if all I want to do is die?

What if part of my reason for death is because I can no longer find enjoyment in what I want to do �" - jesuscrust


9 Suicide people don't go to heaven

Then if God exists, why he doesn't do anything with evilness existing in this world?! Is that the best that the "supreme being" could do? Wake up people, praying isn't going to work because it's just a ritualistic pose, not just some stupid supernatural "thing" that's going to actually happen! Great! Now I'm becoming an militant atheist because of religious extremism. - Kevinsidis

He does, but only helps the people who choose to place their faith in Him. - RosalinaX

Can we please keep religion out of this? - RoseWeasley

Ok, lets just say Hell exists I personally think the only person that should go there is the person who wrote "Suicide people don't go to heaven"

I think that this is really hurtful, the people that feel pike this already think that they aren't good enough and saying this to someone just makes everything worse. If I were to look at this I would instantly feel worse than I already felt. This is messed and needs to be taken down, this is not a valid reason!

10 It will affect the lives of others

Everything you do will!

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11 You will break your parents' hearts

The reason I am suicidal is because of my mom, I don't have a father, but I don't wanna die because I believe in hell.

My parents are dead - Commitdie224

Maybe your parents are the reason

They should have cared in the first place, they will regret that they didn’t care for me like they should have when I was alive - MrsNo_Body

12 You're not the only one who has a difficult or depressing life

Yeah no man is an island.

Ya that's why they went and killed them self

What does other people's have to do with me, how's it MY problem?

Exactly.People need to realize this. - DarkBoi-X

13 People will miss you

I will. - RoseWeasley

If someone actually cared this might be true. - Camaro6

I would. Even if I don't know you that well, I'd still be upset if you died, because it would mean an innocent person took her own life. - RoseWeasley

What if nobody liked you or cared about you

It may not always feel like it, but there is someone who cares about you. Trust me.

14 Somebody will always love you

If you don't know who loves you then you haven't met them yet.

No one will ever love me yet here we are

What if nobody ever loved you and ever will love you no matter what you say or do, just how you say or do it, or just when you say or do it, and it's not ever going to matter until you die?

Who? - Camaro6

15 The bad people will win

Oh no, not the bad people!

What the carp does this have to do with anything

Tf are the bad people? >: (

What if the bad person is myself and that's why I want to die �" - jesuscrust

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16 Suicide is not always effective

Well I at least want to try hurt myself

If you fail it... You might be feeling worse than you already are... That's like, the only reason I'm still alive, trying to find a 100% method...

If you fail to suicide you might end up with disabilities or end up with brain damage...

Sometimes, you don't succeed in killing yourself. Rather, you end up seriously injuring yourself instead.

17 The good in the world will always outweigh the bad, even if it seems like the opposite

Look at the world right now. Look all over the news and what people are doing to other people. Think again

18 Funeral costs

Really? - RoseWeasley

If you're dead what do you care

Umh litetarally bruh
what do I care

Wouldn't be my problem - Camaro6

19 It's not worth it

It is worth it

For a while, I was suicidal. But then I thought to myself, "It's not worth it." No matter what, there is one person who loves you in the world. I can assure you of it. Even if you feel alone. - Absolite

20 You fear death

This is complete bull! what does whoever made this know about other people?

Stuff it - WoSi

How do you know that I fear death if you don't even know me?

Are you sure about that? I think death is glorious...

21 They were born for a reason

Everyones reason was to die we were all born to die we could all look the same and all have the same job an house if we really wanted

Suicide jokes are NOT funny for the cyberbully who put "Maybe their reason was to die." If he/she was a signed in user he/she would possibly be banned from the website

Maybe their reason was to die


22 Everybody matters

If you want to die, dye your hair.
If you want to hang, hang in a local park.
If you want to end, end a really good series.
I know this won't help everyone, and if anybody wants me to delete this for (almost) any reason, I will. But if you are considering suicide, please know that...
you matter. Please don't leave us. - RoseWeasley

not really

All life is sacred - PeeledBanana

No they don't.

23 No one deserves to die

Wrong, Hitler deserved to die. - Userguy44

Nobody deserves to die unless you’re evil - DrayTopTens

Yet everybody has to eventually?

What about Hitler? If you had the chance to go back in time and kill Hitler before ww2, would you.? Or does he not deserve to die, either

24 Your loved ones will cry

My mother would kill me if I did this! - Britgirl

What if you do not have anyone who loved you.

I considered it loads of times but them I thought it will only make the people I hate happy and hurt the people I love deeply

What if you have no loved ones

25 The people who made life miserable for you, will win

At least I would be at peace and I wouldn't have to put up with the feeling that my father hates me!

Now, why would you want to give them that kind of satisfaction?

Exactly! The bullies or whoever don't care if u live or die they r not affected by it. Only the people that love you and care about u!

What if the person who makes my life miserable is myself - jesuscrust

26 Your life is valuable

Ya'll were born for a reason. People say "I was born to die" but that's not true. Making a difference and leaving your mark on the world is something that all of us have potential to do. There is real, true value in simply living. Passing the burden of pain onto others because you want life to end is selfish. Get up, get a life. People need you whether you realize it or not.

My life is a speck of dirt...crippled, withered, and crushed.I'm a disgrace to humanity.What use am I? Useful to abuse?

My life's worthless. Like dirt.

Is it? Is it reallly? - Commitdie224

27 Everyone is special In their own ways, so are you!

Every snowflake's different just like you

If everyone on this planet is special than that makes no one special

I'm special in the way I'm the most pathetic person I know.

No you're not
If you think deeper,everyone loves you

28 You're never get to grow up

Over 200,000 kids have killed them self at the ages of 11-18

I don't want to.

Unless if you are an adult - AnonymousChick

Why is that so important?

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29 Not everyone is mean


30 You are the special (reference to the Lego movie)

No one is special if everyone is special.

Shut your face.

Uh... I think everyone is specail is better

Don't get it

31 You have too much to live for

I'm a worthless, helpless, useless piece of human garbage that deserves to die and I feel like I can't find too much joy in what I have to live for any more. And anything better than that that's said about me is just wrong and not true in the slightest.

We did this before

32 You should appreciate the little you have

I have nothing.

I try, I just fail at it, and way too much.

I try. - Camaro6


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33 They are loved

I don't under stand

No I'm not.

34 Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect

This very true. If only more people realised this. - Userguy44

But what if your flaws r bigger than every1 elses

35 You won't be loved after you've killed yourself

They never loved me anyway

Every last person on this planet who either has enough common or just simply has enough common who isn't getting paid to say good things about me or to me doesn't have the slightest bit of respect for me.

I'm not loved anyway so there's no point in being here

I won't be loved before I kill myself either. - Camaro6

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36 It doesn't stop life getting worse, it eliminates the chance of it getting better

Except it also keeps me from doing anymore bad things in the future.

37 You will break your children's hearts

What if have no children? - Userguy44

That was insensitive. What if your a kid loving on the street alone and both your parents dies. You have no siblings or family or friend.

What if you didn't have children or parents

Everybody has parents and adults have children. I agree.

38 It means that the bullies won. And you lost

What if the only person bullying me is myself - jesuscrust

Hey, if you want to talk to anyone, you can message me. I'm not a therapist, but I'll try my best to help.
Same goes for anyone who wants to talk about stuff like this. - RoseWeasley

You can prove them wrong tell them your not afraid and you won't end your life because they want you to your perfect I promise

I stead of dieing smack them

Kill them first and see what happens.
Either way you die.

39 If there was a possibility of fixing your problems, you would've just missed every opportunity

Death's also an opportunity to solve all of my problems, too.

40 There are better solutions

Such as talking to someone you trust, going to therapy, journaling your thoughts, & taking medications (not like that). - RoseWeasley

41 You'll never meet that special someone

You might kill yourself before you live the day where you meet your one true love who you were destined to encounter. Think about dying just one day before meeting that person. Do you really want to deal with a greater pain with that thought eating you up as well.

Maybe you did, and they died so that's why your committing

Yeah but that special someone won't be that special sooner later

I’ll never meet them anyway ‘cause that person doesn't even exist! - Camaro6

42 You're not gonna get other people to care about you. Most people would just think you were stupid because you killed yourself

Or if they were smart they would think back at the reasons why you killled you’re self, maybe they were the reason - MrsNo_Body

If you commit suicide, that's it. You don't get your revenge fantasy to come true. - RoseWeasley

This is very true.

So wrong! People would grieve, not whatever YOU said

Unless it's a stupid reason

43 You need to try again

This planet's better off without me.

You don't control me, I don't to try anything again if I don't want to at all.

44 Run away from everything
45 You'll only hurt yourself

Is it just me, or does that seem obvious enough already?

No, duh

46 Change your history

Are you suggesting that I lie about how my life's gone?

47 Things are never bad enough to cost your life

Not true...

48 If it goes wrong, it will not be pleasant

I was never able to cause anything pleasant in my life anyway.

49 You're not as lonely/useless as what the mean people say

But what if I am, you just don't know it at all just yet?

Thanks for the motivation - MLPFan

50 Being yourself is better than acting to be like someone successful

What if being like someone successful's the best way for me to be myself.

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