Top 10 Reasons to Not Commit Suicide

There have been countless numbers of suicides going on in the past few years so I've decided to share my thoughts on why you should not kill yourself. Don't even try to kill yourself. It really is not worth it. Trust me.

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1 You only have one life

Precisely. There's always a vast selection of opportunities, and always something to live for. - PositronWildhawk

Yh and sorry to ruin the atmosphere but this one life is pointless we are born then we die so even if the cure for cancer was found or you were a celeb you would eventually end up dead so whats the point in going to school etc if we are just going to end up dead I a hole

If you would have more than one life, suicide was useless...

I remember this list. I made it years ago while I was still a visitor. Probably the best list I've made.

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2 Suicide does not take away the pain, it gives it to someone else

How does it give away the pain to soneone else imagibe if you are a person without any loved ones

non scense

3 You'll miss out on all the great, positive things about life.

Yes. It's true. I have so much to live for. I want to become a YouTuber, travel around the world, adopt a puppy & so many things other people do. I will never commit suicide EVER!

When you want to kill yourself, you don't see those things anymore

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, you'll be the wealthiest person alive! - MLPFan

Tru tru

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4 People will think you deserved to die because you killed yourself

I've seen a lot of this on YouTube. - Croy987


5 It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

Definitely true. Once your gone there is nothing there is nothing u can do to change that. So very true.

Some problems may NOT be temporary. You may be dying anyway and all your family is dead

6 You only live once

Isn't this the first one in this list?

We already did this one

Yh and then we die so live is pointless



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7 You will go to hell

Um, I do not believe in afterlife, and you JUST SAID you only have one life... that's very controversial. This is not a solid reason, since thousands of people don't believe in hell

What if you don't believe in Hell?

Yes, in religions, this can be very true. 😭

8 Suicide people don't go to heaven

I'm dead and I didn't go to heaven or hell. - Ghost

This is the only reason why I haven't committed suicide because what if its real and I really do end up in hell

You just said that, and I do not believe in HEAVEN or hell

So not true.

9 You will break your parents' hearts

This list is bull! The fact that people believe this as a legit reason not to kill themselves is proof as to how horribly misrepresented this is in the media.

"If you kill yourself it will break everyone's hearts." Oh boo hoo. That is suggesting that your life is less important to you than to others, as if THEY are the ones that should be in charge of your life and decide if you live or die. Often times, one's "loved ones" are the whole reason they want to die, and to suggest to people that they should keep living for their own well-beings is at the same level of insulting as racism or sexism or fascism among other things. If you truly believe in this concept, you deserve to go to hell just as much as the people who "commit suicide" supposedly will!

Do you really want to do that... ?

Maybe your parents are the reason

Yeah even if they r abusing u or something they will STILL be Herat broken! So true.

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10 You're not the only one who has a difficult or depressing life

Haha stfu that doesn't mean I'm immune to pain because of that fact - jesuscrust

You may think your life is the worst and maybe it's true from your point of view cause am not saying it's not hard but everyone around you too has that special thing that pulls them down, so what about that small number of people who love you,and what about those who only have you,do not be selfish,your life is not only yours

I lost my dog

Most of the people I know that whine over how "awful" their lives are and how much they want to jump from a building because of it don't have it that bad! Example, only OVER A KIDS' SHOW! (Like you-know-who...)

I mean, seriously?
I survived relentless bullying from early childhood, was molested a lot of times, was sexually harrassed, stalked, was nearly gang raped (yes, It's true. When I was FIVE, some teenagers asked me to strip down my pants but I didn't and ran away), was in various abusive relationships (not always in romantic meaning, some times with friends also. Never been in a relationship, so It's also from crushes) with others, SAW MY OWN GRANDMOTHER DIE PAINFULLY IN FRONT OF ME, saw my parents fight countless times, barely had any social skills IRL, was treated horribly for my different background, nearly commited suicide myself in some ocassions and have eyesight problems but I still went on with life.
Yes, even after I had some failed suicide acts (don't ...more - MLPFan

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11 You're never going to get to do what you've always wanted to do

What if all I want to do is die?


What if part of my reason for death is because I can no longer find enjoyment in what I want to do �" - jesuscrust

12 The good in the world will always outweigh the bad, even if it seems like the opposite

Look at he world right now. Look all over the news and what people are doing to other people. Think again

13 Suicide is not always effective

Sometimes, you don't succeed in killing yourself. Rather, you end up seriously injuring yourself instead.

Yeah true or sometime nothing bad happens at all.

You can find different ways

14 Funeral costs

Money, BRILLIANT! sarcasm

If you're dead what do you care

This is the main reason I don't commit suicide - JordanFireStar

This is just offensive

15 The bad people will win

What the carp does this have to do with anything

What if the bad person is myself and that's why I want to die �" - jesuscrust

Yeah...that's the only thing bothers me.

16 Your loved ones will cry

My mother would kill me if I did this! - Britgirl

I considered it loads of times but them I thought it will only make the people I hate happy and hurt the people I love deeply

What if you do not have anyone who loved you.

What if you have no loved ones

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17 You're never get to grow up

Why is that so important?

I don't want to.

Unless if you are an adult - AnonymousChick

True unless your like 60

18 Everybody matters

All life is sacred - PeeledBanana

not really

No they don't.

19 People will miss you

What if nobody liked you or cared about you

True if you kill yourself your only hurting yourself and the ones that love you and care for you so very true.

20 You fear death
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