Top 10 Reasons to Not Commit Suicide

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21 Everyone is special In their own ways, so are you!

If everyone on this planet is special than that makes no one special

I'm special in the way I'm the most pathetic person I know.

No you're not
If you think deeper,everyone loves you

22 Not everyone is mean
23 Somebody might need you
24 You fear death
25 No one deserves to die

What about Hitler? If you had the chance to go back in time and kill Hitler before ww2, would you.? Or does he not deserve to die, either

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26 Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect
27 It is a sin

Seriously. There might be more trouble if you killed yourself in the next life, than you already have in this one.

In Hell, you will be burned alive, have your still living body dumped in a river of feces, with electric eels biting you and swimming up you anus, while being forced to listen to Justin Bieber music for eternity. Do you really want to have your soul end up there forever?

Don't bring religion into this. Some people don't believe in hell. - SammySpore


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28 The people who made life miserable for you, will win

Exactly! The bullies or whoever don't care if u live or die they r not affected by it. Only the people that love you and care about u!

Now, why would you want to give them that kind of satisfaction?

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29 They were born for a reason

Suicide jokes are NOT funny for the cyberbully who put "Maybe their reason was to die." If he/she was a signed in user he/she would possibly be banned from the website

Everyones reason was to die we were all born to die we could all look the same and all have the same job an house if we really wanted

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30 You are the special (reference to the Lego movie) V 3 Comments
31 You have too much to live for V 1 Comment
32 It doesn't stop life getting worse, it eliminates the chance of it getting better
33 It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

Definitely true. Once your gone there is nothing there is nothing u can do to change that. So very true.

Some problems may NOT be temporary. You may be dying anyway and all your family is dead

34 You will break your children's hearts

That was insensitive. What if your a kid loving on the street alone and both your parents dies. You have no siblings or family or friend.

Unless yo child is dead and that's why your gonna commit it

Everybody has parents and adults have children. I agree.

What if you didn't have children or parents

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35 You're not gonna get other people to care about you. Most people would just think you were stupid because you killed yourself

This is very true.

So wrong! People would grieve, not whatever YOU said

Unless it's a stupid reason

36 They are loved V 2 Comments
37 It means that the bullies won. And you lost

You can prove them wrong tell them your not afraid and you won't end your life because they want you to your perfect I promise

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38 You should appreciate the little you have V 1 Comment
39 If you killed yourself, all your loved ones will be sad
40 You're not as lonely/useless as what the mean people say

Thanks for the motivation - MLPFan

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1. They are loved
2. They were born for a reason
3. It means that the bullies won. And you lost
1. You will go to hell
2. You only live once
3. You will miss out on the good things in life
1. Everybody matters
2. Your loved ones will cry
3. You have too much to live for

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