Top Ten Reasons to Not Dislike a Fanbase

In the past, when I was 12 I use to be very disrespectful to others because of their interest that I hate. As time went on I learned that they have the right to like whatever they want. No fan base is better than the other. Not all Bielebers are disrespectful, not all metal heads have special snowflake syndrome. I met some people who love JB and they are really nice people on the internet. They just have people who set a bad example.

The Top Ten

1 The world would be boring if we all like the same things
2 They have right to like what ever they want

Yeah. Calling a boy "STUPID" or "RETARD" for liking MLP:FiM annoys me a lot. - Neonco31

3 Forcing people to like what you like is not smart
4 There are people that are nice in the fanbase

And the haters often misjudge the fandom as a whole - Neonco31

┬ĘPeople who call fanbases bad bcuse of some people, are badpople themselves. I once saw someone saying that one of the fandoms I am in was the worst fanbase ever. I was actually really upset, because although there are some bad fans, I consider myself a nice person. I don't know about you but I think I'm a nice person so you do not have the right to say we're all bad. - AnonymousChick

5 Not everyone in the fan base is a pervert and has maturity issues
6 You may like some same things as them other than the fanbase
7 It doesn't impact your life

Ruining the internet doesn't ruin your life - Neonco31

8 If you don't like the fandom then don't talk to them
9 Disrespecting them makes you as bad as the people who disrespect others

Good Reasoning - Neonco31

10 It's the personality showing
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