Top 10 Reasons Rainbow Dash is Not a Bully

Too many clueless haters constantly give this poor pony crap for things she's not guilty of. She needs more defenders on this site. Get on this list and silence the haters.

She's not a bully and this is why.

The Top Ten Reasons Rainbow Dash is Not a Bully

1 She stands up for her friends when they're being picked on

To give an example, in the episode Cutie Mark Chronicles, it's said that Rainbow stood up for Fluttershy as a filly when she was getting bullied. - GamerBoy

She may not be nice all the time, even good people can be mean sometimes.

She doesn't bully Fluttershy, she's just showing tough love that's all! You people just want to make her look bad!

Learn what bullying is morons. Dash ain't a bully.

2 She herself was bullied as a filly

Well duh. She was the one being bullied. Of course she'd stand up for herself.

Yeah she was but she stood up for her self and HER SELF ONLY

3 She's heroically saved them many times

True awesomeness.

This is why I like Rainbow Dash. 🌈🐎😍

4 She said herself that she cares for her friends more than winning

The end of Rainbow Falls.

Uh huh! Preach!

Since when did this happen?

5 She's been a good role model to Scootaloo

Yeah, she's a great sister figure to Scootaloo. - Pegasister12

She's an awesome role model to Scootaloo, especially since her character emotionally developed.

Dang it, Lauren Faust! Why couldn't you make them sisters?!? They're perfect for each other!

6 Her pranks are harmless and playful

Most of the time - RoseWeasley

7 Her insults aren't meant to be taken seriously

Moops. You have the right idea!

8 She's blunt and straight-forward, but never malicious

I'm RD all the way but can't agree because of Merriweather's stupid Dargonshy storyline.

9 She acts the way she does because she's insecure, not because she's mean or egotistical


She at least learns from her mistakes.

Oh,togs so true!

10 Her banter is all in good fun

Yes! Finally someone who's not a pansy!

Learn to take a joke.

The Contenders

11 She's always sorry when she's hurt someone


12 Having a lot of confidence doesn't make her a bully

Yes! Preach!

13 A lot of the times when she seems mean, she's just trying to be helpful

True that. Again.

It's kind of an example of tough love.

14 She is the pony with the most crud to put up with
15 She inspiring and motivating like her friends.

I LOVE Rainbow Dash! She's AWESOME! 🐴🌈

16 She supports her friends when they really need it
17 Her friends kinda have it coming sometimes
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