Top 10 Reasons TheTopTens Needs a Mobile App


The Top Ten

1 Ease of Access

There's always an annoying glitch on the mobile version of the site. An app would make using it on my Android and iPod Touch much more appealing. - PositronWildhawk

Yup - USGC

A mobile would be a dream! - keycha1n

2 Stats

You cannot view the stats on your phone - ryanrimmel

3 Top Remixes

If you are on your phone, you cannot see the top remixes for lists - ryanrimmel

4 Posts

Youcannot post or see posts on the mobile web - ryanrimmel

5 It Would Be Faster
6 Messaging
7 Take it on a flight
8 Take it on a Road Trip.
9 It is better than using a computer
10 To read lists on the go

The Contenders

11 To show lists to your friends.
12 To add new posts on the go.
13 To tell you when you get a message
14 The app doesn't need WiFi
15 We don't need to use the website

Even if I always use my iPad to go to this site, I feel like I want to have the app for easier access...

16 It's only one click away to the app
17 It's more convenient
18 To make lists on the go.
19 To keep up with your followers
20 You can get notifications if someone replies to your comment, comments on your list, your list gets approved, etc

I always wanted a notification every time someone replies to your comment. I want this site to have an app and notifications like Instagram gives you notifications if someone messages you or does something else on your account. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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