Top Ten Reasons Trolls On TheTopTens Are Annoying


The Top Ten

1 They are jerks

They insult all of your lists. - Therandom

Maybe if people on this site didn't HATE as much, then there wouldn't be as many trolls on the site, because nobody hates anything, meaning nobody can be trolled, meaning that trolls will get bored, because instead of people going like "YOU IDIOT! Justin Bieber SUCKS! " they're probably going to go like "Ok, I don't care" instead or not say anything at all. This will pretty much make trolls bored.


2 They comment on every list with a nasty comment

This is annoying. I am speaking for a lot of top tenners. - Therandom

3 They have nothing better to do than troll users

Get a life trolls. - Therandom

4 They're weird

Who trolls people for fun. - Therandom

5 They make people leave TheTopTens

Some good users left the top tens because of trolls. - Therandom

Anti-Bronies Nearly Made Me Snap - JPK

The visitor who made ToadF1 leave when he was a good user...very sad

6 They defend the stupidest things

Positron, I meant trolls defend stupid things. They defend that they have good actions and are doing the right thing. But they're not. - Therandom

The sad thing is that so many good users have been attacked for things that they like. If you can't stand for that, you're a real-life troll. - PositronWildhawk

Really? Good users like who? You? You criticize other opinions and now you say that? Don't make me laugh

Some defend being jerks to good users is right. - Therandom

7 It takes a while for them to get their account removed
8 They think their actions are justified
9 They ruin lists

They ruined Reasons Why We Love The Loud House..

The Season 10 SpongeBob List - JPK

10 They are hackers

The Contenders

11 They make accounts to insult people
12 They don't leave you alone
13 They make bad lists
14 They add items that have nothing to do with the list
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