My Personal Thoughts on the Policy

Hello everybody, It's your old buddy Garythesnail/Mikey, and I'm here today to give you guys my 100% honest personal opinion on Admin's new policy. This post may be a bit controversial between some users, but I felt the need to speak my mind on the subject.

For starters, this post isn't a campaign to scrap the policy. It also isn't a campaign to SUPPORT the policy, either. I was once somewhat against the policy, but I've grown used to it by now. And I've adapted to the policy, I've decided my final thoughts on it.

First, the "No Bullying" thing. This caused arguably the most controversy and outrage due to the fact that many users had well-reasoned rants written(such as Puga) and they could no longer criticize users. However, Admin recently stated that fair criticism was allowed;just not targeting specific users. While I feel that a specific few users need to be less sensitive to criticism(not naming any of them so as not to be rude), I can respect that a certain degree. Some posts had legitimate reason for targeting a specific user. The most notable was Samanime's post about how a user was being rude to another user. This one was deleted, which somewhat frustrated me. If the post is made to assist other users and keep them AWAY from a bully, it should be kept in my book. While a post that would be considered bullying can be deleted, I feel that a post of fair criticism should be allowed.

Now is the point where I get controversy: Banning cursing. Now, I've always avoided cursing in my lists, posts, and comments. But recently Admin banned "excessive profanity". Now, I can understand why we got upset with this; it's not like this is a kid site, after all. However, I think creating rant posts about it being banned is a little bit much. Seriously, it's just cursing. Is it THAT hard to get our points across without cursing? I don't care if you want to curse, but there's a way to tell people what you think without cursing. Deleting posts and comments that curse is unnecessary, however. We could always just censor the cursing if you don't like to see cursing.

All in all, am I FOND of the new policy? Do I HATE it? Well, I'd say I'm not a HUGE supporter of it, but if Admin wants to keep it around, hey, fine by me. but if you don't like the policy-again, fine by me. Say all you want, but you won't change my opinion. This is the way I feel about it, and that's how it stays. My one thing I DO dislike: The 20 items per page. I don't see why that really happened.


I agree with you on the swearing thing and 20 items per page thing. However I intensely don't like the new policy. - Therandom

Bullying is wrong but constructive criticism is always welcome. I hope that the admin actually allows that kind of criticism just as long as it isn't overbearing or too hostile.

Not a fan of the whole "ban cursing" thing, and especially not a fan of deleted posts/comments that swear. Censoring is fine, but this is the Internet, where a ton of free speech goes vitriolic with words every now and then. Maybe there should be a new option for users creating posts whether or not swearing is allowed in comments for the submitted post?

I have no opinion on the 20 items per page thing. - NuMetalManiak

I've approved many post comments and Admin DELETES them because they have profanity. It takes away the whole purpose of moderating comments if Admin's gonna delete them anyway. Now imagine you're a book publisher. A guy sends in a book with ten profane words. TEN. In an entire adult book. You approve the book to be published, but let's say the government decided to burn all the copies of the book. Freedom of the press, hello? Doesn't that INCLUDE the Internet? - Turkeyasylum

Freedom of the press allows you to publish your own book or website without having to worry about the government censoring your work or throwing you in jail. It does not mean you get to submit whatever you want to someone else's publication and they have to include it. Website owners have the "Freedom" to decide how they want to operate their own site and visitors have the "Freedom" to choose whether or not they want to visit said site. - visitor

That's what I'm talking about here. It's admin's website, so they can moderate this website however they want. If someone isn't happy about that then don't visit this website, but stop complaining about something that isn't even worth complaining (complaining that we can't criticize other users, Ha! ). This whole thing only makes me laugh. - Kiteretsunu

@Kiteretsunu Turkey actually moderates his own comments. Admin doing so defeats the whole purpose. - Puga

I moderate my own comments too. But the final authority lies with admin nonetheless. I don't see a problem there. - Kiteretsunu

At the bottom it says
"ONLY I can moderate comments on this blog post" - Puga

People are treating the policy as if it's censorship post and for a long time I did but in actuality, that's not the case at all. Criticism is still aloud and even harsh one in some cases but it depends on who you use it because it seems like to me that people are using the excuse for caling a person a "fake, hypersensitive f*****." Oh look, I can swear in blog posts! So I've just essentially killed two red birds from a mobile game with one stone.

I'm not exactly a supporter of the policy, since they were times that it's not used correctly but then again, it was like that YouTube November 2013 controversy with being bought by Google+... But for some reason, people are up in arms again just because of two incidents that wasn't even a surprise at all.

Let's have a bedtime story, kids... * opens book* Once upon a time, I've got a message by Gem who sent me a link on his new rant, mockingly saying that it will definitely going to be deleted by the admins and so I went to the link and it was a "supposed" advice for cosmo by... Okay, the examples are already stated from what I've said up in the roots!

So in other words, he was kinda being cocky about it and despite me who can't stand Cosmo's work, it was still pretty unfair on her part. So basically, people are overreacting...

Is the policy problematic? Yes but is it prohibiting freedom of speech? Not entirely. If that was the case then my responses to TopTenPizza's list wouldn't have been in the high quality status. - visitor

Spot-on. I understand admin's views. My main problem with the policy is that its just so inconsistent. At what point does criticism turn into bullying? At what point does swearing become evil? It's so hard to judge that and it makes it so things that are essentially harmless be deleted while others that could be perceived as worse stay up. It's just confusing and weird for me. Rather than just being frustrated at the lack of freedom of speech.

By the way, there are boundaries to freedom of speech. Unneeded continual cursing and bullying are not a very good use of your freedom. If this policy was taken away, at least promise to admin and yourselves that we will not abuse the power. - keycha1n

Exactly what keycha1n said. Criticizing countries is allowed but criticising users or YOUTUBERS isn't? - Puga

Well like I said, the policy isn't perfect and it's one of the main reasons I don't support it. - visitor

I'm gonna say something about the advice for Cosmo. Yes, it was kind of harsh on her part, calling her "fake" and "pathetic", that was unneeded, but it had some good points to it, and gemcloben specifically stated he doesn't hate Cosmo he was just trying to give her fair criticism. - Therandom

I really don't understand. Why is everyone so bent on scraping this policy? Are everybody so eager to rebuke the users they dislike here? It's not that you can't criticize the users work through comments. It's that only specially made blogs won't get approved. If the poliy is really so strict, I don't think I'd be seeing so many comments humoring andre56 throughout this website. - Kiteretsunu

@kiteretsnu, I got a "violation of the policy warning" for saying too many "offensive comments". And I'll I did was criticize JB LOVEr. As for Andre 56, maybe it's because admin doesn't like him? - Therandom

@Kiteretsunu the policy is strict and inconsistent. Gemcloben made a comment about Cosmo that got 8 thumbs up and was still removed, while all the comments about andre56 stay. It just shows how inconsistent it is. Maybe it's because andre56 criticised users as well? I don't know. That's something to ask the admin. - Puga

@The random
Well, many users wrote specially made blogs criticizing her because of her lists (I know the lists were, well, not good), so that's the reason for it. And as I said, specially made blogs for criticism is the thing which probably won't get approved. - Kiteretsunu

Well, I know the policy is inconsistent. But that shows admin have full authority over whatever they want to do on thetoptens. Obviously they are the creators of the website, so there is no point of complaining about this policy as it won't lead to anything. - Kiteretsunu

@Kiteretsunu Therandom didn't write a special blog post. - Puga

Admin didn't delete the post. - muffinkid

I wonder why my comments, posts and post comments don't get deleted, but for some they do. I'm still wondering. Maybe this all complaining stuff is getting overblown and we all need to just shut up and use this website the way it is meant to be used for, and that's voting your favorite item on a TheTopTens list. - Kiteretsunu

I agree with you. But if you read the Terms of Use, you'll realize that Admin has a good point. And disagreements don't have to be personal. That's one of the biggest problems with users. - visitor

I support the policy of Banning cursing and No hate week. - Animefan12

Why do you hate cursing? It's not offending anyone(at least not any of the users I've fought with) - Therandom

Why can't we make a compromise with Admin? Instead of deleting a whole blog post for having two cuss words in it or something, just CENSOR the cusses! The same should go for ppst comments, regular coments, and many other things. And about the censorship thing: I personally think that giving fair criticism to TopTenners is what we need. The rules should be modified to this:

You cannot say anything like "You're fake" or anything of that sort. However, if a user says it in a nice way AND WITH SUPPORTING REASONS and not as a flat out attack, such as "Occasinally, you can act like you're on top of everyone else. I remember a comment of yours saying you were the best user ever, and saying such coments can make you come across as a narcissist". As long as the "attack" tells the user how to get better, it's approved. If not, it's returned so the user can fix it.

And I'm STILL mad ad Admin deleted comments I had approved in the moderating section... - Turkeyasylum

I once called the YouTuber W2S a "f**kball". Look, I can get it if swore SWORE, but I CENSORED it ALREADY. And guess what? Admin said "It got flagged". OK, now you UPDATED your policy to make it EVEN WORSE. I officialy hate the policy now. - PizzaGuy