Top 10 Reasons Why Baseball Is the Best Sport of All Time

My reasons why baseball is an amazing sport and the best sport of all time.

The Top Ten

1 It is considered America's national past time

MLB major league boring.

I don't normally like sports, but I really love baseball! - Pony

If its played in america it doesn't mean the is the best Manchestar United has 343 milion peple ho recondise them selfs as Manchestar United fans more then American Population

2 It plays (almost) every day of the week

One of the things football doesn't do. - SwagFlicks


3 The World Baseball Classic
4 It can be played at almost anytime, with the right equipment

This goes for other sports as well, but come on, just play a game in the sandlot and tell me why it isn't cool. - SwagFlicks

5 The players have all-around skills

Speed, strength, endurance. You will go out there for 9 innings, maybe 10, maybe 11. It could go on for a while, and you have to be ready. - SwagFlicks

Such a wide variety of physiques have shown greatness as baseball players! It's a sport for everyone!

6 "It ain't over 'til it's over"

Baseball's one of the only sports with no time limit, which makes things paced and relaxing - SwagFlicks

7 The home run

The best feeling you can have in sports, period. The fan will go home with a souvenir, indeed. - SwagFlicks

8 The ballparks
9 Perfect games

One of baseball's rarities, and let me tell you, it is a very good experience. - SwagFlicks

10 The strikeout

One of the best stats and feelings in baseball. The feeling of sending someone down swinging is just too good to be true. - SwagFlicks

The Contenders

11 You can take a nap while watching and still not miss anything
12 It makes golf seem exciting

If golf fixes the continuity issues, it will easily be a more exciting sport to watch than baseball. - jimmy12lee

I can see golf going up in the rankings if it is improved, but it might not overtake baseball in the best sports ever. - SwagFlicks

Ok, no. Golf is literally the STUPIDEST "sport" of all time! Why is it even called a sport? It shouldn't be! I don't play baseball, but nothing can beat watching it. I love it. - Minecraftcrazy530

13 Players not good enough to play cricket will have something else to make money from
14 You can insult American sports more easily thanks to baseball
15 The stadiums
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