Top Ten Reasons Why Bleach Is Greater Than Naruto

The anime world is eager to know that which one is better between these two superhit long running series. So this list tells you why?

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1 A good story

Yep this is definitely a lie. Bleach has absolutely no plot, no back-stories, and definitely no character development. Bleach can basically be summed up as: shinigami comes to karakura city, transfers powers to a human substitute, human substitute goes to soul society to save shinigami from execution, bad guy makes his move and goes to heuco mundo, human substitute goes to heck mundo to save his friend, final battle, the end. That basically sums up the 300 episodes that the anime lasted. At the end, you really don't know anything about any of the characters, why Aizen was bad (in fact the only thing you know is that Aizen is going to kill the soul king. The anime never says much about the soul king, so ultimately you don't even know what Aizen is trying to do or if it's even a bad thing), and why the main character ichigo is so powerful. I mean, look at characters like Tosen and ESPECIALLY Gin Ichimaru. They were some of the first characters introduced in the series and some of the ...more

I used to hate bleach as I was a Naruto fan, after I watched I loved but I still have to say Naruto has a better story.

Now this is a lie. Naruto has an awesome story

Yeah Naruto had a story - Adventurur2

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2 An epic villain

This is definitely a lie. If Aizen was so epic, why did he succeed in killing ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! He couldn't even kill hinamori for crying out loud, someone who practically put her life in his hands. At the end, the world of bleach would have been the same with or without Aizen, because the only thing he really did was kill a few of his own espada down in hueco mundo. But then again, maybe this was all part of his plan (sarcasm).

Aizen smashes every villain in anime history. There is know one more evil and badass than him. If don't know him yet search on YouTube. You will get my point. - admister300

Strength doesn't mean better. I love Espada,I love Akatsuki! Aizen, Madara etc are all epic villains! - Tia-Harribel

True... Aizen is just ibe hell of a kind.

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3 Fighting

I've watched both and I would put them as equals when it comes to fighting excitement, in bleach everybody has some unique skills. In Naruto only a few have super cool skills which makes it more exciting.

Hate the bleach fighting. It's not just the fighting I hate it is the name too. Is sounds like the laundry shoap you use to wash cloth I mean seriously

Bleach is a little better,Naruto doesn't have much destructive or cool fighting but before the 4th Great ninja war it gets a lot better

I don't like the fight very much. There is too much sword action and it is just well weird. All of a sudden somebody kicks ichigo and it only left tiny little mark thingys on his face what! Why did they put tiny mark thingys on his face instead of a scar or something.innatuto however it is much more dramatic and the speeches that bad and god guy makes are pretty awesome if you ask me.

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4 A great hero

Ichigo is powerful so as Naruto. Ichigo is kind and brave so as Naruto. But Ichigo has his looks and style whereas Naruto doesn't have it. - admister300

It is true Ichigo is a great character. no doubt about that.

Ichigo really is one and unique character. No body stands besides him

Naruto is best theri is no way for ichigo

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5 Blood, Violence and Darkness.

Naruto has as much of it as bleach does both are just awesome.

Both are awesome but after the soul society arc bleach gave us just one hell of a fights, characters, violence, and wickedness...

LOL,what kind of list is this? Both have Gore and violence... - Tia-Harribel

6 Girls

If your talking about breasts I would say naruto cause to me tsunade senju had the largest and fattest boobs in anime history. A lot of characters mention that she had a big breast in the anime. Not only that konohamaru thought it was suppose to he his baby pillow she when he bumped into her.

You mean large breasts? Is this a reason? If you want busty girls go and watch/read fairy tails.

Admit it or not Bleach's girls are more sexy... Rangiku my favorite - admister300

Bleach is better

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7 Openings and Endings

Naruto is superior in this aspect. I really dislike Bleach openings(except opening 13). - Tia-Harribel

Bleach has simply the perfection of openings and endings... But still there are some other anime having cooler anime openings like FMA : Brotherhood.

The 1st opening and ending of Bleach are very good and a couple of them too but the openings of Naruto were great but openings and endings have gotten bad

No offense to bleach I love it but Narutos apenings and endings are the best among all animes in history.

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9 There is a list about why Bleach is better than Naruto

I like the story line also I like it when their swords have cool skills

10 Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

Kenpachi is the broly of bleach Naruto doesn't have someone like him!

That's inpulsive to the naruto fans


He is one hell of a character, we all love kenpachi and we're all eager to see more of him
No anime character ever even begin to compare woth this guy... he is a legend 💜

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11 A overpowered main character who gets every freaking power V 1 Comment
12 It's original

At least kubo think something of original,but in naruto kishi only copied dbz and hxh mainly even naruto is exactly like goku...bleach has everything original

13 Comedy

Bleach contains some comical and serious comedy. - admister300

Bleach has awesome comedy but Naruto is kinda funnier.

14 Fillers

SPOILER:Bleach filler starts between fights and situations going on in the arc ugh

I'm a Naruto fan and -No Comment everybody hates fillers.

Both fillers are horrible but Bleach doesn't have as many fillers as Naruto. - admister300

15 A good & strong female lead

I do like Naruto, but all of it's female characters have some kind of romantic relation, whether that be implied or canon. Sakura to Sasuke. Ino to Sasuke, later Sai, and speculated Shikamaru. Hinata to Naruto. Mei is a huge flirt. Karin to Sasuke. Konan to Yahiko. Temari to Shikamaru. Hell, even Tsunade to Dan, and badass Kushina to Minato. Tenten is widely speculated to have loved Neji, and is also widely speculated to love Lee, even if neither are confirmed. It's like everyone needs to have a romantic interest in order to be a good character. Meanwhile in Bleach, there are characters like Rukia (who friendzones everyone, despite what the fans say, and was never confirmed to have loved Kaien who mind you had a wife), Halibel, Nelliel, Unohana, Nanao (she's Kyoraku's niece), and Yoruichi. You can watch Bleach without thinking, "Oh, most of her character revolves around her crush," because they don't. Not minding Orihime and Rangiku, of course. But Rangiku grew up with Gin, ...more

16 Cool scenes

Naruto is awesome better in stressing and continues to cool scenes

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17 Interesting plot twists
18 Interesting back stories
19 Bleach has awesome fights

No way naruto is way better than bleach

Bleach has better fights than naruto

20 Cliffhangers
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