Top Ten Reasons Why Call of Duty Advance Warfare Sucks

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is as bad as Call of Duty: Ghosts but even worse since no one plays the servers. It's too bad I threw Call of Duty: Ghosts away as soon as I heard about and bought Advanced Warfare.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Call of Duty Advance Warfare Sucks

1 No games found

I'm laughing so hard, I read the title as "Call of Duty Advanced Welfare" - LizardKing99

This is the reason why nobody likes this game - kosdff

2 Too slow

Call of Duty Always gets slow and sloww!

The games way to slow it keeps pausing am I the only one who noticed that - kosdff

3 Same game play in the story mode
4 Too expensive
5 Hackers

That's in every Call of Duty. - B1ueNew

6 Zombie mode ripoff

Season pass needed and good luck trying to find a match less than a minute because it's gonna say no games found - kosdff

7 Season pass needed to do most things

Even in 2018. The season pass is STILL 49.99 - B1ueNew

Like always more money for everything - kosdff

8 It ruined clan wars

Like tK for an example - kosdff

9 Double jumping

My brother plays Call of Duty sometimes, and he told me it was cheap... - Turkeyasylum

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