Top Ten Reasons Why Daisy is Not a Peach Clone

"Daisy is just a yellow Peach", "Daisy is just an useless Peach", "lolololol Peach clone!" screw opinions, this is not an opinion, Daisy is NOT a Peach clone and I can prove it.

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1 Daisy was created for Super Mario Land

Do this for Rosalina also.

Anyway, they HAD to use Daisy for this game. - DCfnaf

As a lazy recolored peach.

As a separate princess with a different personality, kingdom, etc. - DCfnaf

2 They have different personalities

Peach - Kind, pretty, typical Princess.

Daisy - Tomboy princess - DCfnaf

3 Daisy was not created by Myiamoto
4 When Daisy was re-introduced in Mario Tennis 64, her partners for the game were Luigi and Birdo, not Peach

Really? I thought her partner was Peach - ParkerFang

It wasn't, when you choose Daisy her partner is Birdo and when you choose Luigi Daisy is his partner. When you choose Peach you get Toad. - DaisyandRosalina

5 Peach didn't appear in Super Mario Land
6 They have different voice actresses
7 They play different roles in games

Peach is the damsel in distress

Daisy is a side character who appears for fun. - DCfnaf

8 Daisy rarely gets captured
9 Daisy cannot float
10 Daisy is not a poser

So many people think Daisy is a poser. No, she is a tomboy. Peach is a poser because I have seen her pose in Mario strikers charged and super Mario strikers. Whoever thinks daisy is a girly girl or a poser is wrong.

True - ToadF1

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11 Daisy is ugly and fat

Wow, you Daisy Haters are idiots. - DCfnaf

Who is that stupid hoe that sent this? - DaisyandRosalina

Who is the idiot that sent this - DaisyandRosalina

Stupid Wendy Fans - ToadF1

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12 Daisy is a sporty type Peach is not

Yeah, so maybe nintendo could have at least put daisy in smash bros instead of peach.Tomboys are stronger than girly girls. Daisy can beat rosalina and peach in that game.

13 Daisy's design is similar to Peach's one but it never was the same

You could even say the same thing with Rosalina. Daisy is similar not THE SAME. - DCfnaf

14 Wendy is prettier than discount Peach

I pick discount Peach over Wendy any day of the week.

Wendy is ugly as hell - DaisyandRosalina

HOW did Admin let this on the list? - DCfnaf


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15 Daisy tried to be Mario's side hook up but she's too ugly unlike Peach.

How is she ugly? I understand people saying that about Peach but Daisy?!

So many shallow people these days - ParkerFang

A Wendy Fan Added this here. - ToadF1


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16 Daisy has auburn hair and Rosalina has blonde hair like Peach

Except her hair is lighter than Peach's so they are not Peach clones

How is Rosalina in this? - yunafreya648

17 Peach is a slut but Daisy is not

Where's the proof? Oh wait, there's none. - Entranced98

In game evidence please. - DCfnaf

Nope - ParkerFang

18 Daisy is a tomboy

Daisy was said to be a tomboy not Peach. Peach is the girly girl.

19 Daisy and Peach have different powers.

Daisy has flower power while Peach has heart powers. So flowers have nothing to do with hearts.

20 Daisy is more unique
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1. Daisy was created for Super Mario Land
2. Peach didn't appear in Super Mario Land
3. They have different personalities
1. Daisy is a sporty type Peach is not
2. They have different voice actresses
3. They play different roles in games
1. Daisy was created for Super Mario Land
2. Daisy was not created by Myiamoto
3. Daisy rarely gets captured



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