Top 10 Reasons Why Disney World Is Not the Happiest Place On Earth


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21 All of the suicides and urban legends

These ruined Disney for me, to be honest. - Wereweegee

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22 It has scary rides

I hope this is sarcasm - DoroExploro13

Some rides actually are scary, and Disney is a place for families. The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was closed because it was too scary, and that was the same reason why Snow White's Scary Adventures was toned down, but still for reasons, they eventually closed it in 2012 for good.
Walt Disney didn't originally envision thrill rides, but the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland proved them successful and became a thing for Disney property. - Gregory

23 Not very many thrill rides

You know a lot of people go to Disney World, and there are not enough thrill rides for all those people who want to go on them.

Only thrill rides are Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Test Track, Expedition Everest, Rock N' Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror.

I may have missed one or two.

24 You will lose things like sunglasses
25 The Rides Are Too Short

Yeah, some of Disneyland's rides are longer and that's what we want. - Kyle21

26 They took away Toontown Fair

At least Barnstormer's still there.

Toontown Fair was awesome, bright and colorful and fun for the kids.
Now we can't have anything magical like that for the kids anymore, at least Goofy's Barnstormer is still around, but it's no good theming anymore.

27 Animal kingdom is cruel

At least not as good as other zoos.

It's lately become one of the best parks at Disney for reasons you'd probably wanna know right away.
But yeah, cruelty is bad. - Kyle21

28 Back then the costumes looked really creepy

Seriously. Just look up the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes from the 50s.

29 DisneyQuest closed in July 3, 2017

They just closed it down, I can't believe Disney would do that. They just care more about money these days than the people. - Kyle21

That sucks, they're just getting rid of iconic attractions so that they can make new garbage ones to let idiots give the Disney owners their money.
They're replacing DisneyQuest with some dining bar filled with crap.

30 Pirates of the Caribbean sucks compared to Disneyland

Yeah, Disneyland's version is way better, but I've been on MUCH better rides. - Kyle21

Um, have u been to Shanghai? Obviously their version is the best.
Shame we America couldn't be as good as China.

31 Because Cedar Point is happier V 1 Comment
32 There is too much Lion King

I Knew The TLK Haters Would Ruin This List

You know TLK is a movie about killing, and children watch that.

That movie is the worst. No contest.

When Will You Stop!?
You've Been Really Mean To People Who Like The Movie - JPK

33 Universal Studios is happier
34 An Animal killed a child

Exactly what happened on June 2016, by a Gator.
Shame what happened to that kid, Disney isn't very happy.

35 Constant construction
36 You can't buy gum

Which explains why the sidewalks are clean.

37 Fat people everywhere

It's been known that people at Disney eat 1.6 Million pounds of turkey legs each year, and also the candy.

38 Ride accidents
39 Rides break down
40 They downgraded Planet Hollywood
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