Top 10 Reasons Why Disney World Is Not the Happiest Place On Earth


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41 They took away the magic wand from Spaceship Earth at Epcot

What? - JPK

42 Cirque du Soleil La Nouba is closing on December 31, 2017

R.I.P. Cirque du Soleil La Nouba right. - Kyle21

43 There's no Radiator Springs attraction like at Disneyland California

that sucks

44 Pandora World of Avatar is too small

Yeah, I wish it was bigger, WAY bigger. at least the rides were awesome, no, more than awesome.

45 There are more dark rides at Disneyland

Ok first the rides are too dark and now they rant dark enough - lbelle0527

46 They closed down Pleasure Island

How stupid of Disney. - Kyle21

47 It's impossible to walk down without accidentally photobombing someone's photo
48 Perverts
49 They're Greedy

They're just taking away good things or refurbishing good things into crap, and they are no doubt greedy.
They take away/refurbish things into crap so that mindless "fans" or guests would give them their money.
It's no doubt Disney is desperate for money.
They're destroying classic history. That's like destroying the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo DaVinci, and he wanted to keep it, show the world, and have it stay forever.
That's why they closed down Maelstrom, Snow White's Scary Adventures, downgraded Spaceship Earth, Hollywood Studios, Planet Hollywood, closed down DisneyQuest and are closing down LaNouba.
Disney is definitely going downhill. - Kyle21

50 They Downgraded Spaceship Earth

Well a lot of people puked - lbelle0527

First, they took away the year logo and Mickey's hand, then they replaced the original audio with something unoriginal and took away the futuristic props.
Epcot is supposed to be about the FUTURE! are they listening? - Kyle21

51 They close out attractions to retheme them into Disney movies

This is why Disney is no good these days.

52 There are Better Rides at Disneyland

True, and their rides even have seasonal overlays and stay in great shape.
Have you seen Haunted Mansion's holidays?

Why can't Disney World be that way (likely cheap & greedy). - Gregory

53 You Can't Meet Princess Giselle
54 You can’t pick your favorite seat on a ride

You can ASK - lbelle0527

When I was going on some rides, especially the roller coasters, the staff selected seats I wouldn’t want to or feel like sitting in, and the front seats give the best views and one of those the first to experience the thrills.
In the other seats, the views aren’t as good, as they’re blocked by other people, and the back seats always give the roughest experiences (careful people with back and neck problems).
Yet in some cases, when almost all the seats are empty, like the front row, the staff can force someone next to a stranger on any seat they don't want.
What a ripoff.
Thank goodness I didn’t get the back seats, but this whole thing with the staff forcing me on the worst seats is just insane.
The staff are very rude. - Gregory

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