Top 10 Reasons Why Disneyland is Not the Happiest Place on Earth


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21 It's nasty there

So much rotten food, and so much sweat and dead ashes. - Kyle21

22 You will lose things like sunglasses

True at both Disneyland and Disney World.
There's a reason why they often show up on a lost & found box. - Kyle21

23 Ride accidents
24 Good rides are closing

At Disneyland, they closed the Tower of Terror. That was one of the best rides ever, and they closed it down to replace it with Guardians of the Galaxy, I bet that will be crap.

I've been on the Guardians ride and it's actually pretty awesome. - MegaSoulhero

California Screamin' closed on Jan 8, 2018, for an Incredibles ride.
Can't you believe it? Disney's trying to get money by replacing classics with garbage.

Look I Understand Your Furious That Classics Are Closing But Sometimes A Ride Has Ran Its Course - JPK

25 It's too expensive
26 It's impossible to walk without accidentally photobombing someone's photo
27 They're Greedy

They're just taking away good things or refurbishing good things into crap, and they are no doubt greedy.
They take away/refurbish things into crap so that mindless "fans" or guests would give them their money.
It's no doubt Disney is desperate for money.
They're destroying classic history. That's like destroying the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo DaVinci, and he wanted to keep it, show the world, and have it stay forever.
That's why they closed down Tower of Terror and replaced it with Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, and it's crap.
Disney is definitely going downhill. - Kyle21

28 They're Over-relying on Marvel
29 Long line to get to meet a character
30 Hogging too much attention with your favorite character while people are waiting in line
31 Discriminating Autistic people
32 Disney Employee spanking kids
33 It has scary rides

Some rides actually are scary, and Disney is a place for families. The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter at Disney World was closed because it was too scary, and that was the same reason why Snow White's Scary Adventures, also at Disney World, was toned down, but still for reasons, they eventually closed it in 2012 for good.
Walt Disney didn't originally envision scary rides or thrill rides, but the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland proved them successful and became a thing for Disney property.
Plus, I don’t get why Indiana Jones Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy are So popular when they’re so intense and scary for many, maybe the theme's attracting them.
But when a ride is so intense, or so scary, you’d expect fewer people to go bc most people wouldn’t be able to handle it, yet many people telling others it’s too scary and that Disney is about magic, comfort and joy. - Gregory

34 You can’t pick your favorite seat on a ride

As with any particular ride at any Disney park. - Gregory

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