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1 Doraemon teaches kids morals and values.

Doraemon is the best cartoon I have ever seen it is the best

It's the real truth

Here, I'm referring to the 1979 series. - Animefan12

so true

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2 Doraemon has such a simple plot, yet it is so popular

It isn't that popular in the USA, but in countries like Japan, Korea, China, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan and the Philippines, it is REALLY popular - Animefan12

That's because Nobita has weaknesses (well, that's the only thing he has) - Animefan12

Exactly! Who wants to see a kid who gets all of his hopes and dreams (Ash) and gets no negatives to him? - SegaRocks1145

Both's plots are same interesting but Pokemon is hard to understand.

There are more Pokemon haters than that of Doraemon - Animefan12

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3 The idea of Pokemon was great, but they wasted it

Yup. They milked it. Sometimes Ash just acts edgy for no reason, he keeps trying to release his Pokemon for no reason other than a dramatic scene. Also, it's just a pattern. Ash finds a new Pokemon. He tries to catch it. Team Rocket steals it. Ash gets it back. The end. - RaccoonCartoon

In doraemon only onre thing that fat guy beats nobita he cries doraemon gives him a gadget and at the end he does something wrong and he cries and doraemon shows same episodes and they have improved the quality of animation but there is the same story only quality has Improved but in Pokemon there are always new episodes there are nearly more than 2000 episodes in doraemon there less than 200

Would you see Doraemon if Dekisugi was the main protagonist? Exactly.
Pokemon would also be improved by making more dramatic battles, or team rocket steal one of Ash's Pokemon and ash goes on a quest to find it, etc. - Animefan12

Pokemon is my best cartoon I am love them Pokémon is best cartoon

4 Watching Doraemon motivates kids to study.

This cam make the children more angrier

No it makes them to be lazy

No not really

Yes, it does motivate us. Kids feel the need to defeat Dekisugi, so they study. - Animefan12

5 In Pokemon, only the animation is improving whereas in Doraemon, both the animation and the episodes are improving.

Pokemon beats doraemon in the world 7 countries have banned doraemon whereas people enjoy pokemon wind the music band

The Bangladesh is horrible because it has banned Doraemon

Its not wind its with

It is wrong

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6 Doraemon specials are better than Pokemon chronicles

They really are! Doraemon specials are very heartwarming.

Really WRONG


Mhm. So true.

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7 Pokémon is better than Doraemon

This choice is TRUE pokemon=best

Pokemon is 100% better than Doraemon. It has more intereting plots.

8 More adults watch Doraemon than the no. of adults watching Pokemon

Doraemon is not a magic, he is scientific robotic gadget cat from the future or else US would name it Doraemon The Magic Cat From Future.

Yes this was the best reason in my family my father was 42 years but he watching doraemon - Doraemonwarrior

That is because most of the adults, when they were kids, would have wanted some magic to happen in their lives and Here, Doraemon is the magic. - Animefan12

Adults PLAY Pokemon, but if you're 13+ then you gotta admit the Pokemon anime is cringy. From the voice acting to the characters that exist for no reason. - RaccoonCartoon

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9 Doraemon has better movies than Pokemon

Who added this to list Pokemon has 18 movies and they are better!

Doraemon has 31 movies and they're longer and way better than Pokemon - Animefan12

Haaa boring movies that sf doreamon has the best is Pokemon movies they always help and nothing the same characters nobita doraemon fat guy that style guy and the girl

10 Doraemon has more quality episodes than Pokemon

Yes then just go and see Pokemon xy there are nearly 700pokemons 700 can anyone that many characters and doraemon only 10 very baaadddar a lot of Pokemon moves and doraemon has only50 boring gadgets

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11 We get some knowledge and good manners via doraemon
12 Doraemon is very kind

Doramon is not good pokemon is better then doraemon

Yes because doreamon has only same episodes in all animation but Pokemon not like that it has a different kinds of animation like indigo palto, orange islands, jhoto league, Kanoto, heoon, best wishes, xyz,sun and moon series like that. And also ash caught new Pokemons and he gives and he leaves some but not only him he also has some gym leaders trainers also joins with him like Brock - pewter city gym leader, misty -celurian city gym leader, Tracy a Pokemon master and Serena like that. In that he has a new friends for new animation. But doreamon not like that.

13 Doraemon has many running gags whereas Pokemon has only two.

Actually Pokemon has a lot of running gags by character. For example: Cilan's obsession with virtually everything, Clemont's inventions blowing up in his face, etc. - RiverClanRocks

14 Pokemon teaches everyone that "even if you lose a 100 times, never give up."
15 Doraemon teaches us to study

Doraemon Has better Stories that teaches us to study But pokemon teaches us to leave house and go in jungles.

16 Doraemon has normal episodes but Pokemon has interesting episodes
17 Doraemon Is Less Repetitive
18 Doraemon Has More Relatable Characters
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1. Doraemon has better movies than Pokemon
2. Doraemon Has More Relatable Characters
3. Doraemon has such a simple plot, yet it is so popular
1. Doraemon has such a simple plot, yet it is so popular
2. The idea of Pokemon was great, but they wasted it
3. Doraemon teaches kids morals and values.


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