Top 10 Reasons Why Family Guy is a Bad Show

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1 It's too liberal

The Simpsons is mixed Homer is republican, Marge is liberal.

I like South Park because its not biased for liberals or conservatives, but Family Guy is too biased for liberals.

I agree so much. It used to be funny, but now it's liberal propaganda nowadays.

2 They try too hard to be funny
3 Brian Griffin is the worst cartoon character ever

Better than Peter Griffin

I still like Brian if he stayed the same he would've got boring

Brian is so lame

4 Cutaway scenes are annoying

WHAT! A lot of their best stuff comes through cutaways. These people don't know real comedy.

Not really - jameshoward

They have a cutaway scene every 5 seconds. I remember watching an episode and they had a cutaway scene that lasted way too long.

5 When they tell a joke, they elaborate on it so much to where it is no longer funny
6 Their jokes are overused
7 The Griffins are heartless people


I don't find them funny or charming. I just hate them

Yep, this show is bad.

8 Peter Griffin is overly stupid

Peter Griffin is more like Dangerously stupid. - egnomac

9 The show was cancelled several times
10 They ruined Star Wars

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11 Too many cliches

YOU guys should all just go off it's a good show and it tries have you guys tried and created a sitcom that's nearly 20 years old? What no? The piss off a holes

12 The "humor" is sick, with recurring forays into incest and bestiality

That's what made the show very unwatchable for me.

13 They killed Brian

They brought him back - jameshoward

14 They add gore humor.
15 Chicken fights
16 Peter abuses his daughter

Peter ugly

17 Brian and Meg are the only good characters

That’s actually not a bad thing for Meg because she’s one of the more relatable characters in the show.

18 Quagmire Beating Up Brian

Brian needs to fight Quagmire back

Quagmire went from a funny, sleazy, silly pervert to a cynical, stubborn, selfish animal abuser. Like he doesn’t have to get super combative with Brian who is a dog. Even if Quagmire hates Brian for being a douche.

19 They make fun of stuff
20 They make fun of kids' stuff
21 They make fun of people with autism
22 It overstayed its welcome
23 They are running out of popular celebrities to make fun of.

They say stuff about celebrities that are not even known. I think Seth MacFarlane spends too much time scrolling down pages on Google with celebrities, trying to find a random one. I mean, WHO THE HECK IS CASEY ANTHONY?

24 Joe is too depressed
25 It's not republican.

So? - jameshoward

Sorry rednecks

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