Reasons Why Iggy Azalea and Meghan Trainor are Better Than Aidan Turner and James Norton


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1 Iggy and Meghan have good talent

Thank God Iggy's career is now officially OVER. All of her tours were canceled, and every song she released in 2017 failed to chart AT ALL in the USA. She was SO about 2014, which is long past. Goodbye and good riddance.

Iggy has zero talent for anything, and Meghan does some cute humorous videos, but is not HOF material.

I love Meghan's funny videos, she is like a female version of Weird Al Yankovich.

2 Iggy and Meghan have good singing

Depends on the barometer of good singing. It's not up there with ACDC or Queen but then very few things are.

3 Iggy and Meghan are teen idols
4 James and Aidan are British untalented morons

Why does it matter if they are British morons? Aidan isn't even British, he's Irish and how the hell are they untalented? British and Irish people are awesome and savage and Aidan and James are perfect examples of that

I wouldn't go saying that in Britain if I were you. Here they're completely idolised.

Untalented morons my ass!

You want to say that to all the Poldark and Grantchester fans in the UK?

5 James and Aidan are not thespians

Thespian is another word for actor, not that I expect an American kid to know that.

6 James and Aidan are overrated
7 Iggy and Meghan need to be actresses
8 Iggy and Meghan need to go to film school
9 Iggy and Meghan are perfect and beautiful

Nobody's perfect!

10 Iggy and Meghan care for their looks

Nobody won a war with looks.

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