Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than Gravity Falls

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1 Justin is hot, Dipper is not

Explain to us why Justin being "hot" ( he really isn't hot) has something to do with him being better than Dipper Pines. Oh yeah, because you love Justin so much that you hate everything else. Is that correct? Plus Justin Bieber is a singer and gravity falls is a show. - EpicJake

Justin is a REAL celebrity. Dipper is a FICTIONAL character from a cartoon. Know the difference. I thought the "Why Adventure Time is Better than Ebola" list was stupid, but after seeing this, I think this might top it. Seriously, are you a troll? You have to be, because there is no reason to be this stupid.

I've seen this person's list and profiles, and you VERY VERY serious help! Fans like you are one of the main reasons why Justin is the worst singer of ALL TIME! You and him with his fans should die in a fire. Amanda, NOBODY agrees with you on these god awful lists. EVERYTHING is better than a girly voiced bad pop singer. I literally go to school and use his music to torture other people to death, and it works perfectly. All you obviously care about are his looks, and while he spits at your face like all his other fans. He once almost killed a baby while driving high! God, Justin's fans make me sick. And YOU Amanda are completely proving my point.

What Dipper is a cartoon kid who the hell thought this list? This list is disgusting and offensive. Really. What the hell. You're comparing a Disney Channel cartoon to a fake singer. This list is a piece of thrash please remove it. I am not protecting anyone but this is so disgusting it hurts to read. That the hell. Since when is Bieber hot anyway?

2 Dipper can't sing

Who cares if he can't sing. Gravity Falls is not a show about singing. - cosmo

What the hell? The show has nothing to do with singing. So why are you just protecting Justin Bieber? - EpicJake

You do know Justin lips sings and he has a bad lip singer - Batmaniscole

Actually he can when he sang "Disco Girl" in the zombies episode

3 Mabel is annoying

Literally stop. I know I'm feeding the troll but the minute you touch my fandoms... JUST WHAT IS THIS LIST? I cant even put into words how much I love gravity falls and how much I cannot stand you right now! These things are not even comparable! One being good, the other not! Get some taste in shows, or get some taste in music! - keycha1n

Mabel pines is not annoying, she is trying to get people to talk to each other, she is a fun and active character also, everyone loves Mabel because of her act. Also, JustinBIEBERLOVER she is not the annoying one. Justin Bieber IS THE ANNOYING one so, you got it all wrong - Coolgirl1

Justin Bieber Is A Thousand Times More Annoying Than Mabel Will Ever Be, So I Have No Idea What You're Talking About.

You don't like anything except Justin beaver aka just a beaver - Batmaniscole

4 Mysteries are boring

Let me tell you story.

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago someone wanted to create a more efficient way to communicate with others. But how? That was the mystery. Then they came up the the fantastic idea to use computers to do it and thus the Internet was born. And many years later a young boy by the name of Justin Beiber became famous off of the Internet. Therefore without mysteries, Justin Beiber would've never been famous.

Mysteries are interesting. You idiot. - NoOreoForU

Mysteries? Boring? What. What. What. Bash anything yo want, but NOT GRAVITY FALLS. Fallers are vicious.

Only to you queen of bad taste.

5 Gravity Falls has too much romance drama

This is one of the dumbest lists I've ever read in entire life. And I'm not even a fan of the show. But I don't see how JB is any better. I can't even remember the other dumb lists besides this one that I've read except for the infamous "Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola". Although I've seen some REALLY BAD versions of the Best/Worst Disney Movies on IMDb. But I have to agree with every comment on this list. ALL the reasons on it are just the opposite of the common opinion and/truth. This and the Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time Is Better Than Ebola are two of the all-time WORST lists on this site, along with others like "Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Awful" and "Top Ten Reasons Why Fanboy and Chum Chum Is Better Than Sanjay and Craig". What's next? "Top 10 Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig Is Better Than The Fox and the Hound"? "Top 10 Reasons Why The Lion King Is Worse Than Breadwinners"? I've said it before and ...more

Derp. You are one of the stupidest cases of bubonic plague I have ever seen.

Gravity falls DOESN'T have enough romance drama.

Justin Beiber only writes songs about romance, who's got to much romance drama now?

Please! Your just trying to come up with some things to nag on about this show now! I've read the other ones you put on your list. It's like your TRYING to troll this show. Seriously, your finding the simplest things and being all like "See! Jb's so much better than this show! " When I read the stuff on this list it's like your scrapping up tiny things! Your just TRYING to find SOMETHING bad that you could really point out to other people that they would actaully be like she's right! No! Come back when you've actually watched the show for real instead of cracking jokes about how lame your friends/ family are if they bother to watch it.

Seriously, The only romance drama was with Dipper and Wendy and Mabel's Boyfriends (some of Which turned out to be weirdos). This list is worse than " Top Ten reasons why Justin Bieber is Better than The Beatles" (also by JBL)

6 The show is for babies

Number 11 says it's not a kid friendly cartoon. How can it be for babies,but not be a kid friendly cartoon?

I dare you JustinBieberLover, to watch an episode of the show. It is NOT for babies. - Minecraftcrazy530

Justin has a song called baby and The show is not for babies - Batmaniscole

"For babies". So you mean this show is for babies, huh? Well, have you ever seen a baby show that has horrifying paranormal creatures in it. There's one episode (Northwest Mansion Mystery) that has a scene where the animal heads are leaking BLOOD!

Let's not forget about BILL CIPHER, in one scene in the episodes of the show, Bill meets Dipper again in his dream and then gives him a disembodied head to him as a "prize".

"I've got the kids! I think I'm gonna KILL one of them just for the HECK of it." This is a line spoken by Bill Cipher in the series finale when he captured Dipper and Mabel.

Also, try watching "Disturbing Scenes in Gravity Falls" on YouTube.

Justin Bieber sang a song called "Baby".

Get you're facts straight. The cartoon gets darker and darker every episode.

7 Gravity Falls is over, but Justin is still making songs

Does that even matter? Justin's songs are disgustingly horrifying! Gravity Falls is god compared to Justin.

If your talking about his early albums yes. His 4th album "Purpose" and 2015-present singles are actually somewhat good but still, Gravity Falls is god compared to that. - Kid_ethinederland

It's true. Also, I hate Gravity Falls, one reason is that the theme song sucks, and another is that my brother is absolutely obsessed with this boring show. Yes, the creators of girlfriend did the right thing.

8 More people like Justin

Actually, Beliebers are becoming an endangered species. But I like Gravity Falls because it's Disney. Is Justin Bieber even IN anything Disney? I hope not. Disney is too good for him. Beware, Justin Bieber enthusiast who created this list. Pretty much everyone on TheTopTens is in on hating Justin Bieber. It is what brings us all together. - RockFashionista

Actually more people hate Justin Bieber. I've never met someone in real life who likes him. - cosmo

Your Actually The First Person I Ever Met Who Actually Likes Him, And That's Pretty Impressive, Because He Is Possibly The Most Hated Character Of All-Time Next To Princess Peach From Super Mario Bros.

Look at the top ten WORST people and WORST singers lists and you'll find Justin at number 1! Look at the top ten BEST cartoons and you'll find Gravity Falls at 9!

9 Gravity Falls is not kid friendly cartoon

So... It's for babies, but it's not kid friendly?

Justin is not a kid friendly celebrity.

Come on, we all know the creator of this list didn't write that, someone else did. Whoever put this at 11 wanted to say that the reason "gravity falls is for babies is wrong."

Justin is NOBODY friendly.

10 Bieber is trash

Gravity Falls is better than that TRASHY-BIEBER! - LIGHTIFIC_05

Heck yeah bieber is Worse than Fortnite - Shizuwolf34

This is a dumb comparison list, this spot is #13 but it should be #1. - BlueBobYT

Okay well maybe is but gravity falls still sucks - myusernameisthis

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11 The characters are horrible but Justin is smart, caring, and funny

Justin got arrested like 5 or 10 times - Batmaniscole

Okay, first off, Justin is an idiot who got arrested like more than five times. he's not funny. at all. I hope to god this list is a joke.

Justin has been to prison more than twice, and bailed on one of his performances because he got annoyed at his fans. And if he were actually caring, he would actually deliver good music sang by himself

Whoever put this on the list needs a reality check. The characters are awesome while Justin curses at people, does drugs, and lees in buckets.

12 Soos is fat

Just because he's fat doesn't mean he's bad. - nintendofan126

Calling Soos fat is just wrong. I'm just saying. - Minecraftcrazy530

So... What your saying is that the story plot, the other characters, the mystery and ALL the comedy in this AMAZING show is destroyed because of some guys diet?! (I have a fanfiction about this called ask or dare pacifica. Reached 10k readers. Stop trolling other things like that. Listen, I personally really LIKE Justin Bieber A LOT. But just by the making this list makes me dislike him a little. Just because your taking a guy I like and bashing my favorite thing in the world.)

Fat? Define fat to me. I would tell you why I like Soos and you would say that he is fat? Sorry but that wouldn't stop me from liking him. - EpicJake

13 Gravity Falls is disgusting

Well I recently watched the "Sorry" music video. Yeah gravity falls is not disgusting. - DCfnaf

Chewing with a mouth open? Woow! That's your reason! You wanna a know something disgusting, how Justin dresses!

Yeah and spitting on your fans isn't? - TheAlbinoWolf

Justin peed on a MOP BUCKET! - Neonco31

14 Stan Has Gone to Jail 5 Times. But Justin Has Only Gone to Jail 4 times

Stan has committed crimes in pursuit of gaining money, since he had no other options after being kicked to the curb by his own family and living on the streets. Justin, on the other hand, had millions of dollars and commits crimes out of sheer stupidity.

Justin Bieber went to jail 10 times you idiot - NoOreoForU

Stan went to jail because he was stealing stuff since he had no money because he was homeless. Justin Bieber went to jail because he's a drunk idiot.

This is stupid. Stan is fake, Justin is not

15 There are no aliens in gravity falls.

Actually, there IS. Episodes like "Into the Bunker" and the short "Lefty" has aliens in it.

How is this even relevant to this list? Are you saying that Justin is an alien? If so, it'd be nice if he were to go back to his home planet soon full of dumbasses.

The shape shiftier from the episode into the bunker is an alien. I have theory for it.

Into The Bunker? Have you watched that episode? - Datguyisweird666

16 Ford is creepy


So true

17 Gravity Falls ripped off Stranger Things

That bs. The first season of Stranger Things came out in 2016, the first season of Gravity Falls came out in 2012. Do your research, would ya. - PandaMan

18 Justin Bieber has a bigger fandom than Gravity Falls.

He did, before Gravity Falls really took off. Now Beliebers are almost extinct (I don't anyone who remotely likes him) and even though gravity falls is over, it still has a huge fandom, like Invader Zim or Ed Edd n Eddy. - TheAlbinoWolf

LIES. Girls loved him and everyone else panned him in 2008-2012. He's music got better as Gravity Falls was airing its final set of episodes. - Kid_ethinederland

What?! No he doesn't!

Be gone Beliebers! Gravitians rule over you! - Neonco31

19 Justin Bieber came first

Hitler came before JB, so by your definition, Hitler is better than him. - TheArrowPerson

20 More people like Bieber
21 Justin Bieber isn't boring
22 Justin Bieber's smart
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