Reasons Why Kids Should Not Bully in School

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1 People should learn to respect other people not bully them

It was Autism Awareness Day at my school and one of my friends has autism like me. My friend has an obsession with Russia and then one time some students were bullying him. They said "Kill the Russians" and they also called him a communist, just because he likes Russia. Then he had a meltdown after they said that. I can't believe why people have to be so mean to a child with special needs. Autism Awareness Day is about being kind and not bullying people with autism or anyone in general and learning that they are also human. They should also treat others the way they want to be treated.

This is a great list

You are right bullying people does not rezpect people

Half the time the victim deserves it. Another 10% is overreaction to criticism.

So you think kids should get beat up physically and emotionally, remind me not to be your friend.

2 Think about what would people become as adults if they bully you

It will be like back to the future! With Mr Flie's Bully (sorry I don't know his name)

3 Bullying another person means that that person who is a bully is jealous

Not necessarily, but most people bully others to make themselves feel better.

That's not necessarily true. But I'm still against bullying. - Cesium

4 Maybe people they bully will be successful in their future

This reminds of a YouTube video I saw, where this guy got a text from his middle school bully. I expected the bully to say sorry, but he didn't. He just wanted money. I OFFICIALLY LOST ALL OF MY FAITH IN HUMANITY!

This is true if someone gets bullied it could make the person getting bullied try even harder at whatever to not get bullied anymore (still against)

Loads of celebrities have been bullied.

Harambe got bullied, look at him NOW! - Puga

5 It hurts other people's feelings

This entire list is true!


6 Being a bully means being a person who is against humanity

What? By that logic, you're not allowed to hate anyone. Including bullies. - IronSabbathPriest

7 They need to learn
8 Bullies underestimate peoples

Also bullies abuse their power.


9 It could cause suicide

I'm seventh grade and I go to a private Catholic school and last year I got bullied by all the girls and 1 boy in class. They asked me personal questions like are you a virgin and I wanted to kill myself. It was first year at that school last year and my mom said that the school was like a family. Yeah right (sarcasm)

Bullies got the idea to murder victims like that wich is awful

Which is sad and scary.

it may

10 Being a bully means that you are a coward

This can also mean that a bully is NOT TOUGH at all!

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11 It causes school shootings
12 It could cause death if too hard

Many people are attempting suicide these days we can’t just sit around and do nothing about it

13 Bullying doesn't solve anything

If bullies were going to bully others (or if they're about to), then they should get help from a counselor, maybe that will work. Because:

1. Bullying doesn't solve anything, which is obvious.
2. Bullies could control their anger and might not bully others at all.

Maybe the bullies should give give counseling a go and get asked why are they bully others.

14 It’s a bad thing to do
15 It makes more bullies.
16 Turn innocent people to think of suicide

It's the bully's fault if anything happens to a victim. They (the bullies) should learn their lesson one day!

That is sad and scary at the same time. Bullies shouldn't do that to anyone at all.

17 It has been a part of the world now

Yes, that's true. But is it also one of the biggest problems in the world.

18 Some bullies kill people

It may kill people so don't be a bully or do not hurt anyone!


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