Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Kart 8 is Outdated

After 3 years Past 2013 to 2017 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out for Nintendo Switch.....there's STILL a few People that STILL Play it?.....What?

The Top Ten

1 Because They Have Fake Battle Arenas

Okay, Just what the Hell is gotten into their Minds!? Who would want this!?!? Why do these Exist!?!?!? WHY!? - ToadF1

Battles on tracks is such a bad idea and evidence they were lazy - Masterofal

2 The Fact that There's Only Balloon Battle

I loved coin runners! So did many people! Why didn't they put this on MK8?!?! - NintendoMaster853

There was a Failed change for there to be Modes like Shine Thief, Coin Runners etc.
There's only Balloon Battle...How Lazy - ToadF1

3 The Balloon Battle System /mechanics are Dumb

Why did they Make the Balloon system like in Mario Kart 64's? At least we Have a Time Limit. - ToadF1

4 The Fact the Item Distribution System is Based on Distance

You Get some Terrible items that are Worthless and won't help you, so if it's Lap 3 and you're 2nd or lower, that's too bad - ToadF1

5 Due to How There's Only One Item to Hold

This is Just Disappointing, in the games after Super Mario Kart, You could hold TWO, what about this Game? No, You Can't...Terrible - ToadF1

6 The Bad Online Play

It's here, Because I just can't stand it - ToadF1

7 When Some Items Aren't Good Enough

The Piranha Plant Doesn't drag you that much while Chomping, The Star Doesn't make you go that Fast Anymore, Mushrooms are Just so Godamn Useless and Who the Hell though of The Crazy 8!? - ToadF1

8 The Weak Roster

Down with Wendy

Down with Rosalina!

Baby Rosalina? Pink Gold Peach?
What kind of Characters are those? Go to #10 for the Rest of the "New" Characters - ToadF1

9 Because Firehopping is Useless

I tried and it was not Useful at all.. - ToadF1

10 Due to Ridiculous DLC

Why the hell did we get MERCEDES-BENZ CARS in the game?
SNES Rainbow Road is back...AGAIN!?!?
Yoshi Circuit and Baby Park are back...AGAIN!?!?
The "New" Characters were Trash (Well, Some of them)...They Give us Cat Peach? What the Hell? And why bring back TanookI Mario and Dry Bowser!?!?!? - ToadF1

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1. Because They Have Fake Battle Arenas
2. The Fact that There's Only Balloon Battle
3. The Balloon Battle System /mechanics are Dumb



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