Top Ten Reasons Why Mario and Luigi Are Both Equally Good

The Top Ten

They are both iconic

They are probably both of Nintendos most iconic characters. - nintendofan126

You could say they are...I C O N I C - MasterBeef

They both star in great games

They star in some of the best Mario games. - nintendofan126

Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario 64 come to mind. - MasterBeef

They are a great team on the Mario & Luigi series

The relationship between the two is so cool and really makes you believe that they care for one another. - MasterBeef

For those of you who think Mario is a bully to Luigi, refer to their close relationship in this series. - Garythesnail

They make an amazing team in the Mario & Luigi series.

When they team up. They can defeat anyboss they come across. - nintendofan126

They deserve to be treated equally

Yeah! They both bring equal purpose to the series. To save the princess. Of course they're "overrated". They're the man characters.

I hate it when people treat one of them better than one another. Just treat them the same! - nintendofan126

Don't be a racist. - MasterBeef

I like mario and my yunger brother loves luigiu

They are both great characters

They are two of my favorite characters in the series. - nintendofan126

Some of gaming's best. - MasterBeef

They have both saved each other before

It shows that neither is useless or better than the other. - MasterBeef

Mario saved luigi in Super Mario Galaxy. And Luigi saved Mario in Luigis mansion. - nintendofan126

They have. this is a true thing.

They have mustaches

Sexy ones too. - MasterBeef

Mario has F.L.U.D.D in Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi has the PolterGust 3000 in Luigi's mansion

So they both have something to wear on their backs - nintendofan126

Both are E. Gadd associates. - MasterBeef

They are the most iconic brothers in video game history

Literally no other brothers are as memorable...except maybe Wario and Waluigi. - MasterBeef

As great as Hiro & Tadashi Hamada, which they can reasonably rival.

They can both lift a castle in Super Mario World

Darn! How strong are they? - nintendofan126

BUFF BOIS! - MasterBeef

The Contenders

They're both fat

Luigi is not

They have both saved the princess
They balance each other out

Mario is the caring and brave one. Luigi is the sweet and shy one. They work perfectly together because they balance each other out.

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