Top Ten Reasons Why Mario and Sonic at the Hunger Games is Going to Be Better Than Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

The Top Ten

1 It will be just like Smash Bros.

Albeit with a little survival too.

2 It will be Mario and sonic killing each other

It will be rated m!

3 It will be easier
4 It will be cooler
5 It will be more fun
6 It will have its own Smash Run mode
7 Luigi's Main Rival Would Be Amy Rose


8 If It Took Place In Greater Vancouver

Hunger Games takes place in a giant stadium near the Capitol (DC in this point in time)

9 Because Then Mario & Sonic Would Have Other Themes
10 Because Then Sonic Is Taller & Thinner Than Mario


The Contenders

11 Because the Hunger Games Has Always Been Better Than the Modern Olympics
12 Peach vs Amy

I'd want to see Amy kick peach's butt for being captured too much.

Yes, Amy will be in her Amy Rose (2020 Version) character design in Sonic & Amy: How About a Date (I see the potential/future) by Teenage-Bratwurst.

13 It'll be more dramatic.

Mutts, fog, fire, fights to the death, desperation, new relationships, all things that THG has! Lights, camera. Action! (And maybe 4 movie adaptations and 3 book adaptations off of the game)

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