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41 Nintendo Consoles Are Less Flawed and More Durable

Nintendo consoles, on average, last about 5-7 years of daily use before they break, which is usually long enough to last until the next console is released.
Xbox and PlayStation consoles, however, on average, only last about 4-5 years. On top of that, there are some major flaws in their designs. For example, if an Xbox 360 is picked up or moved while reading a disc, the console will grind the disc and make deep scratches in its surface, making the disc unreadable. Both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles have a ring of death of some sort.

A wii will last for about 6-7 years before it needs it's laser cleaned, a ps3 or ps2 will last 4-6 years before it overheats enough to kill it, and the Xbox 360 will die the day after the warranty expires - Harri666

Even when the console does break, the next one comes out and there's backwards compatibility.

My GameCube is over a decade old and still works

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42 Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker Live & Reloaded on Xbox is much better.

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43 Nintendo Is Child Friendly

Nintendo makes children innovative and creative with their Puzzle games. PlayStation and Xbox makes children crazy and stubborn with their violence games. Nintendo makes children interact and socialize with others. Xbox and PlayStation makes children go mad with others.

HA! You never see a m rated game in Nintendo because they don't want children to go crazy!

M rated to me means Makes you stupid, T means totally choose Smash Bros Melee and Brawl as the best Teen Game, and E means Every Nintendo franchise is better than Call of Duty.

Bayo 2 fe and eternal darkness are all t-m - ikerevievs

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44 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS

Super Smash Bros. isn't super violent (although it is a fighting game) and you don't kill humans (unlike Call of Duty). Super Smash Bros. is a totally animated fighting game which makes it ideal for any gaming audience.

If you compare Super Smash Bros. with any other fighting game from PlayStation and Xbox, you will find that none of them can beat the Super Smash Bros.

Sure there's amazing graphics, but the gameplay is what really matters.

Brawl was better, it had story mode, and tons more to do.

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45 Nintendo Has Great Exclusives

Earthbound, Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Pikmin, Zelda. There will be no stopping in the list for exclusives in Nintendo.

It's not a fact. Nintendo has WAY more exclusives than MIcrapsoft and that's a fact, get over it Xbox fanboy

Really, Xbox fanboy? All Microsoft makes is FPS, racing, and sports.

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46 Nintendo Invented Shooters

Nintendo made Duck Hunt, and Metroid. Shooting games were fun back when Nintendo first invented them, until Activision & other video game companies ruined them with Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo.

Metroid is a safe shooter where it was awesome then Microsoft ruined it with Call of Duty

Call of Duty was created by Activation. Microsoft still ruined it by being bedfellows with Activation making this game. Metroid is WAY better than Call of Duty!

47 Without them, there would never be any PlayStation

Thanks for (sort of) making the PlayStation, Nintendo.

48 Wii can Transfer to Wii U while Playstation and Xbox couldn't
49 The Kirby Series
50 Amiibo

I have a Link amiibo and a Mario amiibo because I like Mario and The Legend Of Zelda.

Too bad they don't make enough for everyone.

This is enough to make PS and Xbox to be crushed down by Nintendo.

51 Free DLCs

In Mario kart 8 there is a free dlc for Mercedes Benz karts and wheels. If it was up to Microsoft it would have been like 5 dollars or just money

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53 Skyward Sword has better gameplay than any Sony/MS game.

Pretty funny to hear this, but its true.

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54 The Community

Yeah, you are right and this is a very good point. They provide Miiverse too.

Nintendo people are just nice! It doesn't matter who they are, two Zelda or Pokémon fans can always get along. Just a happy lot. And also, StreetPass is great for meeting others.

55 They Are More Creative
56 Fewer Hardware Issues

Ps3 dies for no reason and red ring of death Nintendo has none of these issues at all

Fat ps3 has problems with the blu ray disc and the yellow light, and the Xbox 360 is just, crappy and low quality, - Harri666

When you play for a long time, the Xbox 360 will be overheated and it will surely cause damage.

I'm looking at you, Xbox 360.

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57 Nintendo Makes Best Software to Sell More Hardware

Nintendo says: "Software sells Hardware" and they have the reason. Istead of Sony and Microsoft that they only focus on graphics, Nintendo makes the best and innovating Software to sell more Hardware.

58 Nintendo Makes Sure Their Consoles Work

This guy on YouTube bought his first Xbox one. The a button didn't work (the controller costed billions to research) and got it replaced and the new one got turned on and turned off instantly

I don't know about Sony, but Microsoft products have a tendency to not work right when purchased (that is including pc and Xbox). Nintendo products are built to last and just about every Nintendo product works properly on the first day with the rare exception (my DS doesn't have internet access, but it doesn't interfere with gameplay).

Can you play the Nintendo 3DS with the 3D effect on without glasses? YES! It's so amazing!

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59 Nintendo Has Seniority

No 120 years because games are like video games. They want the player to play.

Nintendo was founded way back in 1889 as a fairly successful playing card company in Japan. They did not begin actually making video games until the 1980s, however. That still leaves Nintendo twenty years older and twenty years more experienced than PlayStation and Xbox (PlayStation began in the late 1990s, Xbox began in the early 2000s).

60 Nintendo almost never jumps in on a bandwagon.

Nintendo doesn't do things that other companies are doing just because their idea sold well. Nintendo innovates and tries to make their own successful ideas.

Nintendo tries to make each of their series original. Sony and Microsoft just do what they know people will eat up. Nintendo has made platformers, racing, RPGs, sports, shooters and puzzle games, just to name a few.

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