Top 10 Reasons Why Rosalina Is Better Than Peach

I do like Mario, but I'm not much of a fan of him, Rosalina, Daisy, and Waluigi are my favorite characters, so here's a list about how Rosalina is better than Peach.
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1 Blue is better than Pink

This list is either opinionated (like this reason) or just stating what Peach has and has done vs what Rosalina has/hasn't/has/hasn't done. You literally mentioned one of Peach's main purposes, and a lot of your reasons are about the fanbase. It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't mentioned twice.

I do like Blue. But anyways, to be honest, why do you guys care about favorite colors. Some males like pink well...
not much. I do like all the 3 main Princesses (Peach, Daisy, Rosalina) but... I like all colors. But still, why do you guys care so much about your favorite color?

I agree. But also, teal is my favourite colour and Rosalina's dress is more of a teal than blue, so yeah.
And I hate pink.

Blue is better because pink is too girly and blue is nice, pretty and calm. Rosalina is pretty in blue.

2 Rosalina doesn't have a bossy attitude

Peach isn't bossy either. Give me one scene where she was! However, Rosalina's personality is much more deep, andis explored more, and has much more depth!

I think your right about the no bossy aditude thing. I like peach too, but I love rosalina. She is so pretty and is never bossy!

Right, Peach's attitude is bossy...…
Also Rosalina's personality would be even worse if she was bossy combined with her "whew! " in spinoffs.

Rosalins and Princess Peach are both kind/mellow in their own ways.

3 Rosalina's voice isn't annoying

And Rosalina's voice could change tomorrow to sound like a nasty old woman while Peach's could change to sound like a beautiful young lady. Their voices aren't who they are since they could change anytime seriously you can mute your T.V. and imagine voices for them and it be as legit

This definitely should be #1. Peach has that stupid high pitched voice. Also in Super Mario Galaxy, Peach yells Mario! Which is so annoying! Rosalina has a better voice. The best voice out of the 3 princesses.

No offense to Sam Kelly (Peach's voice actress), but Peach's voice is crap. However, why is Rosalina's voice so echo-y? Also, what's with her switching between voice actors in less than five years (Mercedez Rose, Kerri Kane, Laura Faye Smith (my favorite))?

I think Rosalina's voice is the prettiest. It's so soft and it feels like she actually is a space princess. I know she is one. Rosalina is my favorite Mario character.

4 Rosalina doesn't get kidnapped

In Super Mario Galaxy, Peach stands on her balcony like an idiot watching Bowser's fleet decimate the kingdom, no contingency plan for the inevitable kidnapping she's been put through EVERY TIME Bowser shows up after all these years, no adequate military defense despite having personally seen Bowser's capabilities repeatedly. Rosalina shows up and enlists Mario's assistance after empowering him with new abilities, offering him useful intelligence and commanding a technologically superior empire that, once brought fully online, could stop Bowser's ass. Peach puts the "pit" in pitiful.

This is the first mario princess to not ever be kidnapped because daisy was kidnapped In Super Mario Land and peach is kidnapped in like every game.

Rosalina doesn't get captured, yes, but Peach's purpose is so you rescue her, and she almost never helps Mario with anything.

Oh yea that's fair. I really hate how you guys act like Peach likes to get kidnapped or is doing it to herself. No wonder this world is f'ed up.

5 She actually had purpose

She had purpose? Well, in Super Mario Galaxy 1 she did, with giving Mario his spin attack.
Princess Peach has way more games she had purpose in though.
She can heal you in the RPG, and she also saves Mario in her own game (that people think is awful all because it had Peach's name on it), Super Princess Peach. And would she even be a staple at all if she has no purpose.

Yes! People are so ignorant to the fact that Rosalina actually was useful. She gave you the spin attack in Super Mario Galaxy, sacrificed the adorable Lumas she grew up with and helped just to save the universe, watches OVER the universe, and even gives you her special Luma to aid you on your quest to save Peach.

Rosalina helped better then Peach ever did! So Peach healed Mario in RPG, so what? That was only ONE time! Remember when Rosalina Gave you the spin attack and your very own Luma? And what about when she sacrificed her lumas and watched over you as you tried resucing Peach? That's what I thought -.-

But Peach is useful too. She's the main series gal and is the reason why we have Mario games. Plus, without Peach in RPG or Rabbids Kingdom Battle, we wouldn't have the ability to heal.

6 Rosalina is much more beautiful

I strongly agree with that reason. I wish Rosalina appeared in more games than her aggressive daughter who is Princess Peach.

1. Since when did that matter?
2. The only difference between the two is that they wear different colour dresses and Rosalina hat a bang

I know she has a look that I prefer instead of peach who looks like a little kid

Agreed. You really shouldn't judge a character by their looks, but Rosalina against Peach is a no-brainer.

7 Rosalina doesn't have that girly background

She saved the Lumas, built a home / starship to live in, and helped Mario by finding peach. Surely Peach or Daisy couldn’t have done that. I personally think is mature not girly.

Seriously?! She's way more feminine then Peach in my opinion.

So? Girly isn't bad. Plus, Rosalina is kinda girly too.

She's a mix of a tomboy and a girly girl

8 Rosalina isn't in love with a plumber

I actually think Rosalina could be a better love interest for Luigi. Rosalina and Luigi are calm. Rosalina x Luigi are my OTP

Wow. There is really no official love interest for Rosalina. I like pairing her up with Ludwig, but that's probably because they're some of my favorite characters, and he is actually much more mature, calm, and classy that Waluigi, Bowser, or Luigi. Definitely more Rosie's tastes. Also, why do people have her with either of the former three? Waluigi and Luigi have crushes on Daisy! Nintendo confirmed that! Also, everyone knows Bowser wants to kidnap Peach to marry her!

She isn't dating Waluigi stop with the bull guys stop there's nothing on them ANYWHERE of them ever dating fan work doesn't count morons!

/deep breath

With that out the way, wow you people are shallow. Who cares who Peach loves? And there's no proof last time in TTYD Peach referred Mario as just a friend.

Well, Actually, I can't say it's true. Although I can't say Nintendo came out and said it, there are many theory's that Luigi is actually with Rosalina. (TheGameTheorist) Nintendo never ever said Luigi has a crush on Daisy. People just say that, because they think it makes sense.

9 She's powerful

Why do people keep relying on one source of evidence for Rosalina's power (Super Smash Bros.)?
At least Peach has more sources for her power, Like Super Mario 3D World.
And what does the Tier list of Smash Bros. have to do with anything?
People like Kirby more than others, even when he was bottom Tier in Melee.
And Rosalina is a fairly new character, only appearing in the most recent game (will be in Ultimate), and what's this talk about her "Triple Jump"? I Assume it's from Super Mario Run (The Mobile game), Or the slight boost you get from attacking in Super Mario 3D World, Even thought she can't jump twice in that game.

Oh, and remember how Peach keeping her Toads with her and taking strikes for her was a bad thing?
That TOTALLY doesn't apply for Rosalina, even though she always keeps an available Luma with her.
Before you tell me, the Lumas "Swearing their allegiance" doesn't cut it. At least when Toad gets hit he spits out poison gas, but Luma is just a ...more

*Uses only her wand, her lumas and galaxies/halos to fight.
*Keeps her lumas on the field all the time.
*Uses her umbrella, frying pan/tennis racket/golf club, turnips, toads (not a necessity to keep on the field for Peach), mood swings (joy for controlling wind; rage for becoming invincible and heavy; sad for moving large things like boulders and makes her faster; calm for HP regen), sheep (to make her opponents fall asleep and open to attacks), heart magic and empress Peach (her mega strike) for attacks.
*Doesn't need to keep her Toads on the field constantly.
*A possibility that Rosalina can't control lumas or any magic without her wand and gain a huge advantage by taking it (not using it).

Why Rosalina is stronger than Peach

Her luma is like a shield and be launched far than Peach's Vegetables. Her triple jump is WAY too strong and makes you reach the highest places

She's strong than Peach.
She's higher than Peach on the SSB4 Tier List.
She's the new Ice Climbers.

10 I never seen Rosalina cry

When was Rosalina kidnapped or in an awful situation?

Oh yea she has cried. She cried when she missed her mom. Though it was as legit when Peach cries.

Actually, Rosalina cried once. In her story where her mom died and turned into a tree. You know what she did, her story is rememberable

I'm not the biggest Mario fan, or own much Mario games but In all the games I own, I did not see her cry at all.

But, I've see Peach cry a bunch of times, even on that Japanese Mario commercial on YouTube

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11 Much more useful

Mario would be in Bowser's Castle if Peach didn't help him. Also, where do you see Rosalina most of the time in the Mario titles? In the corner doing nothing.

Did you forget that Rosalina helped stop that giant black whole by sacrificing her own lumas?
And doesn't she explain to Mario how the universe works?

12 Her voice

! So less annoying then Peach.
Ugh, I used to like Peach a lot until I heard her new voice...

13 Her Home

Come on, Space! Rosalina lives in one of the coolest places. They even have two games based off of it. And even if they were milked a bit, it was quite a good game, and people still make videos of it till this day! Peach lives in a stuck up castle and is kind of a pushy person. Daisy... I don't even know. Rosalina is really sweet, and has stars for friends. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Another true point. I may actually see 3DS Rainbow Road from her place.

14 Her smile

Princess Peach is not all smiles & politeness nless you are counting fake smiles (& rudeness).

Rosalina is very sweet & tomboyish. She is even better than Meta Knight (who has always been my favorite gaming character besides Master Chief) & she deserves to appear in more games than Princess Peach & be the main girl of the Mario franchise.

I love her smile the moment I saw her smile I was like "Deja who's that? She looks pretty" And Deja was like "that's rosalina you like her" and then that's how I started to love rosalina

I love it when she smiles in Mario Kart 8 when I play her

Rosalina is not that happy, but she is a strong, brave person.

15 She looks very intelligent & like a true master in every appearance

More reason why she could be with Ludwig, the smartest Nintendo character!

So far your only valid point.

16 Peach is way too overrated

Is ign even 10% of Mario fans?

Here, YouTube, most chat forums, tumblr, etc... Alol she gets is bashing, and for untrue/dumb reasons with that. That does not sound 'overrated' to me.

Peach is actually over hated, everyone else is either not overrated or too overrated

She's definitely overrated. Not in a bad way, I still like Peach, but the fan base is crazy.

Peach is actually over hated, with Rosalina and Daisy being more overrated.

17 Rosalina doesn't need a man

Yes and rosalina is my favorite character and daisy but peach is not stupid! I love her too! Favorite Character Is Rosalina Daisy Peach

Come on, anybody would agree. A man wouldn't be helpful or useful for her or her luma's. And yes, you might be thinking, what about the mario bros? Okay, okay, the mario bros aren't USELESS for her but, I feel that she is much more stronger and braver independently, with her luma's, nobody can forget lumas as well.

18 She's tough

Wow reading a storybook is pretty tough. (sarcasm)

How is using her lumas as weapons while she sits back tough?

Peach uses her Toads as shields

She has POWERS and come on! peach does NOTHING! I mean 1.Her weapon is MARIO. give some REPECT! 2. she is dumb. just sitting there all darn day waiting for browser to come and kidnap her. rosalina wouldn't let that happen. AGREED?

19 She has such a beautiful, monotone voice.

Even though this was talked about, Rosalina's attitude is strong. She's calm, even when she's excited. And, as stated in the Super Mario Wiki said she enjoys activities like other characters, but in a humble manner. Peach sometimes isn't calm. And about Peach crying, Super Princess Peach is an example.

20 Much more creative
21 She's tall

Um... So why do we care about heights again? Rosalina is the tallest in SSB4 but why do you guys care if someone is taller. I'm being honest

The most invalid reason on this list. Why does that matter?

Rosalina can reach high places but peach can't.

She might bang her head

22 She's even sexier than Rouge

Rouge isn't even sexy.
1. She's a bat tramp
2. All she is is a dumb selfish

I like both of them

23 Rosalina can play the drums

Give me one example of Rosalina playing the drums.

I never saw her play the drums

That does not mean anything

, what?

24 She's really adorable

She is so cute and stylish in games.Peach, not really even though I like both of them I mostly love Rosalina more and her luma is cute.

Rosalina and Daisy are adorable! Daisy is sassy and spunky which I love!

What the fudge they are both stupid, unlike daisy, she is the best.

Both are cute, but Rosalina takes the cake!

25 Her design is unique.
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