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21 Family Guy sucks at being heartfelt

So true, I almost have tears when Simpsons does emotional, no tears family guy

Life of Brian was the closest family guy got, they still managed to screw it up.

I go into tears when people die it's SO emotional

Uhh no... that's simpsons your talking about now

22 Eat my shorts!

No, family guy doesn't make new jokes. It doesn't even make jokes at all - just offensive garbage.

Like on Boaz the Simpson's. - HomertheSimpson

Whats fun about him saying the same joke for 30 years... Family guy can even make new jokes

23 Treehouse of Horror

SHUT UP the simpsons treehouse of horror is so awesome

Still have nightmares...

Treehouse of horror xx Please watch and subscribe to my videos sausagelover99

I LOVE how it makes fun of horror movies the guy who said it isn't awesome is a bitch

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24 Homer chokes Bart

When Homer chokes Bart, it's disciplining but a little to far. Peter just farts in Meg's face just for fun.

So what's fun about dad trying to kill his own son?..

What did you just?! Bart:ghghghgghblarghgh

Homer's always like "AW YOU LITTLE-dhdjdhdhdjdhdhdhdjdj" hehe

25 Family Guy makes fun of well liked people

Family Guy is constantly lying about famous people. The Simpsons have said FACTS about celebrities.

So? South Park does that too. It's just satire (which Family Guy doesn't do well).

The SIMPSONS are annoying celebrities but at least they are annoying Donald trump! Yay!

So u say u like

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26 There is a Simpsons ride at Universal Studios Orlando

Does family guy have their own ride? No, they don't because everyone knows that Simpsons is the BEST!

I want to ride it

And it's on a couch

Really? Aw cool!

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27 Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum

An instant classic characters who along with homer and bart beats all family guy characters

Is that the fatty who eats chocolate? Yeah he beats everybody in family guy along with homer Bart and the little Simpson baby in this blue blanket

Most of the characters on the Simpsons are funny except Patty and Selma and Ned Flanders.

Ned Flanders is funny

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28 The Simpsons appeals to a wider audience than Family Guy

Family Guy is designed to appeal to frat boys and immature teens. The Simpsons can appeal to a wide range of groups. A ten-year-old and a seventy-year-old alike could watch an episode of The Simpsons and find different things about the episode that appeal to them.

Family Guy is designed to appeal to frat boys and immature teens. The Simpsons can appeal to a wide range of groups. A ten y

29 Seth made Stewie gay

I only voted so that I could comment. This is rather homophobic, wouldn't you say? What's wrong with having a gay character?

What's wrong with being gay.

I liked Stewie when he was a mad genius and I have no problem against gay people but they abandoned the baby genius thing! And all his story lines involve Brian now! Give him his own thing. # stay dead brian

U bastard!

30 The Simpsons are more famous

Because a lot of kids are watching it.. Family guy isn't based for little kids...

The Simpsons get a 100%. Family Guy 12%

The Greatest Show In The World; this title belongs to The Simpsons, not
Family guy.

Because they put Donald trump in there -.-

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31 More suited to an adult audience

Even though the age rating for Family Guy is higher, the cheap jokes and gags in Family Guy are childish and can be understood by most. The jokes in The Simpsons are often very subtle and cleverly hidden.

God, I HATE it when people say that! Just because family guy is more vulgar doesn't mean it's better for adults. The simpsons is far more grown up that family guy.

You really learn SOME stuff from Lisa

And Simpsons is for ALL ages

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32 It doesn't show violent or gross humor

In The Simpsons, Itchy and Scratchy is kind violent (even when Scratchy kills Itchy), although it doesn't go too far, it's unrealistic. Family Guy is WAY to over the top. It encourages killing endangered (even critically) animals, shows gore, sex, and plain disgusting stuff.

Some of the Halloween episodes are kind of violent.

Oh scratchy and itchyyy!

33 The Simpsons doesn't make fun of black people

And they don't make fun of disabled people

Racism is one of the only humor they have. - nintendofan126

I'm black and proud. Seth made the Cleveland Show to get people to stop saying Family Guy is racist. but it still is.

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34 Family Guy is too mean spirited

There are comedy shows that are way more funnier than that Family Guy trash.

35 Stewie's an alcoholic V 1 Comment
36 Lisa Simpson Lisa Simpson Lisa Marie Simpson is a fictional character in the animated television series The Simpsons. She is the middle child and most intelligent of the Simpson family.

Lisa is a lot more beautiful than same old boring Meg.

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37 Marge Simpson Marge Simpson Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

Got nothing on Lois..

Marge is a perfect mother. with a few flaws. Lois is a flaw herself

Hey this guy who wrote she is a perfect mother stole mine! :(

Marge has always remained faithful to Homer through thick and thin but Lois has cheated on Peter hundreds of times but Peter never leaves her. Also Marge is a good mother and person through she briefly neglected her children in one episode that is nothing compared to Lois she is a selfish, arrogant person who is always mean to Meg, One episode She gave meg no food but gave her a photo of her eating chicken wings and she constantly neglects Stewie no wonder he wants to kill her. While Marge treats all kids equally and is a kind person who loves Homer. Lois only loves Peter for Sex. Lois is a slut while Marge can be conservative. While I love both shows I like the Simpson better because the Simpson family is more likeable although I love Stewie, Brian and Peter but I can't stand Lois. Oh and I can't stand her voice.

I love Marge, Hate Lois.
By a Simpsons lover
Homer Simpson is the best.

38 The Simpsons doesn't waste half an hour on Conway Twitty

Each episode that has him in it waste like 10 minuets

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39 The Simpsons is more family oriented
40 The worst episodes of Family Guy are worse than the worst episodes of The Simpsons. V 1 Comment
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