Top Ten Reasons Why the Simpsons Is Better Than Peg + Cat

The Top Ten

1 Richard is a crybaby, but Maggie doesn't cry as much

Richard has anxiety disorder like I do I do that sometimes richard is more cute

Maggie is less annoying than Richard. Plus Maggie is so cute!

2 The Simpsons is an American Classic

Running since 1989. What's not to like?

It's hideous

3 On the worst PBS Kids shows, Peg + Cat is Number 10

Whoever loves peg is an idiot

Actually, in the video, it is now number four. Sorry!

I love peg plus cat

4 On the 50 Best TV shows, The Simpsons is number 8

Shut up it sucks because it has no proof

5 Lisa Simpson is smarter than Peg

No she is not Lisa May be smart but peg is smarter

It is true. Peg forgot what 90 looked like.

6 Homer Simpson is better than Cat.

Cat is better you idiots can't you see blind small minded jerks

He is funny. But cat isn't very funny.

7 Even the teens from The Simpsons are better than the ones from Peg + Cat

No they are not the teens from peg plus cat care and love peg and cat

The teens from Peg + cat are a bit weird...

8 Peg + Cat is for 4 year olds

The Peg + Cat theme song is The worst. Also Pathetic,annoying,and so dreadurous that it will slice your ears off.

Not true I'm 18 and I watch this show

9 The Simpsons is for 12 and up

I don't know why some carless parents let their even more careless kids watch this show. It's for teens and way more entertaining than peg + cat - Drawbox

So violent

10 Peg is Extremely Loud

No she isn't she is nice and quiet

The Contenders

11 Bart is one of the best cartoon characters of all time, Peg is the worst.

Vice versa suckers

12 Lisa is brainful, cat is brainless

Cat has a big brain he just doesn't know it

13 The Simpsons is More Original

Yellow people suck regular colored people are the best

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