Reasons Why Snapchat is Better Than Twitter

We all know Snapchat and Twitter are cool but we also know Snapchat is better. Here are some reasons why

The Top Ten

1 Easier to talk to friends on Snapchat

Looking back I regret this list

2 Snapchat has filters

Oh yeah, I'm just THRILLED at the thought of a dancing hot dog. - CloudInvasion

Okay this reason is stupid

The filters are so cool

Filters have gotten cringey especially with all the thots with their "dog filter profile pic" - Vegeta40049

3 Snapchat has streaks

If you start one it gives you a reason to keep using Snapchat daily

What's so great about streaks? - SpectralOwl

It's so you can see how much of your life you're wasting. - CloudInvasion

I hate this list now

4 You can control who sees your stories better than you can control who sees your tweets

Okay this one is kinda true.

5 You can have group chats.

Unlike Twitter

6 You can actually see where your friends are at.

Snapchat Maps: Great for finding your next victim! - CloudInvasion

It’s actually really cool. And you can’t do that on Twitter

That’s actually creepy. I don’t want to know exactly everywhere my friends go

7 You can use bitmoji with Snapchat

What kind of reason is this? Bitmoji is like completely useless

8 More pictures on Snapchat

Snapchat encourages you to post pictures of you doing literally everything, no matter how dumb they are - SpectralOwl

Another stupid reason

Twitter only has memes and gifs. Rarely do you see pictures on Twitter

9 More drama on Twitter

You gotta love a good Twitter fight - Randomator

*cough cough* Donald Trump

10 You can video chat with friends

Who even uses video chat

Can’t do that on Twitter

The Contenders

11 Snapchat stories go away after 24 hours

These "Stories" I assume barely are even coherent - SpectralOwl

Unlike tweets that stay forever

12 Snapchat has less drama than Twitter

And that’s why Snapchat is boring - Randomator

13 Twitter has annoying memes

I would rather watch some bad memes than to watch another Fortnite win on Snapchat. - Not_A_Weeaboo

The latest ones include a mean Patrick face and a crusty crab vs chum bucket meme with a billion different versions

14 Twitter is older

Man I regret this list.

Twitter has existed since 2006. It’s been almost 12 years

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