Reasons Why Snapchat is Better Than Twitter

We all know Snapchat and Twitter are cool but we also know Snapchat is better. Here are some reasons why

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1 Easier to talk to friends on Snapchat
2 Snapchat has filters

Oh yeah, I'm just THRILLED at the thought of a dancing hot dog. - CloudInvasion

The filters are so cool - Gametheorysucks

Filters have gotten cringey especially with all the thots with their "dog filter profile pic" - Vegeta40049

3 Snapchat has streaks

If you start one it gives you a reason to keep using Snapchat daily - Gametheorysucks

What's so great about streaks? - SpectralOwl

It's so you can see how much of your life you're wasting. - CloudInvasion

4 You can control who sees your stories better than you can control who sees your tweets
5 You can have group chats.

Unlike Twitter - Gametheorysucks

6 You can actually see where your friends are at.

Snapchat Maps: Great for finding your next victim! - CloudInvasion

It’s actually really cool. And you can’t do that on Twitter - Gametheorysucks

7 You can use bitmoji with Snapchat
8 More pictures on Snapchat

Snapchat encourages you to post pictures of you doing literally everything, no matter how dumb they are - SpectralOwl

Twitter only has memes and gifs. Rarely do you see pictures on Twitter - Gametheorysucks

9 You can video chat with friends

Can’t do that on Twitter - Gametheorysucks

10 More drama on Twitter

You gotta love a good Twitter fight - Randomator

*cough cough* Donald Trump - Gametheorysucks

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11 Snapchat stories go away after 24 hours

These "Stories" I assume barely are even coherent - SpectralOwl

Unlike tweets that stay forever - Gametheorysucks

12 Snapchat has less drama than Twitter

And that’s why Snapchat is boring - Randomator

13 Twitter has annoying memes

I would rather watch some bad memes than to watch another Fortnite win on Snapchat. - Not_A_Weeaboo

The latest ones include a mean Patrick face and a crusty crab vs chum bucket meme with a billion different versions - Gametheorysucks

14 Twitter is older

Twitter has existed since 2006. It’s been almost 12 years - Gametheorysucks

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