Top Ten Reasons Why Some TopTenners Should Regret Making Some Lists


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1 Some of the lists are offensive

There is one on ways to kill Justin Bieber. I know Justin Bieber sucks at pretty much everything, but people want to kill him? Seriously? - Therandom

It is pretty bad that a list about killing anybody is here.

People need to stop being so hateful. And it's always the ones who don't even know those people. - TheMainReason

Man, this list is terrible. - Therandom

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2 Some make no sense

So true. There is no way to block a list. - yatharthb

Reasons why the troll face is better then the Mona lisa - Nateawesomeness

3 They can't shut up about Justin Bieber

All the time. Almost all "Worst things that could happen" or other "worst" lists that are supposed to be serious have something about Justin Bieber in them. - Mellbell

The only problem is that being above danger - Nateawesomeness

4 Some lists make people hate them

I remember when that happened to me!

I feel bad for someone who did this. - Therandom

What does this mean - gemcloben

5 Grammar mistakes

That happen to me ones. Morlaturtle8

I made a kind of okay list for my standards but the title doesn't make sense. "Top 10 Toptenners Who Have to Potential to be Popular."

Yep. People make way to many grammatical errors. - Hermione_Granger220

6 Some lists are weird

Like all of mine.

I agree with this - Ananya

Hey! Don't knock weird! Weird is goood! :P - Britgirl

7 They have grammar mistakes

By doing this, they make themselves look very stupid, yet they still expect others to ignore their behaviors.

I had to!

lol sorry I'm a grammar police

8 Some have trolls

So true. - Lucy1402

Season 10 SpongeBob List - JPK

9 They are mean

This is true. If you bring up their behavior, they will act as though they did nothing wrong, but there have been many instances where they are rude to others on TheTopTens for no good reason. I know this is to be expected because the majority of them are 10-13 years old, but they should still watch their behavior. I sometimes hate these spoiled brats.

"They are mean." What kind of reasoning did I use? Because it certainly wasn't good. - Therandom

They are also mean. - Therandom

10 Some disrespect fellow TopTenners

Some don't even finish top ten lists, so there's less then ten options.

A lot do actually. - Therandom

I only do is they deserve it - gemcloben

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11 Some disrespect fanbases

A lot of fan bases are dumb - gemcloben

And That Scares Me - JPK

I agree with gemcloben:the internet is in an advanced state of decomposition because of several adventure time "fans" so I think those lists about annoying fanbases are great!

Well,actually a part of the adventure time fanbase is corroding the internet so it's a very good idea to complain about it on this site!

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12 They are stupid

A lot of these. - Therandom

And you say being offensive is bad... you must be 12 or younger.

13 Some are depressing

Don't upset people. This site is for laughter. I confess, I made a depressing one too and I regret it. I should have put it on a different site. - Therandom

14 Some of them are narcissistic

They only cared about themselves.

We don’t believe in narcissism where everyone projects and expects you to listen to them.

15 Some are inaccurate
16 Some are just flat out creepy

What? Why is everyone looking at me now? - xandermartin98

17 Some are sexist

"whenever a guy talks crap about girls, many of them agrees, but whenever a girl does the same thing, a lot of spoiled nine years started bashing on her. idiots!

18 Lots of people don't even know what they are saying

For instance, it will clearly say "Top Ten Most Underrated Thrash Metal Albums"; however, people clearly don't understand the definition of "underrated." In case you're one of those people, underrated means it doesn't receive the proper attention or people underestimate its value. Unfortunately, a lot of people spam the list with the worst albums that get all the attention. These people don't know what they're talking about, and they need to stop. They have ZERO appreciation for good music, ZERO appreciation for avant-garde beauties that defy the mainstream, and ZERO appreciation for anything other than commercialized, half-decent music. - cutlerjonah

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1. They can't shut up about Justin Bieber
2. They have grammar mistakes
3. Some of the lists are offensive
1. Some of the lists are offensive
2. They are mean
3. Some disrespect fellow TopTenners
1. Some make no sense
2. Grammar mistakes
3. Some have trolls

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