Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Galaxy 3 Is a Terrible Idea

I'm strongly hoping this game better not exist! I want Peach to be free forever and not win Bowser!

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1 It gives more of a chance for Nintendo to shove Rosalina down our throats.

Oh yeah, because who cares when a girl is playing a Mario game and sees that every single one involves Peach being kidnapped and Mario, the athletic hero, has to rescue her because every female character in the Mario series is helpless and stupid. It's so STUPID just to add one female who can actually fend for herself in an era where women are accomplishing great things. Just stupid. - TheInsomniac

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I'm so sick of the Rosalina hate. Plus, she wasn't in Galaxy 2 so why do you care? If it was any other character, you wouldn't care. It's so obvious. - DCfnaf

She actually was in Galaxy 2 but only after beating Champion's road I think - TheInsomniac

I really hate Rosalina haters, they ruin Nintendo, any website, and any Mario game. All they do is complain. - yunafreya648

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2 It's The Same Story Again

Mario is about gameplay, not story.

No, this time Nintendo could change its ideas. - TwilightKitsune

Danteem made this list? Wow, no wonder it sucks! - DCfnaf

Here is my idea for the storyline,Mario,luigi,wario,walugi,and Yoshi all come for a ride,but everyone gets sucked in a black hole but Mario,then the four end up in random worlds,for luigi it's the garden room,for wario it's the kitchen,for waluigi it's the bedroom,and for Yoshi it's the fountain,also,they turn into a specitic mineral,for luigi its emerald luigi,for wario its gold wario,for waluigi its sapphire waluigi,and for Yoshi its ruby Yoshi,when all four are saved,the mineral energy turns into the ores they were made of,but then they form to a king star,which has all the ships energy,then,Bowser takes the king star and goes in the black hole,then Rosalina creates a force field around the ship and drives the ship to the black hole,then they find Bowsers castle after traveling the black hole,and then when they enter,they go through a really hard course,but when they get to Bowser,they find out Bowser is the one controlling the black hole,then Bowser turns to cosmic Bowser,and ...more - Nateawesomeness

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3 It Will Ruin The Mario Franchise

No one likes Mario Galaxy, and everyone hates Rosalina. It's a lose/lose situation.

I'm getting sick of this "No one likes Rosalina" troll when this person can speak for themselves - ParkerFang

Rosalina haters will ruin it by complaining - yunafreya648

Danteem, shut up.

No it won't bitch!

4 Princess Peach Will Get Captured Again In This Game

What if the Luna's do

But what if Peach wasn't captured and was a playable character? There could be a new threat instead. That would be spectacular!

Actually,I hae a begged story line,how about Rosalina and the Lumas get kidnapped,and Mario has to control the ship himself, - Nateawesomeness

The princess getting kidnapped because she's a whiny b**** and needs a man to save her is stupid and sexist - ToptenPizza

5 It Will Be Worse Than The First Two Games

I accidentally voted on this. I like the Super Mario Galaxy games are fun. - RalphBob

Sorry about the typos. I forgot what I was saying in the middle of saying it. Anyways, you get the main idea. - RalphBob

No it won't,and Mario Galaxy games are absolutely fenominome I tell you - Nateawesomeness

6 Nobody Will Beat Level One

How can no one beat level one?! It's so easy! - Therandom

Level One of SMG2 is easy, just all about jumping at the right time, and at the boss battle all you have to do is attack the monster with its own tail. - TwilightKitsune

What? But it's level one,everyone can beat level one(exept in geometry dash) - Nateawesomeness

"yeah no one beats stereo madness :D

7 It Will Be Unfair

Nah, they're skill based. It's your fault if you lose.

Because it's based off of skill? Chance games are unfair. - Qryzx

So unfair lol

How does FNaF relate to Mario?

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8 It Will Be Impossible To Get Luigi

It wasn't foR the others - Nateawesomeness

Um what? An event that happens a third time doesn't make it impossible. - Qryzx

And if your gonna say ass,say it the real way to be a man

I wasn't in the first two bitch

9 Mario Platformers are Always Terrible

You shouldn't blame the game for your own shortcomings.

Guys shut up,their better then luigi because Mario is not slippery unlike luigi


Mario is better at platforming then Luigi,luigi said good,but slippery as hell

10 No One Will Buy it

This list gets terrible to horrifying. - TristGamer

Lie. If Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy 3 right now, I bet every game store would be drowning in people.

Ha. You wish - TheInsomniac

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11 It Will Be a Cdi Game


what - TheInsomniac

12 It Will Have the Same Levels as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2

Level designs are totally unique. They can still have throwbacks every now and again. Same graphics and engine don't make the same game.

No, Danteem needs to get a brain.

Ohh,Dantem is saying Mario levels r stupid,anyways,they will be diffrent,trust me

13 You STILL can't dive

Why do you say that? They brought back the dive in Odyssey. They probably won't make a 3rd game, but if they do, it's likely you will be able to dive - TheInsomniac

They should AT LEAST add a few new moves in.

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