Top Ten Reasons Why the Term "Stat Padder" is Annoying

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1 Just because you are in the stats does not mean you care about them

Yeah, but there's a reason nobody calls Pos a stat padder. - Puga

Thanks for making this list - christangrant

I’m not in most of the stats, but I care about them. - I80

Please don't take this negatively. I know stat-padding is annoying. But it becomes more annoying when things like these cause hatred and tension between users. I mean few days ago there have been some pop vs metal wars. An unnecessary war/argument. And I can see there may be another war about stat-padder vs non-stat padders. Ultimately this war/argument will stop. But it'll cause things like anger, trolling, hatred, user retirements etc. We can simply stop this argument or keep on going forever. - zxm

2 Most of the people who call people Stat Paddlers barely have any content themselves

Very true - xandermartin98

Because they do not stat pad. - iliekpiez

3 If you have a similar list to somebody, they always claim you copied it

But it is true most of the time - iliekpiez

In all honesty, christan DID copy a list of mine, even including the same #1 item. The only reason it was accepted was because the way the searching of top ten list tags goes is off. - NuMetalManiak

That's what happened to me with my list about songs to listen to on the last day of school. - Skullkid755

Well, in most cases it's true. - ProPanda

4 They are usually jealous about the fact that somebody is in the stats or ahead of them

Nah - iliekpiez

Not gonna lie, I used to really want to get to a thousand remixes. But then I realised I have no interest in remixing lists I know nothing about. Same reason 80% of my lists are average to low quality. - IronSabbathPriest

Christan, Don't heed it..There are people who are jealous of you...because you are very ahead of them. - Ananya

Actually,I bet that the stat padders were jealous that everyone was ahead of them, so they decided to stat pad. - EpicJake

5 People believe because you are high in the stats, you did it on purpose

Here's the way I see it. Stat padders are afraid of having less stats than non-stat padders so that's why they stat pad. Just saying. - TwilightKitsune

6 People say you only try to get in the stats by making as many lists and comments as possible

I am very active - iliekpiez

I knew a user a long time ago who made a lot of lists and I wanted to know why he made a lot of lists. It turns out that skimming his profile page he agreed to an apparent competition that involved making the most lists on this site. I for one, think this is a load of crap. This site isn't supposed to be competitive. - NuMetalManiak

7 People never believe you when you say you don't care about stats

True - iliekpiez

I don't, yet somebody keeps accusing me of statpadding. - DCfnaf

8 People say if you are anywhere near the stats, you do it for the purpose of doing it

Yeah this is true - iliekpiez

9 People act like it's a fact
10 People use it on purpose

Some use it for the sake of complaining..Ya know, some people just need something to talk or 'Gossip' about..Thinking that they'll be able to keep up with the 'Trend' of those annoying words. - Ananya

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11 They use it for the purpose of using it

Sometimes, you make lots and lots of lists, because you have fun doing them. It's not necessarily all about "stat-padding" - darthvadern

12 They only use it on people who like rock and metal music

Stop looking for pity. - ProPanda

There's a reason for this. - LarrytheFairy

FFS, stop making all metalheads look bad. - IronSabbathPriest

13 It's used as an insult

Unfortunately - darthvadern

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