Top 10 Reasons Why TheTopTens Needs to Be Shut Down


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1 There's No Sense Of Community Between Anyone Anymore

True - Randomator

2 Admin's Hypersensitive Nature To Criticism

I kinda agree with this - Randomator

Might that explain why no more thumbs-down or dishonorable mentions?

3 All of the Good Users Left or Retired

Yeah unfortunately this is true. Even some of the good users who remain are barely active anymore - Randomator

Britgirl is still here - Userguy44

Well, you got to at least make room for new users who have potential... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Don't worry I will never leave thetoptens! - TinyToonsGirl45

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4 The Rising Amount of Christians in The Community

Someone explain to me how this is a problem. - Randomator

Considering all the anti-Muslim prejudice and stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists despite radical terrorist groups only making up a small percentage of the world's Muslims when in reality a large majority are nonviolent, then yeah. I think it's safe to say that's the ONLY thing wrong with Christians. Otherwise, there is NOTHING wrong with Christians or any OTHER religion being represented on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 Can't "Thumbs Down" Comments Anymore


6 All Of This Site's Charm Is Gone
7 Politics Has Become Too Much Of An Issue

True - ArcticWolf

That's not exclusive to this site, though

Yeah, can't we just stop talking about politics all the time? It only divides us further. No need to start endless arguments that go nowhere and have visitors attack users over politics. This is why I rarely talk about politics nowadays on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Web Design and Glitches are Still Common
9 Most People Are Inactive

I just lost a bit of interest to this site, but that doesn't mean I quit. - yamionthetrap

Yeah, I rarely visit TheTopTens, but that doesn't mean I want to terminate this account. I still think some Anti-Amour people would at least take a look and see what lists I have to offer. I pretty much came here (late) because of all of the Anti-Amourshipping lists and community, now I don't come here as much although I don't log in.

Yeah, there was a gap of 4 months b/w me and TheTopTens because I was so busy in college matters! But I'm now active & I'm regularly keeping comments and adding lists! But I'll never leave the site! - Victoryboy

10 Too Many Stupid Lists

*cough cough Letter lists, comparison lists - Randomator

The Newcomers

? There's Always Some Jerk to Bash Your Opinion

The Contenders

11 It's Overrun with Sonic the Hedgehog and SpongeBob SquarePants Fanboys

You forgot Lego Movie/its spinoffs and Lion King/Lion Guard fanboys!

12 It's the Worst Website Ever

I like it - ArcticWolf

Second only to Tumblr

Actually, that's Tumblr, but this site's still pretty bad.

Worse than Buzzfeed?

13 Good comments are constantly buried under dumb ones

Like how perfectly valid and actually well-worded criticisms against Zootopia keep getting buried under cries from social justice nutters of how wonderful and important this movie is?

14 Too Much Spam Voting

Indian and Filipino bots... - Votebotingsucks

15 No New Inside Jokes In Between Users

When I joined this site, there were users like darthvadern, Britgirl, christangrant etc., but I rarely see them now! - Victoryboy

16 Troll Users are Joining Left and Right

Depends. Some are bad, others are okay. - Userguy44

And they aren’t even good - Randomator

It's still a major problem, unfortunately. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A troll ruined my lists! - RebeccaSpark

17 People Are Being Racist Towards Other Races, Like Making A List Of How “Bad” Indian People Are
18 Satire is Non-Existent
19 Too Much Opinion Bashing

For example if you like Teen Titans Go better than Gravity Falls you get attacked. I'm not saying I like TTG but let people have their own opinions!

Got this a few times from a visitor. No words for how pointless and immature it is. - Userguy44

20 People Getting Far Too Worked Up Over Fictional Characters

*cough*Sonic fans*cough*

Not only was (is? ) there that Elsa fan, but someone's overly defensive of Bayonetta, too. And those two are just for starters.

21 Death Threats

Someone or multiple people keep posting the comment "this is why bleach exists". Translation: go DRINK bleach.

I'm seeing far too much "Whoever [added list item/made comment] should go die! " around here.

22 More Users are Supporting Trolls and Trolling

I hate trolls - ArcticWolf

23 Too many users acting like they own the place/have any admin privileges
24 Repeat List Items are Not Deleted

Also *objectively* incorrect items aren't deleted. For example, I resent Bayonetta's presence in "Smash Bros." too but she doesn't need to be on the "Overrated Brawl Characters" list since she (fortunately) wasn't in that one.

It's not that they're not getting deleted fast enough, they're not getting deleted at all. Same with any other "factual errors" that get reported. Why even give us the option of reporting these things if they're never going to get fixed?

Nor are irrelevant list items, like "Frozen" on an overrated VIDEO GAMES list.

25 Too Many Votes are Made Solely to Argue

You have to vote to comment, and often I've noticed the top items are riddled with comments that are just two people arguing back and forth or the same person commenting repeatedly on how "right" they are/how "wrong" anyone or everyone else is. Ergo, the items only got so high on the list *because* people voted to make those comments.

Case in point: a Snape fanbrat keeps stalking the Top Ten Worst Fictional Canon Couples list and voting for Snily (their darling Saint Severus paired with Harry Potter's mother) just to call those who call out Snape's flaws "monsters" or "bigoted" yet swears they don't actually ship the pairing. Happy though I may be about how reasonably high this pairing is on that list, that's just pathetic.

26 It's Become an Echo Chamber
27 The Waluigi Haters Overreact to the Fanbase

Remember when this was a thing? - Randomator

28 It's Overrun with Princess Peach and Frozen Haters

And "Fire Emblem" haters

Yeah yeah, entitled to opinion, blah blah blah. But hating, and expressing said hate at every opportunity and creating opportunities when there are none, that particular character and that particular movie (as well as anything to do with that movie) has practically become a requirement here. So much for being entitled to opinion.

29 It's Overrun with Fortnite Arguments

Hate arguments. - Userguy44

Arguement all because of FORTNITE!? It’s just a game! - ArcticWolf

30 Awful Community

That’s assuming there’s actually a community - Randomator

31 It's Filled with Troll Feeders
32 They Put Best Things on the Worst List
33 Too Many Justin Bieber Lists

Like or Hate Justin Bieber.
But you shouldn't have best body parts of him list.

34 Metalhead Trolls Bashing Pop Fans

Its ok what genre of music you like but you shouldn't bash a fan of a genre you don't like.

35 Too Much Bashing
36 No Respect for Religion and Atheism
37 Its Ruined the Old Saying "Words Will Never Hurt Me"
38 Racist, Sexist and Homophobic Comments Get Approved
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1. There's No Sense Of Community Between Anyone Anymore
2. The Rising Amount of Christians in The Community
3. All of the Good Users Left or Retired
1. Admin's Hypersensitive Nature To Criticism
2. Can't "Thumbs Down" Comments Anymore
3. Web Design and Glitches are Still Common


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