Top 10 Reasons Why TheTopTens Needs to Be Shut Down


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1 There's No Sense Of Community Between Anyone Anymore
2 The Rising Amount of Christians in The Community

Considering all the anti-Muslim prejudice and stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists despite radical terrorist groups only making up a small percentage of the world's Muslims when in reality a large majority are nonviolent, then yeah. I think it's safe to say that's the ONLY thing wrong with Christians. Otherwise, there is NOTHING wrong with Christians or any OTHER religion being represented on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 All of the Good Users Left or Retired

Well, you got to at least make room for new users who have potential... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Don't worry I will never leave thetoptens! - TinyToonsGirl45

4 All Of This Site's Charm Is Gone
5 Admin's Hypersensitive Nature To Criticism
6 Politics Has Become Too Much Of An Issue

Yeah, can't we just stop talking about politics all the time? It only divides us further. No need to start endless arguments that go nowhere and have visitors attack users over politics. This is why I rarely talk about politics nowadays on here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Most People Are Inactive

Yeah, I rarely visit TheTopTens, but that doesn't mean I want to terminate this account. I still think some Anti-Amour people would at least take a look and see what lists I have to offer. I pretty much came here (late) because of all of the Anti-Amourshipping lists and community, now I don't come here as much although I don't log in.

Yeah, there was a gap of 4 months b/w me and TheTopTens because I was so busy in college matters! But I'm now active & I'm regularly keeping comments and adding lists! But I'll never leave the site! - Victoryboy

8 Web Design and Glitches are Still Common
9 No New Inside Jokes In Between Users

When I joined this site, there were users like darthvadern, Britgirl, christangrant etc., but I rarely see them now! - Victoryboy

10 Satire is Non-Existent

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11 People Are Being Racist Towards Other Races, Like Making A List Of How “Bad” Indian People Are
12 Troll Users are Joining Left and Right

It's still a major problem, unfortunately. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 It's the Worst Website Ever


This is the best website that has ever existed and shone upon my eyes,although it's underrated I love this website because The remaining intellectuals who brought the only Gleaming orb and it's intellectual enjoyment and comfort and the users are:Positronwildhawk,Petsounds,and Sop thank you cherished beings- Kevinsidis

14 Too many users acting like they own the place/have any admin privileges
15 Too Much Opinion Bashing
16 Too many stupid lists
17 Can't "Thumbs Down" Comments Anymore
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