Top 10 Reasons Why Waluigi Needs More Attention

Waluigi has mixed reception overall. However, we're going to fight for his justice with this list!

The Top Ten

1 Nintendo Neglects Him And Wario

They fail to save room for them in a main Mario game, especially Waluigi! - ZachMandoGames

2 He Is Hated For Absolutely No Good Reason

No matter what reasons haters have to hate him, they always lose the war in the end.
Think thrice before hating him, or he'll dab on you with his legs. - ZachMandoGames

3 He Is Underrated

He has so much hidden talent, yet many people fail to realize this. - ZachMandoGames

4 Everyone Attempts To Copy His Style

Yes, even the Mario characters. - ZachMandoGames

5 He Is Cunning

He can actually prove to be harder to defeat than other characters. - ZachMandoGames

6 He Is Funny

He has the best personality. - ZachMandoGames

7 He Is The Best Sports Player

He's the whole package, especially when it comes to tennis. - ZachMandoGames

8 He Is The Best Dancer

He has too many mouth-dropping moves. - ZachMandoGames

9 He Is The Center Of All Mario Memes

"We Are Number One! "
"Too Bad, Waluigi Time! "
"Taco Stand! "
"Wah! " - ZachMandoGames

10 He Is Handsome

It may not look like it, but he can actually win over ladies. - ZachMandoGames

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