Top Ten Reasons Why Zoos Are Bad

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1 The Animals Are Trapped

Animals do not deserve this, if we are allowed to roam free they should too!

The animals are trapped, most of the time separated or taken from there family. Some animals in zoos die of depression or get sick just like some animals do.

in a sell

The animals are just... TRAPPED THERE! Toddlers and their families make "animal noises" and throw food at the enclosed animals who get upset by this and get convinced, by this, to hate humans. I don't care how alike the enclosure looks or how big the enclosure is (the giraffe at my local zoo (the local zoo I mentioned earlier) has an enclosure that is smaller than my school oval), but it is NOT THEIR NATURAL HABITAT! Take 'em back home or else!

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2 The Animals Die Faster in a Cage Than in the Wild

I think they don't have any freedom and some time they didn't eat food because they didn't like it so that's why

If a lion in a zoo dies before a lion in the wild, then there should be fewer zoos because they are gay

Yes lots of animals have a lot shorter lifespans in captivity than in the wild

Zoos are beasty beasty

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3 They Are Lame

They are locked and just sit around depressed=lame

They are lame because they are locked up all day long.

I also think zoos are bad. I hate to say this though, but this reason was horrible. "Lame" is not good evidence even though I agree.

Zoos are bad because the only feed their animals 1 a day

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4 Cages Are Too Small

I agree

A lot of animals die because there cages are to small

I agree

They should have more space!

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5 Zookeepers Don't Treat the Animals Like a Farmer Would

Farmers only kill the animal if they are dying but zoos keep them forever and they would hate billions of random people taking pictures of them!

This is not true

Yeah, at least the zookeepers don't kill and eat the animals.

The farmers raise the animals and kill them so we could eat protein, and survive, zoo keepers keep animals in for something we don't need. - ToptenPizza

Actually if they don't want the animal they will either kill them, feed them to the lions or feed them to the other animals in the enclosure!

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6 Killing of Harambe

It was the mother's fault. - BorisRule


They killed one of their animals?

Yes they killed our lord, harambe

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7 They Can Be Babyish

Zoos are coated in a sea of little toddlers because they trap animals that kids that age are OBSESSED with. Zoos sell babyish and fuzzy plush jungle animals at the ticket center, and the zoo (also part aquarium) in my city has a toilet block that was a babyish resemblance to an African hut.

It is boring if it is BABYISH

Because this giraffe was killed and fed to the lions when it had outlived an sinfulness life

I saw a YouTube video called 'Number Zoo'. - JayJayPlane

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8 Overly Popular With Little Kids

I like penguins

Little kids always mess around and throw food at animals so they should have to be mature to be let into a zoo


Any visitors would get caught up in little feet or get made dizzy by little heads if they bumped into one.
Zoo visitor: Ouch! Was that a giant stone? *falls over*
Other zoo visitor: It was actually my daughter Isabella!

9 You Have to Pay to Visit Them

That's life for ya

The cool trees and big rock, probaly fake.

Hey let's dump half our money on animals in a cage slowly dying!

Those germy coins could be blown into the enclosures and make the animals die of human germs. You might see a monkey with teary eyes if the coins were blown into the enclosures.

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10 They Don't Have A Natural Environment


They are good



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11 They Use Australian Homestead-type Cages at the Zoo In the Botanic Gardens In Wagga Wagga

Birds fly free. And an unclockable door to the cage, which whoever has the key would go through and then suffer through a reality simulation of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.

12 There Are Lots of Dusty Areas

This is a stupid reason

What's with that reason?

13 Animals Are Not Used to So Much Noise

That is so right

Animals are used to their more naturally quiet habitats and with over 2.5 million people visiting a week, the noise is unbearable which makes the animals have a different behaviour and mentally change into the worse. This usually causes the animals to feather pluck, self harm, and pull fur out.

In the wild, it's quiet. When you have over 3 million people visiting you a week, the noise adds up


14 They Torture Animals

This list is wrong. Zoos are caring. - Userguy44

No they don't

How can you keep a animal in captivity like a ELEPHANT they need to roam free

Actually know, they treat the animals nicely

For a person who doesn’t like zoos, you sure don’t know a lot about them.

15 Zoos Stress the Animals

Yeah, because of all the people staring at them! I would be stressed out.

Zoos are causing the behavior of animals to be different and have a negative impact. Living in the wild or captivity has an impact on the animals lifestyles. Wild dolphins spend an estimated 80% of their time well below the surface while captive dolphins spend about 80% of their time at or near the surface (Zimmermann 65). This shows that the way dolphins or other animals live affects their behavior. Being in captivity causes animals to change their lifestyle and behaviors. The sizes of the enclosures have caused different behaviors. In the wild, polar bears live in a space of 1,000 square kilometers or more, which is about 1 million times bigger than the average enclosure, Dr. Georgia Mason says. The polar bears pace about 25% of the day ( Francisco). The limited space given to animals in captivity causes unnatural behavior. Animals feel invaded and they don’t have enough living space to stay healthy. This causes abnormal behavior to many animals, specifically larger carnivores. ...more

16 Pandas Are Sometimes Fed Fruit Instead of Bamboo

Do you think it's something to worry about? - BorisRule

Some pandas can eat fruits - ElSherlock

Many people think that pandas eat things like grass, but they were once carnivores and does eat meat. They only eat bamboos because it has the nutrition they need and DOES NOT EAT GRASS.

That's like saying (if there was a human exhibit),"Humans are sometimes fed pizza instead of oatmeal for breakfast." It can eat both, chill out, they don't NEED to ONLY eat bamboo. It is good or them and they love it so it would be good to feed them that often but its just their favorite food, they can live without eating it every meal...

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17 They Kill Animals

Seriously why do they do that?

This is very true they kill animals when they are to old or are unhealthy or are not helpful to the zoo sometimes if an animal has a baby and they don't have room for the baby they kill it

If the animals have an accident its NOT OK To kill them

Rest in peace Harambe

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18 Zoos Sometimes Beat the Animals


They do I’ve seen it

19 You Could Get Peed On by a Lion

That could only happen if it reared up against the bars of the cage and started urinating.

Bobby: The lion peed on me
Teacher: Oh Lord this is what I paid for?

I know on AFV there was a man in the crowd that got peed on by a lion at the SDZ. (San Diego Zoo) - Connor360

20 They Get No Food When Hibernating

They do not need food when hibernating

Zoos are bad

They should get the food they NEED TO LIVE!

21 The Owls Never Wake Up

The zoo keepers should be careful to animal like your own child and should give love to them.

Um some owl species are nocturnal - ElSherlock

Just don't put the owls in the zoo

Owls are nocturnal! In the wild they would be sleeping in the day, and active at night! It would be dangerous to get them up. They shouldn't have to mess around with their body's will so you can see them fly, selfish brat! - ToptenPizza

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22 Too Expensive

On a windy day, the money could be blown into the enclosures, with the human germs dispensed sickening the animals. - JayJayPlane

23 They Stink


They suck pp

24 Zoos Take Animals from the Wild

This is so wrong! Animals should be able to live their life in the wild where hey can be called animals not in zoos where they can be called entertainment!

25 Polar Bears Are Not Popular Enough

Index there was polar bear jump another so they were humping they in the end opposite gender.

But it's always the same

I LOVE polar bears

26 Animals in Zoos are Suffering from a Mental Disease Called Zoochosis

Bad zoo bad

Some of them. Not all. - LordDovahkiin


27 They Don't Have Enough Room

Yas in a vidio I saw a porlor bear going in circles

28 Some Zoos are So Overrated

Australia zoo is over rated

Umm excuse meh but seriously Australia is the best country in the world and in some zoos they let them roam free how cool is that so sick of people saying things when they have no idea what there talking about

Yer a Australia zoo is so bad for all the things there to over the top and dear.

Like Australia zoo it's so over rated. Atop and think.

29 Additional Animals Are Killed
30 Zoochosis Can Kill the Animals

Cincinnati was a great example

Cincinnati was a great exa

I agree

31 Animals are Depressed in Zoos

Yes they are

The animals try to hurt themselves, and who WANTS that?! Animals deserve to be happy, just like humans do. Watching animals suffer is NOT an example of being happy. I understand zoos can be fun, but is it really worth it to have the animals suffer for your own enjoyment?

32 Little Kids Make a Big Deal Whenever Animals Poop

Of course they're immature! DAAA

Humans poop too

All animals poop - Lunala

33 They Can't Be Free

Flip zoos

34 Animals in Zoos are Being Harmed

Many people, tourists, and zookeepers don’t realize it, but zoos are harming animals. Captive dolphins aren’t getting the amount of nutrition needed in order to be healthy. Facts show that 20% of captive dolphins are underweight (Zimmermann 68). This shows that captive animals aren’t as healthy and are being harmed. Zoos don’t take proper care of the animals. Zoos aren’t giving animals the healthy lifestyle and environment they need in order to be happy and healthy. “The physical space is tightly constricted” in zoos which causes discomfort and unhealthy living conditions to the animals (Zimmermann 65). Temperatures in zoos are also a problem. The temperatures rose to a dolphin-stressing 80 degrees or more, the dolphins lost their appetite and were hit by a virulent blood infection (Zimmermann 69). This shows that zoos aren’t taking proper care for their animals and that zoos are harming animals, not helping them. Zoos don’t take care of their animals properly and ...more

35 They Don't Have Enough Space

They don't have enough space because animals in the wild could run as much as they want and they could also go far and in zoos they could only run a little bit and the animals are going to run back and forth. That's why I'm Anti-zoo

I agree because lions and tigers in zoos have around 18,000 less space than they would in the wild.

36 They Dissect Animals

That's what happened to Maurice the Girafe

37 Some of the Animals are Ugly

Some are ugly

38 Turtles In London Zoo Used to Have Their Shells Polished

I hate it when people dress up animals or do stuff like this. They're not little humans, they're ANIMALS. And don't take that away from them. - SammySpore

39 Animals Can Get Annoyed by Zoo Keepers In the Animals Cages

What does that have to do with it

Tis article is so sad

40 You Pay to Watch Animals Be Animals


What the heck! We are paying to see animals being them selves!

41 They Give No Respect to the Animals

They need to be respectful to them

42 Zoos Dissect Animals

Yeah that's right

Animals are soposed to be in the wild, not in a stinky cage!

43 Zoos Break the Family of the Animals

Animals are forced to be leaving their family because about the zoos.
Animals are supposed to be social animals. SO, CLOSE THE ZOOS!

44 Animals Should Be Free, While Zoos Keep Them Captive for Entertainment

I mean really! Animals should be able to roam free instead of being stuck in a small cage while people watch them all day long.

45 Bad Food
46 Animals Get Put Down When They Attack Because Somebody Teases Them

Animals get put down if they Attack when somebody teases them

47 If They Get Released They Would Have Lost Their Predator Ability

Imagine a panda is released and then die because of starvation

48 They Don't Get a Proper Meal

Zoos feed animals food that aren't healthy sometimes.

49 They don't get freedom

They never get enough space to move around

50 The Animals Scare the Little Children and Then the Children Scare the Animals Back

It is natural for an animal to make a loud noise in the wild which is why some animals (EG lions) scare the toddlers. There is no good reason for a toddler to scare the animal back as they are just punishing the animal back.

The animal don't like it.

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