Top Ten Reasons You Should Visit Germany

This list while continuing with the "reasons you should visit countries" line of lists. Is for the unique and amazing country of Deutschland. (Germany)

The Top Ten

1 It is a major world power
2 It has lots of history

Went to Munich fairly recently, and there was fascinating history in every corner of the city. It's amazing around Christmas, but all year round it's full of culture. Oh, and they do doughnuts unlike anyone else, and I've been all over the world. Highly recommend going. - PositronWildhawk

3 They use euros

Visiting from another EU country you can spend your money there. - Ace_of_spades

4 It has many beautiful castles
5 It has a beautiful country
6 It has many monuments

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, etc. These monuments display the history of Germany through architectural expression - Ace_of_spades

7 It has a very diverse population

They take in immigrants and refugees from everywhere and are quite nice to them

One of the best users here, LightningBlade, is German! - TwilightKitsune

8 They make good chocolate
9 They make great beer
10 They have rivers

You could sail, swim,etc. - Ace_of_spades

The Contenders

11 They have cool nightclubs

When I was younger, living near the border, we were more partying in Germany than in France, mostly because of the music (sharper playlists), and it was also cheaper than the crappy clubs we had on the other side of the border. I grew up in a little town in France near Saarbr├╝cken (capital and largest city of the state of Saarland, Germany).
There was a club called "Heaven", where they played only rock music (alternative, metal, gothic, 60s & 70s, etc.) people had extreme and wild looks, and there were never fights, unlike certain (more mainstream) clubs in France, German people are nice and know how to party!
And also many nice techno/house/electro clubs. - Lotuscandy

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