Top 10 Misconceptions About Bisexuals

Hi, guys! Since it’s Pride Month, I decided to make a list of myths about bisexuality that are not true. I feel like a lot of people believe these myths, so I decided to share my take on them
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1 Bisexuals need to pick a side

My parents ask me such mindless and ignorant questions related to which gender I like the most. "What do you like? Boys or girls?" It pisses me off every time.

This type of biphobia makes no sense whatsoever. Telling a bisexual to pick a side is like claiming your sexuality is a choice. Are you asking me to choose whether I'm straight or gay? That's outright unnatural.

I don't feel the need to pick a side. I'm perfectly happy with who I am.

2 Being bisexual is just a phase

My parents said this to me when I came out to them, even though it isn't true.

Bisexuality is definitely not a phase.

3 All bisexuals want a threesome

Nope, threesomes usually aren't that fun.

I'm bisexual, and I'm uncomfortable with the idea of having a threesome.

4 Bisexuals are attracted to all genders equally

This isn't true for me. I actually have a preference for girls, but I'll still date boys.

This isn't the case for most bisexuals. For example, I prefer to date girls.

5 Only females can be bisexual

As a proud male bisexual myself, I stand tall with the rest of my bisexual friends and the other LGBTQ+ friends I have.

That's far from the truth. There are certainly many men you can find who are bisexual.

Some of my male friends are bisexual.

6 Bisexuals fall in love with every person they see

That stereotype is just ridiculous. I don't even know why someone could believe it. If I fell in love with every person I saw, it would be exhausting.

This isn't true. Out of all the TV shows and movies I've ever watched, and all the people I have ever met, I have crushes on three boys and one girl.

7 Bisexuals are always horny
8 Bisexuals are faking it for attention

It does happen, but it's rare. Most bisexuals are actually bisexual.

9 Bisexuals are cheaters

I'm bisexual, and I think cheating is wrong.

10 Bisexuality isn’t real

I wonder what people who believe this actually mean. Do they think that bisexuals are making it up?

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11 Bisexuals only like two genders

I'm an old school bisexual. I dare say if someone is attracted to all genders and has no preference who identifies as bisexual, then it's probably true. Nobody is the same.

I'm kind of unsure if this counts as a factor of your own sexuality. I mean, if a woman had a crush on Sam Smith (sorry, I can't think of a better example), would you really consider her anything other than heterosexual? Sorry if this comes across as rude. I did not intend it that way.

Bisexuality is a whole, fluid identity. Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or dyadic in nature. That we must have "two" sides or that we MUST be involved simultaneously with both genders to be fulfilled human beings. In fact, don't assume that there are only two genders. - The Bi Manifesto, Anything That Moves (1990)

12 Bisexuals are transphobic

Just because some aren't attracted to non-binary people doesn't mean they are transphobic.

My sister and I are bisexual, and we are not transphobic people.

13 Bisexuals are pansexual

I think if someone who fits the scope of pansexual thinks they're bisexual, then they're going to be bi. If they think they're pan, then they're pan. Honest take.

14 Bisexuals are hypersexual
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