Top 10 Stupidest Things Said to Bisexual People

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1 "It's just a phase"

No, it's not. I am personally bisexual, and that's what my family says.

Every straight person I've come out to has said this to me.

It's not a phase. I'm sure of it.

2 "You're dating a guy (or girl), how can you be bi?"

I'm bisexual (more on the lesbian side), but I have liked guys (never dated) before. I have also liked girls. It is possible to like the same gender.

Dude, my parents literally said this when I came out to them! The whole point of being bisexual is liking both genders, not one.

Bro, even if you get married to the opposite sex, that still doesn't mean you're straight.

3 "Is that just an excuse to cheat?"

Anybody can cheat! It's not just bi people.

Bisexuals don't cheat, mate.

I don't agree with cheating.

4 "You're just saying that for attention"

Because some degenerates actually do. It's nothing to be proud of, so why fake it?

"And why would I want attention when I already have plenty? I'm proud of it, but it's not like I shout, 'I'm BI.'"

5 "That doesn't exist"

If bisexuality doesn't exist, then why do so many people identify as bi?

Those who say that bisexuals don't exist have no brain.

I mean, it's their choice, not yours.

6 "Okay, just don't start liking me lol"

Jeez, I don't fall in love with everyone I see.

This applies to anyone, honestly.

I have higher standards.

7 "Pick a side!"

Gay people who say this are weird. If we can "pick a side," how about you choose to be straight so you won't be oppressed?

Picking both is always the best option. You can't tell bis to pick.

They don't have to pick.

8 "So you go back and forth?"
9 "So you'll just sleep with anyone?"

Me: I'll sleep with people I like and find attractive.
Them: *Wink wink.*
Me: Too bad I haven't met anyone like that yet.

So you'll sleep with anyone of your preferred gender?

No, I have a type.

10 "Or are you with God or are you with the devil?"

I don't think he hates bi people, but you won't see him at any pride parades.

Not all religions prohibit homosexuality. Most don't, actually.

I'm a Christian, and I can be bisexual if I want to.

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? "Do you have sexuality schedule where you're gay the first day, the next day, you're straight, the next day, you're gay again, and the next day, you're straight again?"
? "You can't be both straight and gay"
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11 "You're just being greedy"

What does being bi have to do with being greedy?

Greedy for what? For hate from you?

12 "You're a slut"

Takes one to know one.

13 "Will you have a threesome with me and my partner?"
14 "You just want money."

So does... literally everyone. You think it's a "bi thing"?

15 "Eww, weirdo."

"What's your problem? Who's more of a weirdo: the person who can't accept love or the person who thinks it's fair to like whoever she wants?"

16 "That's hot"

FYI, this makes many bi people (including myself) feel very uncomfortable.

17 "You have straight passing privilege"

Having to hide parts of your identity to please others isn't a privilege.

18 "Are you dating (insert person)?"
19 "Pornstar!"
20 "Are you gay or straight?"
21 "You can't like both, you have to like one"
22 "Do you only like guys or do you only like girls?"
23 "So you switch from gay to straight, and later switch back to gay, and later switch back to straight again?"
24 "You have to pick one sexuality, are you gay or straight?"
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